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How to make $250k in 24 hours without Facebook ads with Jordan West

November 17, 2020 Josh Tapp
The Lucky Titan
How to make $250k in 24 hours without Facebook ads with Jordan West
The Lucky Titan
How to make $250k in 24 hours without Facebook ads with Jordan West
Nov 17, 2020
Josh Tapp

When I was 23 I decided to buy a Taco Del Mar restaurant... I knew I had made a huge mistake at 2pm the first day when only 3 customers had walked in... (and two of them were my parents haha)
For 5 years I worked hard to grow sales every way I could think of and in the end, tripled our revenue which still didn't seem to matter on the profit side. (I lost a lot of money 💰)

The one thing that I seemed to be the best at in the restaurant endeavour was the marketing and getting people in the door.

Fast forward to 2014 when my wonderful wife Carmen (definitely my better half) started a modest baby clothing line and was selling at craft markets. I asked if I could test running a few ads on Facebook... and the rest is history. I learned every up and coming strategy and tactic and helped grow the small start-up to a multi-million dollar company and still growing!

Over the years I have realized what I am good at and what I'm not.

What I'm good at... Marketing and helping others scale their businesses. Which leads me to now.

In 2019 we started the podcast "secrets to scaling your e-commerce brand" which is now in the top 50 business/marketing podcasts in multiple countries including Canada and the United States.

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When I was 23 I decided to buy a Taco Del Mar restaurant... I knew I had made a huge mistake at 2pm the first day when only 3 customers had walked in... (and two of them were my parents haha)
For 5 years I worked hard to grow sales every way I could think of and in the end, tripled our revenue which still didn't seem to matter on the profit side. (I lost a lot of money 💰)

The one thing that I seemed to be the best at in the restaurant endeavour was the marketing and getting people in the door.

Fast forward to 2014 when my wonderful wife Carmen (definitely my better half) started a modest baby clothing line and was selling at craft markets. I asked if I could test running a few ads on Facebook... and the rest is history. I learned every up and coming strategy and tactic and helped grow the small start-up to a multi-million dollar company and still growing!

Over the years I have realized what I am good at and what I'm not.

What I'm good at... Marketing and helping others scale their businesses. Which leads me to now.

In 2019 we started the podcast "secrets to scaling your e-commerce brand" which is now in the top 50 business/marketing podcasts in multiple countries including Canada and the United States.

Josh: What is up everybody, Josh Tapp here and welcome back to the Lucky Titan Podcast and today we have a very special guest we are here today with Jordan West which totally rhyme I can make that a rap man that’s how I should start with the show but I am excited to have Jordan here because he is the founder of Mindful Marketing this guy is a top rated podcaster, built a multi-million dollar company here’s here today to talk with us about how to make 250 thousand dollars in 24 hours without using Facebook Ads which first of that intrigue the heck out of me I am really excited for this one, so Jordan say what’s up to everybody and then tell us one thing about yourself and most people wouldn’t know. 

Jordan: Yea so thankful for you for having me on the Podcast, like what we are saying before you know I think it was 12 minutes we’ve already been talking we should press the record right away because there’s just been great great stuff I love talking to other podcaster as well because I feel like this  great connection like I get it , I get what you are doing right now , I get what you were going through one thing people may not know about me and I never talk about on podcast is that I was actually a paramedic for 12 years and I still actually am a casual paramedic and I really enjoy it even if running multiple businesses it’s just nice to do something that’s not about money, that certainly not about money. (laugh) 

Josh: So, we don’t want to base on that but yes absolutely yea that’s awesome I didn’t know you are a train paramedic so you are one of those people had you know no problem with blood. 

Jordan: yea no problem with blood and you know I actually feel like , again I never talked about this  some podcast before but I feel like there is actually a good premise for a book I am really use to having  a terrible conversation with people right I don’t know how many hundreds of people I’ve told that their loved dead right , that’s part of our training, part of our life , after 12 years of doing it it’s like you have this really difficult conversations, so business is nothing right, were just talking about business, were just talking about money and we are talking about you know how we can you know help better, each other’s live but it is not like life and death right nothing is really ever death , beside when you are a paramedic then it is. 

Josh: Except when it comes about life and death  yea I love that, well that’s really cool fact a lot of people  say really weird things on there and I think it’s funny too but it’s fun us to hear, like well that’s actually something I would not know about you one thing we did not know about you is that you started, you bought a delta or taco del mar, I’m going to say del taco they all well blend together in my head that’s all taco bell

Jordan: yeah yeah, like more on a triple a side then a taco bell side you know 

Josh: I just saw these meme too and that was the funniest thing I’ve ever, they were talking about, it’s  like best Mexican food award for like 20 or 2002 or something it was taco bell and I just thought… that’s awesome

Jordan: that’s not real Mexican 

Josh: I lived in Mexico for a couple of years, I know what are Mexican. 

Jordan: yeah yeah 

Josh: So Jordan, let’s do this man, I like to really delved into this launch that you did I mean you talked about this gated launch that you guys did produced 250000$ without Facebook Ads and as a joined venture guy intrigues the heck out of me so fill us in on that launch and how it works?

Jordan: Yea totally, so this is the really interesting thing, I’ll give you a little back back history here so my wife and I owned this clothing company we started about 6 years ago we’ve grown to meet 7 figures now , absolute great company through all of that what we realize was that it wasn’t good for the two of us to be running that company, what I was really good at is the marketing side so I ended up you know taking up some freelance clients, some marketing clients at that time and that inevitably I am sure people you know in the agency world are like well I am guessing, I started agency, yes I did and some mindful marketing was born from that we have completely separate offices now and I am so very involve in the clothing company but way more so on the marketing side of things so just to give you a little bit of context, we used little lively clothing company as our guinea pig everything marketing related because it’s the kind of company that you can kind of do whatever and get good results no matter what so we are not really  throwing away money when we try it so this gated launch idea came to me when I was reading Jonah Berger’s book contagious and he talked  about there was these clothing company that password protected their site and you have to get the password to enter and they were using this, like their strategy all the time so they rebranded, resell the exact same cloth but they rebranded to this higher end clothing company and password protected the site and they would sell the inventory all the time and I was like Men, I wonder how I can implement that for our clothing company and for other company it is not just, I feel like this Is tactic strategy and this is more like overall strategy of Promo right it is a strategy of like oh no am I gonna actually get in and like exclusivity so what we decided to do is we formed a VIP community we started this a year ago on Facebook so we started a Facebook Group where people could you know chat back and forth about our products, VIP groups whole another conversation why I think they are so powerful but we give our VIP member, early access to these launches that we do so we have a VIP SMS group, which they get SMS notification and we make sure that that’s VIP list because not everybody wants to get SMS notifications for e-commerce right but our people really do and our subscribe rate is super super low on that , so what we do is password protect the site for about 12 to 24 hours before we launch so we can get everything absolutely perfect then for us it was 10am pacific that we opened up the website but just give people the password so we kept the password protected we gave people the password and oh my gosh I think we had like within first minute we have 3 thousand people on the website all you know got the password enter it to the website and they made a little micro commitment and then they enter the website and then it way may hem and in the first 2 hours we did a 120000 in sales and which is just crazy and we stared a  regular Shopify, I really don’t believe in Shopify plus like if we can do it I am like why do you need Shopify plus for some– there a lot of brands are lot smaller than us that are using Shopify plus and I am like why they just anyway, that’s a total understanding. 

Josh: It is like building…. 

Jordan: Yea Yea .. like I wanna pay an extra 2 grand a month to say that I am a plus member like I don’t know, 

Josh: they like a little badge,right 

Jordan: yeah yeah exactly, so all that to say after we still did a 130000$ on that in that 24 hour period so it was just in absolutely crazy launch it is something that we have replicated in the past but never to that extend and the great thing about this is that there was no Facebook Ads involve , there’s no google ads involve , this was just our list right , this is just our core core list and we did use Facebook ads before to run people into this list and I love paid traffic but I love paid traffic to get people off of traffic right, I love paid traffic to get people into the list that are owned and if it just paid traffic acquisition count me out I don’t like that for that point of it there got to be real point to paid traffic to actually gain customer who will purchase again because it’s not like Facebook Ad cost are gonna go down right, they’re only going up from here so if we can acquire customers at least break even, we need to get customer to actual purchasing again and that’s how we make real real money.  

Josh: so I really like the concept though and first of, thank you for sharing that journey I mean, you just have a lot of really good pieces of content I would ever pick a part but I am not going to, I am not gonna delved into that the whole day, it is really cool to see that you are saying okay, let’s fill up these sites that password protected right but when it launches we sold a 100000$ in two hours just said I mean. 

Jordan: 120 yeah. 

Josh: Craziness, so half of the sales happen in the first two hours and then the other half happen over the course of what the 22 hours left over? 

Jordan: Totally , yea 

Josh: so explain to us a little bit about how you built the pressure so that people were busting down the gate to get to the doors. 

Jordan: I think was about two week launch before that and we were actually running, all though our social media , all our email, SMS, everything is running afterwards this launch , so at that time we are still selling the old collection at sale prices and so our sale don’t deep too much from normal, but then we are letting people like hey were gonna be launching this big collection, everybody is trained that we sell of item and we do that on purpose first of all we inventory for anybody out there, inventory base businesses are very difficult to manage the cash right, until you get to level where at now where and if you have a good CFO whose able to like forecast which we definitely do but inventory base businesses are so difficult we have to put in like 500 grand a season – way ahead of time to be able to actually have all these inventory so we are not going to over purchase inventory but luckily we’ve got kind of some just in time manufacturing or close to just in time manufacturing that if we sell lot if items within about a week or two are able to get those items back in, so that’s what we do in our launches is we don’t make, we make educated guesses as to what’s going to sell but really we don’t know until people start buying right people gonna say all the things they want in a survey or whatever but until the actual spend money on it we don’t know what they are going to buy 

Josh: yea and I love that because it is voting with your wallet right I mean the reality is so many especially e commerce really fall into this with physical products , they go out they get their first (what do you call it ) test product right you get the first bake – they get the best proto type we got all the work too to build the site built the Shopify site, get list on  Amazon, do all these things and then like okay, who wants my product and it’s just stupid, in my opinion, what a waste of time all that work for somebody wants your product 

Jordan: Totally 

Josh: -- so you were building pressure and I wanna go back to this because the building pressure side I think is really the product people going to be interesting right so you are doing email campaign, social media campaigns all this to your own list of traffic that you own so for you guys I mean you have 3000 people bust on the doors for this – how many people did you have to have on the list in order to get those 3000 people to show up.

Jordan: you know our list are actually pretty well curated because we make sure to take any of our E-mail to hasn’t open to the last 2 months right so , our E-mail list is actually don’t bloom like some people do but our open rate is 35% - so I think out email list is about 30000 people so not a massive list comparatively to the sites of our business - yea totally that’s a great thing right is to have these massive open rate and we don’t send emails to people who don’t open right after 2 months we don’t want those people on the list and I don’t wanna pay for them I mean that’s what all the cost are based on with a clavio – so and then we have – 6-7 thousand people somewhere there in our SMS list and then 15000 in our messenger list , messenger list is interesting because  they’re not owned list that you can send sponsored – yea you can send sponsored messages to them at least now, which is good because it is actually cost less than sending an sms so I still consider it like a semi-own list until Facebook polls the rug out again 

Josh: for the 25th time in two years

Jordan: Yea totally I mean like I used to like print messenger all the time I was like the second after Molly Pitman I was like the messenger person you know I would everywhere go messenger, messenger, messenger and then thanks Facebook , like of course I knew whey would pull the rug out at some point  and they did and I did wanna start continue to send these messages like could potentially get flagged and you know get your add account and everything, your whole life shut down basically. 

Josh: yea they wanna kick you out of the internet is basically what happens 

Jordan: yes yes exactly. 

Josh: yea geez that’s cool I mean you’re building pressure by going through here and I wanna highlight something you said because , when people listen to this understand we talk about as metrics all the time you know for every person email you should be making bare minimum of 1$ per month per person – 

Jordan: totally

Josh: like most company like yours, you’re not ballooning your list right the successful company are the once who say okay we don’t have to have people on our list to make a million dollars a month instead we need 30000 people and 10000 of those are going click thru a  buy from us  at one point during a month like that’s are really true rock solid curated list so with those list how have you guys been finding I guess what have been  your strategies that you’ve been using to make sure that these list stay active I mean without over drowning you don’t want to be  the Grant Cardone right. 

Jordan: yea yea yea totally so one big thing is always having one called to action right being very clear of what a called to action is also cross pollinating your list I think is super important right so trying people to get into your VIP group because you know when we post on our VIP group generally half the people will see it  which is pretty good for Facebook right I think it’s kinda the best reach organically on Facebook – but again we know we don’t know the list so but cross pollinating that list to cross all of your channel I think is to really really important and then always giving people a reason to click and you have email right there has to be something special so – we try new launches at least once a week with our clothing so whether like that’s a new graphic or a new color way or something so we don’t release everything all at once we’ll hold some back so that we can do some launches throughout the whole season 

Josh: and so I wanna ask you a question about these – because some people may not know about this means so when you say cross pollinating your list, you’re talking about you make one post about like your launch for example you’re saying hey we have this new t-shirt – you do an email with the exact same thing on Facebook and the exact same thing on your messenger list is all the same is that means by cross pollinating 

Jordan; no no I mean getting people from your email list on to your different list 

Josh: Gotcha. 

Jordan: so so sending an email to your list saying hey we love for you to join our VIP SMS list the reason why is because you’re gonna get our early access to the sale next week right then we have a few hundred people join in the SMS list and then cross pollinating them to the VIP group and your messenger list and all of those things right  being able to give them incentive to get on those  different list because not everybody will see your email so your Facebook post , or your ads or whatever but I think the Big thing that I want people to know is the amount of touch point that you need for somebody to actually purchase is way higher than you think you know they say it’s 7 to 8 I don’t believe that at all in our count at little lively our return on Ads spend is just over 7 and that’s over, I don’t know how many hundreds of thousands of million dollars that we spent on Facebook Ads but our overall on one traffic or frequency is something like 22 right super super high frequency and I think  that’s really really that’s something that people are missing just stop advertising to people well how long is gonna take  for those people to actually make up their mind to purchase your product right, I see like traffic and funnels , advertising coming to me all the time,  I am sure my frequency is like a hundred but I’ll tell you at one point I’ve purchase a product from them just because I continue to see their stuff in my news feed and it’s a really really good tactic, people say stop showing these Ads, if don’t wanna see your ads. 

Josh: very very few people because they just know what’s going to be there, they know those ads are going to be there so they’re like well, as long as it’s not something they completely disagree with of course let’s put it out there and I wanna explain this for frequency because just incase people don’t understand this because the frequency means how often they’re seeing you how often they’re seeing your ads or what have you like you’re saying in  the emails or have you I’ve seen that same thing you know when it comes to retargeting it’s really a way cheaper but most people will just stop they run one or two ads like man nobody brought off of it but I really have a funny situation the other day actually, 3 months ago but this guy, he’s build this really amazing group of people 5000 people on this list he have manually built every single one and then he went to launch a product for just 5$ it was not a big product by the means and sent like maybe 1,2,3 email  over the course of a couple of weeks and he’s like close stupid quit I was like “ahhh you’re kidding me, you could have retarget all those people and had it seems like – 20 bucks  

Jordan: yea, would have been nothing yea, 

Josh: head these on the dollars it’s just funny to watch that happen and for a lot people listening to this and I hope (they’re) you’re paying attention to Jordan story here I mean what he’s talking about is like if you are sales, or sitting at  let say your frequency is sitting at  6 to 7 times if you’ll bump that up to 24 times like Jordan,  you’re going to see a huge boost on your sales so 

Jordan: massively, 

Josh: pay attention to you (laugh)

Jordan: yea totally, so in our agency mindful marketing – that’s one of the tactics we often employed we look and see what they’re retargeting is doing and we’re like wow barely touch first of all people don’t separate their traffic levels right that’s another one that I see they’re talking everybody the same huge mistake that we see – when we go and audit accounts – massive massive mistake – yea. 

Josh: yea so you’ve found that if you’ll go into their list you just cam come in – retarget like crazy and it typically boosts their sales, yea? 

Jordan: yea totally and we do there’s a bunch that we generally employ 50 different strategy some that we have – completely written out right and then these different strategy that are Ads manager use once that we know work and then we’re gonna try a new Ads strategy, we’ll try out little lively first – right see, like is this gonna work is this a good strategy this, this, coz if this work in little lively with generally work with some other brands I think we’ve got a little bit more velocity with our brand and other’s potentially but it’s really a good place to start 

Josh: love that will I mean we can delved in to this for a days I mean I really love to see these specific strategies but I loved that you really lay down for us a rock solid launch strategy I mean you’re talking about building your list first get those number first and then you bring them to something that is gated right, you’re putting a password in front of them we’ve even seen this, we have private community that we run  and it actually increases the numbers of – people who often and have you because it’s gated they’re like what’s on the side on this, I really wanna know what I am missing out on your promo so the only piece we really haven’t covert at this point is how are you getting this people on your list initially 

Jordan: yea I mean there’s a bunch of different ways to do that actually one interesting strategy that will get people into our VIP group on Facebook as well as our SMS list is we sent personalize video to every single person who purchases with a call to action to join so rather than asking them for a review to get more value and saying like hey if haven’t question about your products and why you purchase –go to our VIP group and ask a way on there because we have between 7 and 8 thousand people on that group right now and somebody you know they’ll post something and 0 they’re be like 30 to a hundred comments like right away people answering their question about our products they’re doing the customer service for us so these personalize videos was very difficult to figure out for the first we got a really good process right now and so every single one we say their name, we say what they ordered and we just thank them so much for being a customer and it’s a really hard thing to track right, it’s really hard to track what that does but all I can say is they customer sent them toward our brand easy incredibly high 

Josh: that is really cool and it means you bringing them into your world through the purchases but I mean you’re all keeping them in your world to the customer service so just at part question because it is genuinely the curiosity that I have so you’re probably selling thousands of units every day how are you actually doing out and sending a personalize video to each people, is it do you have somebody that full time job to just be kick out videos all day 

Jrdan: yea yea so, I’ve luckily had incredibly virtual assistant over the years and I’ve found that wanted to do the videos,  She’s in the Philippines her English is absolutely prefect and she’s able to do 40 of them in an hour 

Josh: wow! 

Jordan: so she’s just send out a couple hundred a day whatever it is as far as and sorry we are only sending them to new customers 

Josh: Gotcha. But still 

Jordan: still a lot of videos we are sending

Josh: are you doing this for yourself cos this is a full time job for real 

Jordan: no no no no we try with our in house staff which we have I don’t how many in house staff that we have right now, we really tried with them and they just would not do it I actually talked to somebody on my podcast, secretly scaling your e-commerce brand yesterday and they’re a massive mid 8 figure company and they actually do the same thing but they get – they just design people every day to send out messages and they manually we’ll reach out every single one so they don’t have a process like we have but hopefully we will not get there 

Josh:  that’s a process – I’ve found though, I mean this is a lot people don’t understand about getting a virtual assistant I mean we run 90% of our operation though VA’s we have a lot of people, we have contractors that we used to have through  but what people don’t realize is there are people in the Philippines with perfect English – we have one she lived in Australia – 8 years so she has like an Australian accent – which is kinda funny  after all send than she speaks English completely fluently and she runs a lot of the aspects of our business and she’s way cheap but for her it’s like the perfect job, because she can do in evening time, she works for like 6 hours a day I think, and it’s a simple process, I mean and for them they’re excited about like hey it’s been on this work but hey it is better than having to go something stupid, that they don’t wanna do. 

Jordan: totally, totally I think people needs to understand they’re actually like either good job, right that you are bringing to people and sometimes it’s not even cost for me it’s about people actually doing the work and listening 

Josh: and loving to do it for a long term. 

Jordan: totally, yea. 

Josh: I think people don’t get as burnout like our VA’s they do not get as burnout as people in the US with like I’ve put in an intern in and they quit after 2 days 

Jordan: yea exactly! There’s too much work 

Josh: love that well so Jordan you know we covered a lot of topic to this, I really appreciate your launch strategy it really helped people will look at this and say okay I just got something that I can apply and you gave enough cold nuggets here I hope everybody has something to take away for this episode but I wanna ask you two final things, the first thing is how can people connect with you with mindful marketing 

Jordan: yea so they best way to connect with me is actually on LinkedIn if you just search Jordan west on LinkedIn I believe I am like Jordan-west-marketer that is the best way to get in touch with me I get people reaching out all the time ‘coz I’m on a quite podcast these days and that is the best way for a to chat I actually manage my inbox slightly on LinkedIn somebody reaches out to me and I manage it and the next place is , you know if you are a 7 figure plus E-commerce brand and you are looking to at least get an idea of what’s going on with your paid traffic and (getting people) getting of yourself with paid traffic and into owned list go to and we can at least have a conversation from there 

Josh: Love that so go check out those places, I will add these into the show noted as so people will have that you can check them out on LinkedIn and so make sure you check that out , check out the podcast as well I mean he obviously know what he is doing over here guys so make sure you go check out his podcast pay this man that’s what I am gonna say, this is my hard pitch 

Jordan: Thanks so much for having me 

Josh: yea no problem Man, I have one final big question for you , if you could say okay there’s only one thing people could get out of this interview what would you want that to be 

Jordan: Spend money on building your list that’s the biggest thing that I would say, just like give to your list give your community spend money getting people into those places and it will pay for itself tenfold.