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How to create a year of marketing content in 5 day with Elizabeth Pampalone

November 26, 2020 Josh Tapp
The Lucky Titan
How to create a year of marketing content in 5 day with Elizabeth Pampalone
The Lucky Titan
How to create a year of marketing content in 5 day with Elizabeth Pampalone
Nov 26, 2020
Josh Tapp

Elizabeth Pampalone is an International Speaker, Successful Entrepreneur, and Expert Marketer with over 20 years of experience. Her innovative approach helps overwhelmed business owners and burnt out nonprofit directors to achieve success and freedom through the power of Absolute Marketing™.

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Elizabeth Pampalone is an International Speaker, Successful Entrepreneur, and Expert Marketer with over 20 years of experience. Her innovative approach helps overwhelmed business owners and burnt out nonprofit directors to achieve success and freedom through the power of Absolute Marketing™.

Josh: What’s up everybody, Josh Tapp here again and welcome back to the Lucky Titan Podcast and today we are here with Elizabeth Pampalone which you’ve kind of wanna say in French when you hear in Pampalo-ne, so excited to have her here , she is the founder of Get Absolute Marketing, I really love, really the bio that she gave me was really intriguing that’s why the reason I want to bring her here because she’s done some pretty amazing things and here career, set this pretty honestly I was just say audacious goals and hit that which is pretty awesome most people are like yea, I have a revenue goal but she has like networking goals and stuff so I really excited you to talk todaygonna be sharing her method is about how to build or how to create marketing content in 5 days , which I love that concept and I am gonna pick that to pieces , this is gonna be fun, so Elizabeth say what’s up to everybody and then tell us one thing about yourself that most people wouldn’t know about you. 

Elizabeth: Hey I am so glad to be here so thank you for having me on and oh my gosh, I actually have this on my website but if day to dig for it, it’s like you hide it I actually was ballroom, I did ballroom dance competitions and I do have two tiara’s also so 

Josh: oh wow! Look at you girl, say that’s the first time on our podcast so we’ve got all of my cousins do ballroom, I am a horrible dancer so you won’t catch me dance on those things, my mom was even dancer too, so there you go, really interesting, that’s awesome so I wanna ask you this question on how do you feel like that helped you in your business journey 

Elizabeth: oh when I started ballroom I was 20 something and I was not you know like thesekids that do these competition .. like 4 years old I mean like when you go to competitions with the pianist and the kids started when they were 3 and you know and there’s adults that are in the competition and you are like oh honey I am sorry you know – but they are trying and they’re doing it for fun and I think, when I went to ballroom and started to competition I realize that it was something that I was choosing to do and so I wanted to excel at it and it wasn’t the best journey like that but it was just something that I so enjoy that I had to make it part of my life and I think with this it’s kinda like Ifyou are not enjoying it that much why is it in your surface list  you know that kind of thing so I kinda took some of those things if you really enjoy it you should make it a part of your life and there’s some dances that I absolutely abort, I hate them , I don’t lie doing them , I don’t like dancing them and so when people would ask me to dance or would be in a competition like I am not doing that ,I am not just doing it and then but you have to it is part and I am like no , I don’t like it an I am not gonna do it so ,those kindto do things goes through the business like if you don’t like it, don’t do it 

Josh: yea, hundred percent , well I love that translation it is really fun to permit to ask that question so sometimes people responded to those question and  they’ll say something really weird and I am like I can’t even ask myself a question , I can cross my  toes , like that is really cool something I can ask my question here , anyways really interesting stuff I love that , well Elizabeth I wanna further get into, before we even get into actual topic here this is the question I think really really benefit our audience to hear from you so you’ve set these goals for the past few years do you run what we call the big hairy audacious goals I mean one of them was to network with 3 people a day is for it was? 

Elizabeth: Network 3 times a day so I literally went to 3 networking meeting every single day for the entire year 

Josh: chippers  that is crazy and where are you located 

Elizabeth: I am in Jacksonville, Florida 

Josh: okay, there are availability 

Elizabeth: and the reason that I have the two tiara’s is because I became the queen of networking 

Josh: I love that. 

Elizabeth: SO I accepted them graciously

Josh: you should wear them to every podcast 

Elizabeth: I do wear them to a lot of my speaking events actually 

Josh: people are like you are weird, I guess

Elizabeth: yea exactly, whyis she wearing a crown and I am like good question ‘coz it is your birthday I’m like absolutely not but let me tell you why I have this 

Josh: my sister would not because it’s her birthday, hopefully she has to listen to this, sorry Missy, if you did, okay so one of the reason why I ask that question is you network to 3 networking events a day and you’ve done of the things like you’ve won hundred podcast this year, you’ve done what’s the other one, 21 are you doing this next year 21 paid stages next year 

Elizabeth: 21paid stages next year yea 

Josh: Gosh that is a lot of stages, that is like a Tony Robbin’s goal so 

Elizabeth: I’ve already booked 5 though 

Josh: wow! That’s up to you,it is actually gonna go through next year , 

Elizabeth: yeah this is going through, trust me don’t worry. 

Josh: I guess, after this call by the way 

Elizabeth: yeas, let’s do that! Number 6 yes, 

Josh: that’s what you come in podcast so 

Elizabeth: That’s right

Josh: so I want to ask you though, what was kind of the motivating factor behind these goals because they are all very different?

Elizabeth: so they kind of came about organically during the last few years, I’ve delved in that worked a lot, actually I used to run my own networking groups for 2 years or in 13 networking groups a month on my own, that’s part of my job in a way, I kinda make it part of my job it so from that year of networking to the 13 groups for 2 years and then to 3 times a week that was networking went all these stuff you know came about for this 2020 I was just like dropped off of the networking face of the year everything stopped then that was kind of part of my life blood and when I decided to start doing podcasting this was really kind of me replacing in networking  I was so co-dependent now working and I have co-depended relationship  and so I decided that I was just start going to podcasting, getting on podcasting and in the first month that started doing this which was I think sometime with  Jay I was on 25 and I was like okay that was easiness, to me it seems easy it’s not  but it seems easy and so I was like okay  how can I do more of this because I really liked it, I was getting  the attraction that I needed and the goal that are coming in, I think things are coming out because of it but I was like what – okay 25 if I do this every single month I’m gonna be in a hundred like—no time and then I start realizing wait –what if that’s my goal, what if I used that as part of my marketing and saying yea, I did a  hundred podcast – like it’s just you know – saying oh yea, I was on Good morning America, yea I was on Forbes, you know like those are big deals to people but saying  there’s no big deal


Josh: Yea

Elizabeth: like hey that’s my new goal it’s so many goal  I just kind of comes about organically that networking 3 times a day for a year I started doing it so seeing great attraction and I thought I’m just gonna keep doing this until I gain more and I just being in the entire year  and it was more of not about networking 3 times a day for a year it is about without becoming the most well-known person on my city, I’m gonna network 3 times a day until I feel that I have become one the most well-known people like you see my face like you know who I am , I don’t even know you are, that’s how well known I want to be and I wasn’t fame or anything like that it’s all about  being known in the business community and then I went to a meeting and it was like October so about the end of the year  and I stood up and  there was 80 people or 100 people in the room, I knew everybody there,  I need to give my 30 seconds  like who doesn’t know me one women raised her  hand I still talk to you after and I sat down ,so I feel like I have accomplish my goal , like I don’t need to do this anymore, I can skip back a little you know and so those, all these goals are coming about really organically right start or something it kind of makes a big splash,  like oh, I need this more, I need to do this again and then I just kind of give it a cap,  what’s that cap for me or I feel like I’ve done  enough of thisand then I move into something else so yea – 21 stages was like I’ve been cooped off all year, videoing virtual allyear, be on podcast all year, so now I wanna be out there in 2021, Corona Virus can you just  you know  have  a bubble  or whatever and  you know I 21 is 2021 , 21 stages sounds great, I’ll start with my  first 5  – okay now on to the other, you know the rest of them so in today’s really came about is organically and I like that because it makes it like fun and exciting what this year gonna be like, what’s this year gonna bring and what kind of weird  crazy random goal I am gonna be able to accomplish this year 

Josh: Yeah and I love that concept I wanna kind of delved into piece of that because you know there’s a lot of – I guess I would say hype around getting featured on Forbes and in other places and not that it is a bad thing, I see so many new business owners – I’ve got to get this or I’m not going to have credibility and the reality is now a days is getting featured on Forbes is not hard, I mean there’s online articles, there’s like you can reach out to me maybe a hundred people on Forbes and you probably get 4-5 article written about right 

Elizabeth: yea, 

Josh: it’s there’s just so many placed now that – and people are kind of using those and there’s still credibility points but how much more credible are you and this is why I, you’ve been told me you’ve been on a hundred  podcast, I got excited ‘coz I’m like you have perfected your message  it is very easy to interview because you understands the power of your interview and what you can share – I didn’t have to explain to you that we need to have you stay one link instead of  25 – you’ve master them perfected that and your sales pitch and everything so that’s where I see the huge value when people tell me oh, I’ve been on a hundred podcast , oh, I’ve featured in 10,000 articles, you know – saying there’s just – I see the power in numbers that way – so I just want to throw it in there because I loved that you set that as a goal and as a podcaster it’s just warm myself so let’s do this! Let’s now delved in to your actual strategy because this is really intriguing to me and I do wanna po-calls in it you can help us on understand it because  thewhole concept here is how to create a year of marketing content in 5 days, I’d been hearing this for years and I’ve never done it – honestly I’m lazy with my content and most people follow me probably know what, we’ll stay consistent with the podcast but the one problem that I have with that and I’d like you to speak to this, the one problem I have with building  year of content in 5 days is what if your audience – their interest changed over the course of a year 

Elizabeth: so I got my Duct tape I’m gonna attached this holes. 

Josh: please do

Elizabeth: fixes everything right so what I have found in just doing this over and over, so I event start doing until about 4 years ago so I did the traditional marketing  thing and  I was doing the normal stuff , 3 day website and doing monthly social I literally stress myself to the point like nightingale‘coz it is just too much it doesn’t, people don’t have time it didn’t work so when I devise the system I did it for myself first I even doing it for myself for the years but I didn’t think thing that anybody else like it was just my system  that’s how I kind of maneuver around everything like nobody else  who wouldn’t want this it’s just me right, just doing my thing , then I started realizing that client could use it so much easier and what I saw was you are saying like if I build all this and everything is changed what happen there are things that are so deeply inherent  to whatever  industry you are in it doesn’t matter if they are interested change or not you’re gonna say the same thing on day 1 of your business that you say one hundred million business because it is the same information all the time so I’ve done branding, I’ve done marketing, done video editing , I’ve done podcast , everything I’ve done like all of the things in marketing right but branding is tread throughout everything  you can’t really do a great podcast and it is just branded, if you don’t have a brand with it, it’s gonna be a no right gently have great website if you don’t have a brand so there’s this underline tread that goes to all of the pieces of marketing and it is branding and when I talk about branding , branding doesn’t change the way you might brand yourself or the like you said the tactics you use but the strategy of branding why do you brand, when do you brand all of that kind of who what when where howtype of stuff that is not changed and that is what we put in to our content for a year, there’s stuff you’re gonna say  oh that’s why… is cancelled,  new content used to be made because now you would tell  people what’s happening , how things are going , where are we going next , you know whatever , maybe launching a new product now you need to tell them about that but those are thing you are going to say anyway but you might forget that one thread of your business that every  stuff you might forget to say that ‘coz you’re like duh everybody knows that – no, (laugh) new people coming all the time and they don’t know anything about how you talk about it or the way you present it or how you’re gonna discuss it and you might think, oh my gosh – I’ve said it a million time already, many people get it– no they don’t , what we forget is we know, we know and we don’t remember , that they don’t know what we know and so that’s the kind of content that I       put it into my year because you know with any kind of client with any industry these works with realtors, people go with realtors ‘coz all of thing change every 5 minute so there is stuff that doesn’t change and people can argue with me upon all day but I really believe if you bring me any industry and I will give you enough content for the entire year to have one post a day minimum that is content doesn’t change 

Josh: That’s (ah) you just use duct tape on that was like and iron clad, over the whole I love that because that’s the problem I run in to I am like everybody knows that but it’s like I mean funnels right the funnel concept  track oh yea everybody know what funnel is but every single day so I’m always like what’s the funnel like how do you not know this it’s because like you said  new people are coming into the world into your world consistently so good like good answer  you are helping build your theory for me so that I not sticking to my opinions. 

Elizabeth: we can talk after this if you need help 

Josh: I love it, good plan, okay so to talking to the actual strategy right so if you are building out a content strategy in five days, is that 5 24hour’s a  days is something you can bust out even quicker or not 

Elizabeth: so this is done with new service it is 5 - 8 hour a day’s that’s a essentially 40 hours and this full implementation, this is not a strategy okay here’s your book, do your homework  there’s no home work at the end, there’s nothing left undone and when people hear that they’re like (sound) sure that they say, they don’t believe it because they haven’t seen it worked , I have done this not only for myself,  I am also a client right but I’ve done this so many times with so many people actually that platform that used for websites they called me after my first 6 or 7 months doing this particular method with clients’coz I sorted this in 2017, like mid-year I was like that’s it I’m done with the old stuff starting with my new thing, everything is up on my website and only put up website in a day, that’s first little piece and I started building website and because I do them in the day , I was building like 25 – 30 website in 2 or 3 months , coz I am working every single day right,  and they called me, the platform called me and they’re like – how are you building so many sites so quickly and I was like what are you talking about , I just building people’s website and they’re like no, no  you have built 30 new sites in less than 60 days , what is going on , they were freaked out oh I just do this , this and this and they are like we have never heard of this , we’ve never heard of this and they were just asking questions and I just having answer of course but this was so funny that they were even like wait what is she doing 

Josh: what’s insane, so again poking holes , I’d like to see like how you help people to first identify like the core – how do you get it to the core of it right because building 365 pieces of content  a ton, give me headaches even thinking about it right 

Elizabeth: that was just 1 day 

Josh: and that’s just 1 day, so I am like, so let’s go to each other in 5days what are kind of core content strategies that should be going 

Elizabeth: so the first thing is branding and we have to lay that foundation that is the core, that is, we’re building on that, that’s everything, branding is everything and let people think, I got a logo , my sister’s cousin friend , like no big deal no, no, no, if they’ll look back at that is it the right color , is it resonating with your audience , does it match the demographics or psychographics or are you actually speaking to them with just with the logo were they’re look at it like I got a no Josh , I have to know about  The Lucky Titan, I need to know more about this because that logo just likes speaks muscle and you’re not getting that with  every single person you’re gonna get that with your people with your demographic , with your group , they’re just gonna attracted to it like a magnet and if it’s not right people will do all this marketing, will do these funnels, will do these social media and they will be pushing and pushing, they’ll be great at sales talk to you literally like great sales and  you’re sitting there with crickets and then like what’s going on, it’s like you just have to ask someone in branding and they’re gonna be like it’s your logo , it’s your colors , it is your main message like if your tagline is one call we do it all , no they tells me nothing – I don’t understand 

Josh: really pull it off on website, I say

Elizabeth: right, but that doesn’t tell me anything and sometimes people have these weird random names there’s one long time ago she had this name -  it was likeI can remember now  axeon or something like that like random weird space she was adecluttering expert , I was like no , no, it doesn’t –she ended up with the declutter company and I am like that’s what you need so it tell everybody what she does, it is literal but it’s not you’re like so and I just believe when you have a name it should means something you know when you have a name it should resonate and people should get it, it make sense like you know with Mac they have its apple right and apple computers – they have the apple it is about being first, it is about being the originator like – the whole like concept first thing, first letter in the alphabet “a” what’s the first thing kids learn a is apple, you know and it’s their like we’re first , we’re the originators , we are the originals so even though they were that was the concept that they want you to  have, this is original it is like apple and oranges, you are comparing apples and oranges and so they wanted that concept of, it is different, by itself and its own category compare to anything and I think they just word apple is comes  to mean now, they’ve embody that overtime so  I think then when you build brand you have to really look at everything in all those pieces and your demographics specifically ‘coz then when you go to the next day build your website you just take your brand and you just explain what that means and further detail , when you go to your social you’re giving these little great tidbits you’re giving this information you’re educating people because your brand is what is telling you how to do that and what to say and when you go to your blog and email marketing you’re just taking those mediums and you are basically taking that brand and extract it making it giving more information giving it a bigger stage or bigger platform but it is always coming back to the brand, podcast, membership you know but it doesn’t matter at all those pieces go back to the brand. 

Josh: Love that! So that’s the first day right you are saying 

Elizabeth: Yea

Josh:  let’s come it, let’s get that foundation in place then what are other kind of core strategy for the next 4 days, 

Elizabeth: well so the website again just falls off of the brand there right comes on off of it, right off of that line and we just basically build something to simple lot of people  have 50 billion pages on website it is like no – I have one client working with they have at least a hundred pages and she said  I think we need a search engine in our site – I said no, you need less pages, we need to make this so simple that you want someone’s end point to be booking something not reading more content they’re gonna get bored, they’re gonna get irrupted  we want them to read something sure, something informative and go  I got to talk to these guys, I got to book this service so that’s one of the pieces about keeping it so simple that you’re not all over the place and that’s over time you’re gonna add and add and add add it’slike when you buy a new house and you have at least extra room and then you’re like what are we putting here there’s no furniture for here and then when you go to move  every room has been filled right ‘coz you really filled in  and so that’s what you really want for your site, you want to start so simply that it is just so easyand then over time you can add things, you can always twist things they wanted to start with that basic simple clean slay feel so it’s you get actually sell your message without being like basic like, over boarding like giving  people too much information and then day 3 just taking that information it’s on the website  bringing it in to little tiny bite size pieces and saying  okay what we know that we tell people they need a website – why do they need a website – who needs a website how do you build a website – when do you built a website, you know you kind of just take those information and basic stuff that everybody knows why you need a website come-on no they don’t and so they may not never even heard why they need a website, a lot of people  that are  entrepreneur to become successful they never went to business school , they don’t even anything, no nobody talk anything those stuff, they just figured it out right and so some of those pieces the,you are filling holes in their education and I love doing that because I feel like all these people are bootstrap themselves up to these high places and they will back and they’relike there’s a lot holes in that ladder a lot of it and I feel lot of holes up to next part of the ladder and so it’s like hey can I help fill on those gaps with stuff and I could tell you all day long I  my sleep you know that  all basic information and now I am seeing as the expert because I helped fill a lot of those gaps for them and now they say you do know what you are doing and I need to hire you so I think anyone can do that with any level of expertise that they have and also with any type of content any type of industry you can do the exact same thing with your social media. 

Josh: Well and I love that concept I mean honestly so as a podcaster we put a lot of likelong form content right because we have that the video, we have the audio, we have  the written all of that right but my one problem with podcasters in general just doing that is that  it’s I called It shot gun content right it’s really not hyper focus, hyper target one of the guys that we worked with he’s a sales realm and he just did it raise he’s been doing like you said like who what why or how when off you’re kind of your platform he’s in the sales industry which is very saturated niched but he – he put two pieces of content that had  just blown up and he got 4 new clients from it and I look at that and I am like – okay that’s happen to me as well but what were the – why is it happen recently yea. 

Elizabeth: Secret sauce, what’s the secret sauce, and usually it’s the simplicity 

Josh: right 

Elizabeth: that’s the secret sauce, simplicity 

Josh: like done it down, Simple 

Elizabeth: it is just that one line that makes such difference in someone’s life but it is not like you are giving away you know the crowns or jewelry over here, 

Josh: right 

Elizabeth: you’re just saying you need a brand because before you build a website so that your website can be built on your brand wait what? Right so it is that just one line that can change somebody’s whole perspective their whole trajectory they might even trying to  build their website and fix the brand later and get not trouble, be frustrated it is just something simple as that you’re like and I am thinking  like duh, right and you’re thinking yea duh, and everyone else is oh my gosh , just like gold 

Josh: exactly I love that well and you know Elizabeth were coming to an end of the interview here but you know , you’ve given a some really good pieces  to me especially, I am definitely talking with you afterwards 

Elizabeth: yes 

Josh: Yes! So one of my question for you is If you were to leave with our guest a final thing that hey this is where you should go, primarily, where you should go to connect with you but then what would be that final piece of advice that you to people say hey you’re looking to build a content strategy what would that be 

Elizabeth: so people can connect with me at I have an amazing community  please join I loved to have you glad to have talk to you – so is where you can find me but I think the one thing that  a lot of people skip over or if they’ve been on the business for a while especially in this something that I see all the time come to me with 3 5 10 years in business they’re like, yea I’ve got  a logo I need a website, yeah, yeah I’ve got a website I need social media and they just kind of skip over the first two or three days of what I am actually trying to accomplish with them right ‘coz branding is my first day and it’s first on purpose I actually make them go back and I’m like no no step back over here  let me see the brand, let me look at it and lot of people just have the brand it is what it is, they’re not gonna change it why you know I am not gonna through all that but really what’s happening  is they’re gonna get so frustrated later on because the brand is keeping them holding them back and they’re not, they’re gonna plateau they’re gonna hit this level and they’re just gonna get stuck and I’m not gonna know why  they will try these different things, spend this money and really just change their brand  or just tweak just a little bit or just change the messaging even around the brand and just give them this wide open space that fence will be gone you know all those barriers gone and so I recommend people go back to their brand – go back to their business plan really and say it is my brand correct am I targeting my demographic still or all the things that I’m saying yes to aligning with my brand and demographic because they go back to your brand right if I say yes to something,  it’s gonna be something that’s gonna make sense so going back to your branding , going back to your business plan and say let’s start back over here and just step forward to each piece to make sure that everything is lined up so it’s kind one of chiropractor for your business because sometime you do stuff and then your spines all crazy and then you walk out after they fixed it you’re like oh my gosh, it’s much better  coz I am alive right and your business will feel better and you actually be able to accomplish more and your businesses aligned underneath your brand 

Josh: love that, Well Elizabeth thank you so much for coming on today I really do think that this is a huge value added to our audience, I can’t always say that so appreciate that so I do want toask you or excuse me to tell everybody in here to make sure you go to that’s the place to go if you want to connect with Elizabeth, we’ll also connect all of here social links here but  Elizabeth, thank you so much for coming on! 

Elizabeth: thank you so much for having me!