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How to Let Go of Toxic Productivity - Tips from a Self-confessed Compulsive Creator Wih Simone Milasas

May 06, 2022 Josh Tapp
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How to Let Go of Toxic Productivity - Tips from a Self-confessed Compulsive Creator Wih Simone Milasas
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Simone Milasas is a self-made millionaire, renowned speaker, and the founder of Joy of Business. She is a bestselling author and has written Joy of Business and Getting Out of Deb Joyfully, translated into multiple languages. Simone constantly sees the joy of possibility and future and recognizes the prospect of possibility in every choice. You can find Simone every week on her podcast, The Choice Change and Action Podcast. To learn more about Simone visit,

Intro: Welcome to the Lucky Titan podcast where you will learn how to fill your favorite platform with tons of your dream customers from some of the world's top entrepreneurs. I'm your host, Josh Tapp, now let's get started. 

Josh: What's up everybody, Josh Tapp here again and welcome back to the lucky Titan, I first off, I have to say, I am sick today, and probably for another couple interviews because I'm batching them today so you're gonna have to forgive the stuffiness sound over here but regardless, we have some amazing guests coming on over the next few days, the first and foremost of which is Simone Milasas which took me forever to get her last name figured out even right up until the beginning of the interview here, really excited to have Simone here, just to kind of throw this out to everybody, Simone has done multiple millions of dollars in businesses over her years, she's also part of the Access Consciousness Group, which it's been funny, I've been running into a lot of people in this group, it's an Australia based company that has now global 1000s of people going out, I would almost say it's like the new Franklin Covey, I really love what you guys are doing so you're creating this ecosystem of just growth and progression for people. So Simone, first off, say what's up to everybody, and we're happy to have you here.

Simone: Thank you so much, Josh. Thank you for having me here. Hey, I just wanted to say one thing, though, the it's actually American based was first off now we have an Australian company, a Europe company in America, so Access Consciousness, yeah. 

Josh: Well, there we go. 

Simone: Thank you for having me here. 

Josh: Yeah, no problem. Brendan lied to me, it's Brendan Watt, if you're listening to this.

Simone: Go down that road because he's my extra member, live on podcast.

Josh: Yeah. But funny story for the audience here, right. I mean, Simone are hopping on and we're like, she, she mentioned access conscious of my kind of guy who does something very similar to that. Oh, that's my ex like, that is hilarious and we just had to go check out his interview. It's probably four or five interviews before this one, but definitely go check that one out as well we had a fantastic conversation and if these two were the were a couple and are still thriving together, even post a post marriage or being together, it's just so awesome so Simone, I want to talk pivots with you and building a business ecosystem, because that seems to be what, like you said, is really one of your core skills as an entrepreneur, when you've been able to create this ecosystem of other businesses cross promoting and really rising the tide instead of just trying to raise yourself so let's talk about that, first off,

Simone: yeah, look, I'm gonna say it's not cognitive, that I've done that throughout my life. It's like, you know, as I was saying to you, before we started the interview, so much of what I've chosen is, well, let's go back one step because from a very young age, I wanted to change the world, I wanted to change the way we were in the world, I wanted to change the way people looked at each other, the way they were with the planet and this is like, you know, 17 18 at school, and people are talking about going, you know, to college and getting married and having kids and I was like, how do I be something different in the world that wakes people up and so that was, I guess, my primary demand of myself and request, you know, to be that so then I just kept choosing and being in question, and I found myself in different situations, you know, I traveled all over the world for three years, because I was like, I need to see the world and did that met a whole lot of different people worked in different industries and business, to me was always something that was very, to me, it was so malleable, like the business that you could create, you could so create a change in the world or changing people's lives so I was always interested in having my own business and people used to say to me, what is that going to be and I was like, I have no idea, I just know that that's the sort of the road that I want to walk down and so I have, I've owned many different businesses some of them I've been really successful, some of them I've failed dismally but can I say each one, it's like, you gained so much awareness from it and then with this pivot moment, I mean, I was saying to you before, it's like I had this business in the music industry, and the company I had was called good vibes for you and hence the name, I was like, we did merchandise and, you know, I wanted to create these T-shirts and merchandise that when people read it, they would be inspired to choose something different know that they can wake up and choose happiness, they don't have to have a bunch of money in the bank account to have it or, you know, find the one it's, you know, they can have that themselves. So, and that was very much my driving force is how do I inspire people to be greater each and every day and then I ended up doing merchandise for musicians and I was working with some of the top musicians in Australia and at that moment, you know, I have you know, access all areas passes, people are asking who I am, what company it is, etc. and backstage going to the music parties and I remember one day I went, this is not it, like this is not what I'm meant to be doing and I had just found Access Consciousness, they've just been to a couple of seminars and I checked that out more and then within six months, I found myself in Houston, Texas doing a facilitators class to find out more about it so I guess those pivot moments take a lot of courage and I implore you, if you are one of those moments in life, where you are not enjoying what you do, you are allowed to change it so, I mean, like I had an importing, exporting business years earlier and I remember it was I used to go to India, and Thailand in Nepal, and I was on the plane once and only wanted to do is get off the plane and go home and the whole time in India, I would go to work, go back to my hotel room, go do work, go back to my hotel room and then that's the moment that I went, Hey, Simone, you know, you'll have a little chat to yourself, I was like, this is not working, like you're not enjoying what you're doing so then I went, Okay, I need to change the business, I need to change the way this is looking and what I'm choosing, because to me, enjoying what you do is such an integral part of life and money will follow when you choose what is joyful for you, it's just the way it works, it's not linear. So the pivotal moments, I mean, you know, finding Access Consciousness, that was 21 years ago, I'm pretty surprised that I'm still here but access keeps changing and now I'm a major facilitator of all the access classes, and it's like, it's about following the energy and, you know, creating more consciousness in the planet so, here I am today but if you're listening to this, and you are at that moment, where you're like, yeah, and your life is feeling a little funky and business is not as much fun, please choose something different, you can it doesn't matter how old you are, or what reason justification you have, you can choose something different.

Josh: Love that one, in our pre interview here, you know, I was, I was learning so much about the way you've been able to do that in your life, you know, like you said, as you kind of follow the people what other people actually want because at the end of the day, if you want to drive change, you can't do it by saying, Hey, I'm over here, come to me come to me, you go in with the people and you say, Hey, let's go this direction, right, let's, here's this really cool thing, let's move you over towards the end goal, right and, and I love the way that you've been doing that because you have done so many different types of companies, so many different industries but at the end of the day, you have been changing the world so I want to ask you this, because I think most entrepreneurs are driven by that same desire, what is the change that you're wanting to see, because I watch people like Elon Musk, right, he'd be a great example of this, people are like, well, Elon Musk wants to change the world but the truth is, Elon Musk wants to exchange the world, he wants to change trade the earth for Mars, right, that's his end goal but that's his big change that he wants to make, you know, or, or someone like Tony Robbins, or whatever you like that they have, like, their specific way that they want to change, what does that for you?

Simone: Okay, so the first piece is, I think we live in an amazing planet and I do think we a lot of people just walk by, and they walk upon it, and they don't acknowledge it and the earth, the planet, I mean, it's funny, I told you, I'm at Costa Rica at the moment, and we're building this property, it's called Elega and it's just, I mean, to wake up here this morning, and the birds were so amazing and the you can hear these howler monkeys and everything and it's just, it's wild. It's so beautiful and I love it, and the what it contributes to me and my body and I think we forgot that I think we got so involved in technology and trust me, I use technology all the time and I love it and it's easy and all of that but let's not forget about Planet Earth, and how we can work with her and listen, because it's really loud and I think we get we got too self-involved and too many rules and regulations for people, I mean, even if you look at, you know, relationships, money, finances, judgment, I mean, Josh, can we just stop with what if everyone stopped judging themselves, like most people wake up in the morning, and they have this litany of judgment, and it's either about their body, their relationship, you know, their finances, their business, their choices, etc. I would like to start with that, what if we came out of judgment of ourselves, and we actually acknowledged that we can choose and create anything because we can and I mean, I see a lot of people wake up in the morning, they go, oh, I wish I had a million dollars in the bank account, oh, I wish I had this. I wish I had that but then I don't do anything about it and to me, and a lot of what I talk about, so don't read any of my bookstore, or go to classes if you don't want to know this, but it's like, get up and choose something, take some action, like what action can you take, and I don't mean you have to leap forward and choose stuff that is completely out of your comfort zone, just choose one thing today, what if it was one hour a day that you were doing something to nurturing you and your body, what if it was just today, you actually didn't judge yourself, what if it was just today you are grateful for the amount of money that you have in your bank account, whether it's $10 or a million dollars, and then you went alright, so now what else would we like to create so to me, it's really about coming out of judgment, not buying your own limitations, not buying the points of view of others I mean, so many people project at you of what you should be doing rather than where are you in the computation and what if you could start choosing your life, I mean, relationships is a huge one for that, you know, you're supposed to be right, if you're married and have kids, etc. you know, and then, if you're single, it's not, you know, so much acceptable but nowadays, it is acceptable, but there's still there's right and wrong and to me, if we came out of the rightness of our point of view, then we could actually be free, then we could create something really different here on planet Earth.

Josh: Love it. Well, and it's so interesting to me, because I putting this into a business context, right, like you're saying, I feel like a lot of us look at business, like it's separate from what you just explained right and, and it's, it's so synonymous, yeah, just like, I'm a married man, as well. And so I, you know, everything that goes on in my relationship has to go on in other relationships, if I, if I want my business to grow, right, I have to put in the same amount of time and effort into, into other people if I want my company to grow so I love to see that people, like you're spreading the word on that.

Simone: I so agree and I'm always like, as people go, ah, you know, I hope you're getting some time off, or I hope you're, you get to have a holiday and I'm like, time off what changing world but it's true and it's like my, the team I work with always crack up laughing because I always go, I was just in the shower and because they all go so when we need to get you some notepad or something that you can write in the shower, because I'm one of those people that comes out and goes, you know, she's thinking maybe if we did this, this and this so what if you didn't switch yourself off from business, but you also didn't have to switch yourself on but you were because you are so capable of this, of including everything in all of your choices so if it's a Sunday afternoon, you have a great idea, take some action, if it's a Tuesday morning and you're you know, your wife and your new child is you know, requiring you spend some time with them, it's like better we buy into again, the rules and regulations of Monday to Friday, nine to five, or these are the hours I work now I switch off I never switch off from anything, it's like, what if we were and that is so much about Access Consciousness too it's like the awareness of everything, like consciousness includes everything and judges nothing. 

Josh: Yeah, love that so the question that would come to mind, as you're saying that is like how do you prevent burnout in those situations because like you're saying it's more of a purpose driven thing and everything is interrelated, like, how are you preventing burnout with that?

Simone: so one of the tools that I would talk about is choosing and I just said it before, too, is that one hour a day and one day a week to do something that nurtures you and when I say that, I would ask what is that for you because most people will go, oh, that's getting a massage, or it's having a long bath, or it's it might not be, it might be something completely different so what is it that actually nurtures you and I mean, there's so many basic tools that I would look at, I mean, you know, living in Australia, and working globally, when you wake up in the morning, Europe and America are awake so they're sort of got this energy of like, are you awake are you awake? Are you awake? You know, so you could wake up going on grabbing your phones and making that your priority, but I don't it's like, my body and myself and my priority so it's a bit, it could be 30 minutes and then one question I would ask, which is gold is what requires my energy today, because there's so many businesses and so many projects, and when people start thinking about it, and then they go to their to do list, then they start ticking off everything that they think they're supposed to do, which usually ends up in judgment of what you haven't done, or what you were trying to force something into action, rather than if you be in question and ask okay, so where's my energy required today, you'll get this hit, you'll get this you'll hear this whisper and go oh, here, then you might call one person and it moves everything, like that's one of the things I would I you know, I love about business is you don't have to do everything yourself and be willing to receive from everyone but then if you are aware of everything, like you have like this helicopter view this area of view, then you'll know what's next, you'll know who to talk to where to go, what to choose. 

Josh: Yeah, I love that. You know, you're sparking this question for me, because I asked myself that every morning, you know, like what requires me maybe not in those exact same words, but I'm going to start using that what requires my energy today, with that, because I know for myself, right with our company, I spend six to eight hours a day on calls with people talking to people and if I'm not on calls, I'm live with them talking with people, and I love that aspect of what I do but what's been interesting for me as recently as I have all of these things that people that I need to meet with in order to move the business forward, but I don't have enough time in the day to meet with all the people I need to meet with, how would you go about solving that problem?

Simone: I would and this is a tough one too, if you're a control freak like me, 

Josh: Yeah, very much. 

Simone: Okay then, this is how I start doing this is every single thing that I'm doing throughout the day I go, Oh, could somebody else be doing this 

Josh: right. 

Simone: and then starting to let things go and because that's one of the things I always say, Josh is people who don't allow their business to really exponential eyes beyond their control is because they're holding on to something so even from the smallest of things, you know, it's like, could somebody else contribute here, could somebody else do this, and then is that letting go, like I was talking to you before we started recording, you know, I was the worldwide coordinator of Access Consciousness for 18 years and then I started facilitating and I remember I was in Brazil, one day, and I'm doing this class, it's really full on class all day, three days in a row and it's 2am in the morning, and I'm on my bed in the hotel room with my computer and, and still, like touching base with people into doing this and I woke up and I went, Okay, this, I have to change something here, this is I'm really am I burning everything out here so I need to change something and it wasn't the easiest thing in the world, for me to let go of that job, I loved being worldwide coordinator, I loved the business side of it, I love, you know, all these different projects, and that that generative ideas of something different and I had to pass that on, because I knew that if I designed for access to company to be bigger, I needed to let go of something so my question to you is Josh, what can you let go of that will give you more space to actually do because what are you great at, I mean, you're great at doing a podcast, right you're great at you know, other these other things so it might be some things that you actually enjoy that you need to let go of, but what is it that you choosing that is really expanding the business?

Josh: Yeah, and I know for myself, and that's a great question, I know for me recently, is I love the closing call when it comes to selling services and the service, because to me, it's you're acting like a doctor, it's more of like prescribing a situation so I get to know them, see what their issues are, help them solve those problems with business and but what's been interesting is my time has been better spent networking building the enterprise account, you know, where we're like, hey, let's, let's work with a huge organization and that's been more worth my time, quote, unquote, from a financial perspective, or pitching the vision to somebody else, where sales unfortunate has become like a not, not Josh required task, if that makes sense. 

Simone: if Josh requires task something like that. 

Josh: and then like somebody else could definitely do it, probably better than I could anyways, because I, I am not a pushy guy at all so it's just fun for me, I just like seeing where they're at and I'm like, Hey, we don't You don't need our services, it's fine, there's somebody else who probably needs you.

Simone: That is such an invitation, Josh, like being that energy rather than something pushy, Hey, can I just just give one tool to go with this okay. I like I was very control freak and I remember sitting in is, this was like, 20 years ago, when I first discovered access, and I flew to San Francisco, because Gary Douglas, the founder was doing this a business class enact with these tools and I'm sitting in the front row and he starts talking about that being controlling of the business and are you actually employing people who are better than you and I realized that my point of view was no one can do the business as well as me, which I've come across that a lot over the years working with different businesses and people so therefore, I was employing people who were not as good as me so I always had to be the source point, I wasn't moving forward unless I sort of was giving the tick of approval so from that moment, I went, Oh, wow and so I still went home and then I started asking for people who were better than me to show up who are better at sales than me better at accounts better at everything and not based on judgment, just like the greater added in which is takes a very vulnerable moment, and takes a lot of courage to sort of start asking for that in your business for people who are greater than you because what it usually leads to is this place where you go, I've just become useless. 

Josh: right. 

Simone: Seriously, if you become useless in your business, you are going to get more creative, and you will create more space and allow something different to show up so I can get a sense it takes a lot of courage for a control freak like ourselves, Josh, but you know what, it's it's such an easy way to expand a business.

Josh: Yeah. I love that because I mean, honestly, at the end of the day, that's probably been my issue, too, is like you said, you become that source point by handing it off to people, and are one of our core tenants in our company and we like to give the little guy a leg up, right because I feel like I've gotten that so many times throughout my life and so we always like to find people who maybe thought they were never going to make it as far but they do have a great skill set, we put them in the role and they thrive but then I always become the source point, maybe that's something we need to change a little bit. 

Simone: Yeah, well, no one's gonna do it the same way you do it, that's a given, no one is like we that's the beauty of all of us here on the planet is way different so what if we embrace the difference like, you know, I was talking the other day about something that never underestimate the difference that you are and the Power Point at that date is and I love that you do that as well, like, you know, empower people to be more of them.

Josh: I appreciate that, for us is a huge core tenant of what we do because at the end of the day, I'm the kind of guy I believe that business is better than a nonprofit, because at the end of the day, it provides way more financial abundance, but also solves the problem faster in most cases vut I'm a huge, huge, huge believer in entrepreneurialism. 

Simone: Me too, me too and can I just say that they get to it's such a it's almost like a dirty word sometimes, like these bad rap or this, like, you know, I don't know if that's a really Australian word, but like being dodgy, etc. this is what's changing the world

Josh: right? 

Simone: It's people who actually wake up and go, I know, I can create something different here. I know, I can do this and they're not looking to have that security behind them because you can't., it's like, you gotta go with what you know and if you go with what you truly know, then, you know, it's amazing to see what shows up.

Josh: Yeah, one and the people who come into your life it's, yeah, do you want friends start a business but if you also want to have your old friends start a business.

Simone: That's great I mean, very profound by Josh, yeah.

Josh: That's gonna be our quote card for those right, oh man, you've dropped some real gold today, Simone and I wish I could talk to you for hours because I get in a lot of good information. I've got almost two pages of notes here but I do want to ask and first off let me just throw this out there for everybody is that Simone has a podcast talking about this about taking that conscious action, it's called the choice change and action podcast so make sure you check that out, I'm actually going to deep dive into it because I've gained a ton of value from today's call. So Simone, thank you for that but Simone can I ask you, if you could give our audience one final parting piece of guidance what would it be?

Simone: I'm gonna swing back to the not judging yourself. Like just have a clean slate and just for me, just for fun, don't tell anyone keep choosing what you know, if you have to write it out like what it is that you would like to create because this is your life, this is not a dry run, it's not a test run, this is it so don't wait for anyone like keep creating, keep choosing what works for you, not what works for your partner, or your family or you know everyone around you, it's like choose for you, you choose for you, you show everybody else that they can choose for them.

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