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You're Already Selling With Nick Capozzi

November 19, 2020 Josh Tapp
The Lucky Titan
You're Already Selling With Nick Capozzi
The Lucky Titan
You're Already Selling With Nick Capozzi
Nov 19, 2020
Josh Tapp

Business leaders talk about generating leads and closing when it comes to selling. It's critical. But everyone forgets about the pitch. The presentation. Distilling your life's work into a 45 second elevator ride or a 30 minute Zoom meeting. I have 20+ years' experience of developing sales presentations and increasing revenue for globally recognized brands. I rebuild your pitch and teach your team how to effectively deliver it.


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Business leaders talk about generating leads and closing when it comes to selling. It's critical. But everyone forgets about the pitch. The presentation. Distilling your life's work into a 45 second elevator ride or a 30 minute Zoom meeting. I have 20+ years' experience of developing sales presentations and increasing revenue for globally recognized brands. I rebuild your pitch and teach your team how to effectively deliver it.


Josh: What is up everybody, Josh Tapp here again and welcome back to The Lucky Titan Podcast and today we have a good friend of mine Nick Capozzi here on the mic with us and Nick is the founder and CEO of this guy is awesome, I’m just gonna put it that way, Nick.  

Nick: How do I follow up on that Josh .. I better be good guest now, 

Josh: Yea I would say if you perform we’ll post it Nick,I can say that to Nick because he and I been working together for what, 6 months now, Nick probably? 

Nick- yep, yep sounds like it. 

Josh: I wonder bring Nick on in particular really as a guest expert because Nick has been in the sales pitching world like 20 years, I don’t wanna date you but  

Nich: yea no, it is okay, people may think I am a bit younger generally so I’ll just grow with that good…

Josh: but he’s like 25 now but he’s pitching when he was born 

Nick: pitching as a child 

Josh: So Nick, Nick, is really here to help us today , were gonna be talking through 3 step process , him and I been using I really think this is going to be valuable  we’ve personally been using Nick to do some of our sale videos , to train our sales team and he works a lot in our clients , this guy is really really good at helping close the deal quickly and as he always says take the money right , take the money , I literally going to put a sign on my wallet says that so Nick, say what’s up to everybody first of and then tell us something about yourself that most people wouldn’t know about you. 

Nick: Hi Lucky Titan Audience thanks for having me, I appreciate & love being here, about the 3 things about me real quick ‘coz it is all relevant to do , first I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada,  second I went to school for broadcasting so I was really on television and then third I was in the cruise industry for almost 20 years I actually lived at sea about 10 years so it’s just kinda interesting story I wanna talked about pitching and then presenting is that broadcast background mix with being on stage for all those years presenting a lot of different from products to our different tourist so that’s kind of a long sort of why I do it and you know something else interesting too  when you talking to  people and trying to building game quickly and tell us good to give them a little bit of interesting background about you know why you are doing what you are doing and cruise ship is an easy one  it was like you lived on at the cruise ships for 20 years, you live on ships like 10 years I am like – I know, I can be a Netflix an original series, just another  American tells cruise ship stories  

Josh: Let’s do it, we’ll pitch in Netflix. So Nick, let’s go In to the 3 step process and fill us in the 3 steps and then let’s just dive in to those. 

Nick: Well, just for the sake of time today, I mean obviously the sales process is gonna be bigger than 3 steps but the 3 that are really you know your critical ones is gonna be how are you generally leads that first question ask companies in entrepreneur to, how are you presenting it which is really where I spent my time and then 3 how you close it so it’s been an interesting year with everything what’s happen on obviously in terms of lead generation and the older way is the traditional way of kinda getting in front of us  from someone who is really change I mean everyone is virtual they are at home now so it’s not even like trying to call an office number and get through the gate keeper it’ how do I engage with that person I wanna talk to and I know I do spend a lot of my time on LinkedIn and I think the opportunity people miss with something like LinkedIn is everyone’s out there you’re  gonna come out with creative way to engage them and get them interested and one of the most basic things that I suggest to people is one when it comes to Lead Generation is when we create some level of content people to understand who you are and you know what you are talking about in making interesting but then the other thing I think people misses a lot, If I found you on LinkedIn Josh and I wanted to connect with you other people click connect that Ad note feature is so important because there you can actually you know reach out to some and if you’ve taken the time to look at their profile which is should you can reference things that can build the force so from maybe it’s where they’re went to school maybe they have technical certificate that you want to expecting right Oh you were a hockey coach, I play hockey right so it gives you that opportunity and I think people are so concern with how do I get a hundred new leads in to my funnel as supposed to how do I  get maybe 40 really qualified leads into my funnel – I find that more effective for me personally 


Josh: love that I mean this process is one we’ve been using for even just before the Corona Virus you know and I mean being able to approach high quality business leads really there’s no better place like LiknkedIn we found that for us you know generating a B2B sales lead can come from multiple different places but you are going to start leading through people , but LinkedIn are does waiting for you so when you are landing onto their page you know this is a qualified lead or really good at faking it we’ve also run all into that. 

Nick: you know a lot of people don’t use sales navigator they’re like Ah it is the best – 90  bucks whatever it is I spend every month right because that way I can  really trilled down and get granular with what I am looking for if I wanna meet software in a service company in Austin Texas that have 1 – 10 employees it’s right there right, I do with Generating Leads personally and if you have the time to get this granular with your own business development to me it is very effective I go to , and a lot of times if I want to meet specifically where if I am connected with generate and interesting conversation I’ll take it quick 30 seconds 45 seconds video of me on loom that you just can drop  in to that conversation on LinkedIn now if you are adding them as a connection the thumbnail won’t populated it will just be the link but if you are already connected and you are sending a message which really great is that the thumbnail will actually come up to so you can really personalize and then how you worded you know how you actually reaching out to them and for me I’ve found to be probably the most effective lead generation tool that I’ve ever come across personally 

Josh: Love that I mean honestly I would agree with this obviously because we work together Nick by I mean this is the process that especially if you are even starting out and you’re trying to get big ticket sales anything honestly over 5000$ should be in my opinion, that should be lead generated through LinkedIn lot if great ways to generating leads so make sure you check that out – sign up for sales navigator were not even getting paid to promote this man, we should reach out to them – like hey we’re promoting you give us commission 

Nick: what I’ve always use you know LinkedIn was always you know an IT company as simply PHP to Montreal and if you need any PHP word this guy is the best truly and you know they this was a long time ago and LinkedIn was a much different place back then it was kind of in that face between is just for posting resumes to being as you are boss that it is today I use to go until out of groups and find you know people who are looking for PHP development and that’s how I would kind broke with those relationships so yea I mean I’ve always leverage LinkedIn and it’s really critical but what’s your message in and how are you amplify that to world and I kinda go in to the next one when you are talking to lead generations talking about presentations and this is really where you know I have a lot of experiences is because we present you know when I was in cruise industry like 60 products and 60 minutes I am talking about a lot of things and  you know what was interesting is that as a radio guy which I was taught of myself as kinda develop into a sales guy was at 4000 people get on in Miami on Saturday and 4000 more than next week so I would change script a little bit about what I was trying to promote right it was Jamaican coffee you know how can I get more sales how could I make it more engaging and interesting and so that’s where I spent a lot time presentation world because what often happens especially where either entrepreneur or if you are in a 10 million dollar revenue rage in my experience with typically happens in there is that the owner operator who’s usually either an operator or the technical person it comes to the fact of head of business development and selling  right but they’re not,– is often miss cast but they’re passionate about what they do, they’re passionate about their business so you know they are the ones out they’re amplifying message and what I can actually sit down with someone and rip apart there 30 minutes zoom by that’s a lot I’ll do always watch 30 minutes zoom break it apart and rebuilt it so it is engaging and it gives the right information on a relay and two things that I run into one I see people who haven’t 80 slide deck for a 30 minutes conversation and I think which really have to understand is you know what do you do how do you do it and how do you do it differently and what is your call to action and you know if you were if you are still using a deck which you don’t need to – but if you are using a deck you know 6 – 10 slides is really what you need – the other thing that run into a lot is that when people have built a business they’re so afraid of missing the wrong words that’s work for them before that just constantly talking and they are trying to get information as possible and oh  talking about this, oh  and let me remind you about this – oh this is really important the problem with that is you are giving way too much information to your prospect and it overwhelms though right you wanna keep them very simple, you want it edit what you are doing so if you are in 30 minutes zoom  you know you want another 30 minutes of you know just kinda tune effect getting to know each other and then you want your presentation to be like 8 9 minutes and if you bladed out correctly you’ll lay out bread crumbs for them to ask the question you want them to ask , what you wanna make sure is at least half that conversation is the opportunity for them to ask question. 

Josh: Love that you know it comes down to if you are generating leads that’s a high quality but you put in that work that you’ve lay that foundation but when you approach them that sales conversion is building upon that foundation so for you Nick, I mean what have you found to be have the most effect methods for generating an appointment for sale and then also a close.   

Nick: so for generating an appointment you know being creative either you being the creative sales person or creatively presenting the product or service in an interesting way that they wanna learn more about it right there’s a ton of companies that do X well if they’re all kinda get the same messaging and it’s kinda sound same how do you stand out from the crowd right and a lot of times with personalization people still buy from people they like people forget that rule but it is incredibly important people buy from people they like so really engaging people and one thing that I used to teach a lot people because you know when I would train people in the cruise industry ever since they are Americans but the people works on the ship aren’t Americans so I’ll be teaching someone from Serbia, from South Africa, how to build report and engage people from the United States and for me some actually from Canada originally I realize this was just me being a 20 year old kid on the gang list people were coming on the ship and say welcome aboard hi hello how are you? Where are you visiting from and it became such a simple thing where are you visiting from but that really became something or I built this  kinda crucial battle base in my head of every single state, every single major city, every single state part cos I was just looking to have a conversation ‘coz I don’t wanna be in my cabin I mean that’s you know I am extra I wanna be out having a good time with people & you know I realize that Americans after their loves ones and themselves generally I am painting with a broad strokes here but generally they loves to talks about where they from right its we forget in the US that’s it is a very you know tribal country you wear your colors right, I am wearing my first with constant you know red, don’t show me that golden purse stuff from Minnesota and you know I would teach people from India and someone from Mississippi at what do you like food great ask them what’s the one thing we got even in Mississippi oh it is café, hush puppies is fantastic because what happens on next time you meet someone from Mississippi – you know you have to ben in Mississippi and say oh wow I am a big food guy we have some guest last week – I heard I got to get cafes from this and we are like oh my gosh how’d you know that about Mississippi and that instant report so one thing I always have LinkedIn open as browser especially when  I have a call and look it again you are missing where they from – what have they done, where you can built report so that’s kind of give me a long answer to your short question but you know again positioning yourself differently and standing of on the crowd is key when it comes to the second part of your question which is closing if you lay out a really good first, you’ve gotta find the paint point and once you’ve found the paint point of what the client actually need you know you craft the solution to their exactly specific element and a lot of times people offer you know in the box solution where it is kinda all the same you know if I am selling the same thing I am selling the same way to everyone else when I talk about presentation you really want about 20 presentation in your head right because it’s depends on what the client needs where they from you know all those things you need to be able to pivot mid the conversation and I think it is funny now because we live in such a niche down kind of world where you know I used to say hey I am versatility with whatever in sales and marketing what do you want to talk about for the next 45 minutes to getright to the paint point but we live in a world where people wanna hear noI am really specific  and I really work on presentations and sales presentation so it is a fine line that I think a lot people it’s where they get stuck but if you can pivot your message mid conversation to truly you know fix the paint point the client’s gonna be interested and then it is just a matter of understanding you know where they stand as a company if your price point matches where they are and also people forget as for the sale that’s where especially new sales people but even stablish ones they are afraid to talk about money or they are afraid to just ask for it and you know for me I am really casual when I talk about what the price is and what it is and kinda way even in a regular conversations not like I am standing there doing the headlines like so it is a 20000$ solution right well you know here’s the beautiful thing sothe solution is 20000$ but you are all lie where here’s this case study or you know whatever it is and you just kinda tied and see mostly that’s really key when you are asking for actual sale. 

Josh: love that, I mean I’ve seen this in action and as we’ve been out of sales all these stuff together it is really intriguing and the way that you sell that you can come in to some to a conversation in you just can make it conversation instead of a sales pitch and I think a lot of people struggle with that ‘coz like how do I even the copy and honestly it really just comes down to being human being, be nice to, be like Canadian, Man.

Nick: Americanize Canadians, for the record 

Josh: be kind to the people and you actually see it and makes it comfortable in the conversation when you are like that’s how your price yea it’s 90$ or whatever that’s only 90 dollars 


Nick: and I think too Josh it is important to people realize you know a lot of times I am not the right fit for whoever I am talking to so supposed to think you know being defeated and getting off the phone I am like you know what I don’t know theright solution for you but you know what I know who does and when you can broke into relationship with nothing more than just you know this client really needs a different solution than I am able to provide with that does is one you know first of all it is great for your own network and being able to repair business on the people and it is also great ‘coz it’s positions you as – hey listen I don’t need Nick’s solution today I am like down the road but Nick gave me you know advise that’skinda took me you know from being his client and put me with someone else right – I mean that’s you know if you want authenticity I mean that’s great way to do it and people still wanna buy well I mean listen—wanna be authenticity in everything you do in life but you know when I am talking to people there’s I not saying I am authentic all the time I am but it is because it’s just I don’t know the other way to be right I mean I would, I need to sleep at night so there’s also you know could I go out and you know be persuasive in sell what I need to sell to anybody sure, I could do that but you know I wannareally find this lifelong solutions ‘coz I wanna work with people not for 1 year for one  contract I wanna have 30 year relationship with these people right 

Josh: yea and I think that if you can come out with the view point too it is more, it’s almost puts the pressure on them right they you are not having to put pressure oh my godnessthis is a sale close you are more of  qualifying them I am like are we a good fit  and I even see that when I was selling when we first met I told you like I am not really big sales person but my personal sales method is doing it right and just saying hey let’s figure out like what real solution the problem is and if I can offer the best one to you I am not gonna sell it to you so I will somebody else uses fantastic that’s how we started a whole new company was that way because I knew hey I don’t know everything but let’s go I am selling – sell other people’s product but we know what are going to benefit the client best 


Nick: absolutely and one more thing I wanted to talk about Josh and I think this is an opportunity miss by some companies and entrepreneur you  will talk about putting out content it is obviously very important but using video in general whether it is on your lead generation whether it is in your drip marketing campaign whether you know it is part of your close, using videos was important in 2019 some companies did a good and most didn’t it is not important in 2020 it is beyond critical and a lot of companies still don’t do a great job with it so it is really accessing what you are doing with your video because in the reality – that’s what people buyingis you know – what is being explain to them today especially video I find very special in Tech companies and software a service companies they tend to you know like have an animated video well that doesn’t really, that’s not gonna be engaging and want somebody engaging you know being the representative for you you know in a video that people are gonna watch be like you know that’s logical I’m gonna, that’s a good idea, I gonna give you one last tip Josh if I made to the audience 

Josh: Let’s do it 


Nick: one thing I tell people one time when you are writing a presentation when you are writing copy for videoeveryone writes as if it is to be read and the problem in that one is when you deliver that is sounds really boxy and unauthentic so when I am writing copy what I will do is I’ll grab my phone and I’ll  make voice notes and either transcribe that and then I have a rough – you know, kinda rough up version and I’ll throw into the word document and then work it that way but a lot of people just sit in front of their computer with word doc open and then they’re like okay paragraph one, that’s is not relatable right you have to be relatable and you have to be authentic and writing as if it is to be spoken is really a game changer that you know one of my people over the years 

Josh: love that well so everybody make sure you go check out Nick’s stuff this guy knows what he is talking about obviously and I really hope this is really a very sight full episode to everybody, Nick, where can people connect with you? 

Nick: so we are just you know connect me on LinkedIn, most happy to be more interesting people on LinkedIn  what’s where I live, that’s most of my day – it is either front of the camera or on LinkedIn so that’s where I live 

Josh: or infront of the camera or on LinkedIn 

Nick: you know what you’re right, two separate worlds 


Josh: there we go, check out Nick will be there for you guys if you wanna connect with them, I will add this on the show notes as well , Nick is the guy – will personally use I would highly recommend him so make sure you go and check out his stuff at and we will all catch you later. 


Nick: Thanks Josh, Thanks Lucky Titan Nation, have a great day guys!