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How to grow to become a true marketing entrepreneur using the CORE Marketing Method, from someone who has launched billion-dollar brands With AJ Rollsy

December 10, 2020 Josh Tapp
The Lucky Titan
How to grow to become a true marketing entrepreneur using the CORE Marketing Method, from someone who has launched billion-dollar brands With AJ Rollsy
The Lucky Titan
How to grow to become a true marketing entrepreneur using the CORE Marketing Method, from someone who has launched billion-dollar brands With AJ Rollsy
Dec 10, 2020
Josh Tapp

AJ Rollsy is a serial entrepreneur and author of "The Drowning Entrepreneur". He has spent two decades as a leading marketing professional for multinational corporations, having launched and managed mega brands to drive multiple billions of dollars in sales across 50+ national markets and five continents. He teaches marketing and entrepreneurship at start up incubators and some of the world's leading business schools.

AJ has started and grown several small businesses, with a focus on achieving success while delivering social good.

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AJ Rollsy is a serial entrepreneur and author of "The Drowning Entrepreneur". He has spent two decades as a leading marketing professional for multinational corporations, having launched and managed mega brands to drive multiple billions of dollars in sales across 50+ national markets and five continents. He teaches marketing and entrepreneurship at start up incubators and some of the world's leading business schools.

AJ has started and grown several small businesses, with a focus on achieving success while delivering social good.

Josh: What’s up everybody, Josh Tapp here again and welcome back to The Lucky Titan Podcast and today we are here with AJ Rollsy the founder of Core Marketing Method and the Author of the Drowning Entrepreneur and I’m super excited to have AJ here with us because when we reached out to him and have him come on to our show I was really excited about his methodology and like I mean his process called the Core Marketing Method right I mean it is all based around helping you getting a clear path and you know most of you are listening to this, you’re listening because you’ve gotten stuck plateaued and he just said something in the pre-interview  that I loved, so AJ I’m gonna say it for you but that he said the number 1 fear that most people have is that there’s no clear path forward and that I know for us is been a huge fear in multiple times in our business, so AJ you can say what’s up to everybody and I just have talk long enough so it’s your turn. 

AJ: Hey Josh, how are you doing? Thank you for having me in the show. 

Josh: really excited to have you here today, so AJ let’s hop straight in to the meet of the interview today I wanna ask you the very first question because you’ve interviewed or you’ve spoken in front of business incubator for years, helping small businesses and so I think you’ll have a great answer to this question, but just if you only had 90 days to start a business what provided an income to your family what would you build? What type of company? 

AJ: well, If I am in that situation with my current network of people, I would reached out in to an industry that I know that has money to pay me as a me than being the client so feel study from scratch – any business I always tell people if everything else is equal go somewhere, where someone can actually write the right size cheque for you, right so that’s one thing and then I also want say something that I enjoyed so turns out that I happen to know a little bitabout the health care industry, I’ve got 2 businesses and one of them is actually catering to the health care industry and I tend to be in the industry that is able to write a cheque when I need to so if I was studying from scratch today I would reached out to my network and I say guy’s let me consult to you and advise on some ways to do your business better, that’s what I think I do and you know even if I have nothing to do with health care I think anyone should always look at their network and say alright you know as the saying goes, the network is your network right so it’s who do I know what can I deliver to that group of people and some sort of many full of special way

Josh: I love that, what’s funny AJ is, I’ve interviewed  about 250 entrepreneurs about that specific question and everybody says that, you need to find somebody who can pay you enough money right, what we typically trying to do is oh I’m gonna sell this 37$ product to or this maybe 150$ product and I mean people realized how many those they have to sell, close 30 a month that’s a lot so, if you don’t have a really good process and place, so love that answer so for you coming now into your specific company to the core marketing method, I’d like you to kind of break down that process for as in and how you would help a company, you know who might be in that small business sector and how would you be help them to apply the core marketing method to their business? 

AJ: yea sure, you know to give the umbrella to the core marketing method, it is to actually two things at once, in business operations system and it is also an approach to marketing or a system of marketing actually so core is an acronym it is four words, two of those pertains to the mind of the entrepreneur, mind of the business owner and the other two are something that we need to address in the mind of the customer, so first of all before I get to exactly what the core marketing method on the business operations side, what every business should be really understand is for themselves is where is my  business planning to go and if you don’t have a plan, written down you are in trouble, I am not the first person to say that in some study that I’ve done and it’s proclaimed by academic work as well if you have a clearly articulated plan of your business you are probably lucky to succeed and then the core marketing method we stood of  to go some kind  of effort to make sure that the business objectives because your business is just the vehicle to take your way you wanna go your luck right, your business objective should line up with your personal objectives so when I do workshops with people we spend about 30 minutes to an hour just thinking about where would like to be in 5 years to get your business just where would you like to be, if you are a family person do you wanna be with your family why do you wanna live, what does life look like are you sort of person that really love to work a lot every weekend in which case that where your life should go, if you wanna be doing, if you wanna go sight the whales because that is something you believe and then you need to make sure that your business plans complimented to your life plans right so what do we do to the core marketing method is we say we’re gonna leave it to you to understand what your life plans are but just make sure you built them walk down somehow because most people don’t right, when you understand where your luck to be then you can step to the side and said to yourself what went by business to take me in 5 years and it copy just financial, we have 3 aims, in the core marketing method that these sort of big broad 5 year plans we talked about the financial aim for sure and that is usually, what your asset in your business that work but is also  cash in the bank, or maybe revenue or some kind of royalty or something like that or financial aim then you have a time and last this is where are you and what are you doing with your week, where do you want your business to take you for time and lost all aim  and then thirdly  a legacy aim and this includes a whole bunch of stuff but the best way I can summarize it is  when you are sitting down with a grandma and she doesn’t care if you are a millionaire but she does want to know if you are a good person and she says what’s going on with your business sweetheart you wanna be saying grandma in 5 years is grandma we’ve done this really cool thing and I am proud or we won someawards or we’ve done a lot better somehow, whatever is important to you so these 3 aims kinda way up there in the horizon and then in the core marketing method we got all that back all through the way that 5 years to typicallymost businesses and then in the first year we do a lot product iteration and kinda learning about our customers stuff like that and which is a little bit similar to the lane stuff methodology people be familiar with and we spend the first year really focusing on learning right – but all aiming up towards these 5 year aim so once we’ve got the first year down path and then we move to  some sort of scaling episodes instead of kind of multiply the business in different ways away stick too much back to our core marketing method with the marketing  path is about the tactics side presuming we have that plan in  place what else year looks like is just 3 widely important goals  as Steven Coby would say we have these 3 biggest goals now people might say in small business how can I have just 3 goals but I will tell you this , I worked for a very large global enterprises based in Chicago called Bachs Healthcare multi-billion company worked with a lot with a health care company so trying to advise their marketing teams and I can tell you that the CEO all the way down through junior marketer they knew that their company had 3 goals every year that’s a huge company name in 65 thousand people so they cannot understand the idea of having 3 goals then you small business the solar pruneror the team of 5 or 10 you guys can have 3 as well right, so it’s just prioritization and then what marketing does it’s says alright these are my 3 goals for this years or for the year rather and they are gonna set me up for a year to up scaling for example or partnership or whatever might be then what we say is what do we need to do quarterly and monthly in order to bring our sales towards these 3 widely important goals and they will be a serious of strategic comparatives so  let say one of those goals might be something like – have 100 clients, what your businesses like they you might be able to do some research by the way is the “R” in core and I’m giving myself a little bit of sneak review based a little bit on research you’ll a strategic imperative to get a 100 clients might be well, we know one out 10 people we speak to seams to convert so that means if I need a hundred clients, I need a thousand engagement through that point so strategic imperative would be engagement with 1000 potential clients this year and you have a few with strategic imperatives so if you can imagine 3 widely important goals and then under each goal small collection, no more than 4 is what I advise strategic imperative that will create that goal to occur and then underneath that strategic imperatives is where we get the marketing tactics so the idea is I wanna speak to a thousand people Coz I know in average 1 out of 10 converts and that deliver me my annual goal and then I need to think of my marketing tactics that might meets thousand contacts happen in some way right, I am fast forwarding a couple of weeks to a training but you get the idea so if there’s this high rack that ladder’s up to marketing tactics delivering strategic imperative which combined with other strategic imperatives means that that goals gets here this means that you are choosing marketing tactics very judiciously and let me flip to others you know in stranger this as the up side down word right so this is the ideal world but in the up side world most business operate they choose tactics randomly right, whatever comes across their visions they’ll choose a marketing tactics and it is about being purely opportunistic so like Oh  the local newspaper told me I can get a half price ad  in the paper ads, I’d be taken an ad right so that kind of mentality well in one hand it is nice to be agile the problem with that is builts in a lot of risk in your business if you are just doing everything by based on bets guest and should a hit and spending money not any money and ton of energy on marketing tactics that I just tend to get another plans today or tomorrow then what it does is building risk and we know that most business fail not because of casual problemsor it’s just what does you know the government will tell you it is mainly casual problems or market events that break a business but actually it’s the fail upstream it’s because the business owner doesn’t understand risk and so they made bad bets right so in the core marketing method we say made good bets now just to wrap up  this huge rambling introduction, let me tell you this what the core marketing method is or thanks for being patient Josh well  alright so the core marketing method it’s an acronym with 4 words in there the two of those, if you can imagine a circle break it into quadrants then the bottom hemisphere  is the “R” and the “E” these two elements that pertains to the entrepreneurs mindset and the “C” and “O” or the top quadrant and they belong to the customer’s mindset this things you wanna do as a business owner in the mind of your potential customer so working in order  the “C” stands for credibility and O stands for originality these are two things that you need demonstrate in your ideal customer – you know some people talk about avatar or  something like that in the core marketing method we just trying to speak plain language as an ideal customer  the person for whom that  product gets more logically imperfectly right so for that person we want credibility and originality to be achieved and then what a way to do a abrading  alright the bottom hemisphere is the R and E that’s research and execution so if you can imagine this circle, you know what I should do, I’m gonna draw it  and whole lot to the screen so  tell me you can see this, anyway 

Josh: the green screen cut us out, Thank covid 

AJ: exactly right so the idea is that start bottom left quarter which is after research you thing about the objective for the year right and before you make any plans that you  even use as tactic you do a little bit of research we have mantras in core marketing method and one of those is we made good bets the other mantra’s we have is we make decisions based on insight server assumption because this is not what happens in most businesses , most business make random bets that you wanna make good bet as an entrepreneur and you make a good bet when it was stuck in your favor right so when you go to the casino if you are gambling and you are making bad bets but if you feel the air, feel the person spinning the role of the wheel  half of the house and you’re making good bets everytime because you knowthe odds stuck in your favor right so in business you wanna do as much as you can  that engineer every transaction every investment of time, energy and money to be good bets and you can do that through research and if you get in every increasing and understanding of the way your customer behavior what looks like, how they spend money, how your products meets their needs, then you can increasingly moves towards the good bets the way much more affective and understanding what will happen when you deliver marketing tactic, I’m gonna step out of small business for a minute Josh, until I know how this work in the big business example ‘coz I often give this anecdote, I was called upon by a global health care company to help develop some launch strategies  with their marketing team for products the brand new field that no much understanding of and in most of the world this was gonna be the product that’s what’s gonna be paid out by the customers pockets, not plan insurance or by public health payer or something like that so this is a new thing for this company it’s gonna be quite expensive  we did such great research and we have a research  agency help us and we really dug into it that we could predict under certain scenario if you are a candidate  patient  and if your doctor mention this product to you we are able to work out exactly what percentage of patient would say yes I am interested and take the prescription and then go fill up an prescription at the pharmacy right so normally this guess work , we are based on research we have that down to the consent with the 71%  of people that if they’re really in discussion with their doctor and the doctor said I am aware of this medication to threat this problem because and you have to pay for yourself while you do it our research told us that 71 of 71% of people would say, yes, you know when we launch that thing budget of hundreds of millions of dollars on promotional effort 71% of people that have engage with the doctor went fill that script that’s what a great good bet looks like right so when we could prove that to a company but of course you double the promotional budget you know exactly what’s it’s gonna be you keeps spending until the plan is out I think because you’re such a well off machine so that’s the “R”  global enterprise  do it in one way because  they’ve got unlimited resources – so they can go to market research and agency they can you know when I was doing that stuff a room full of research  who’s working with us , room full of marketing people how does is small business person do a lot  and I am not giving a way to find  what’s in the core marketing method but there is a process right so what you do is you do your research you have an idea what your customer needs to hear from you in order to act and you have the feel of how frequently that would buy from your stuff like that the first step is you swing up in that little diagram that I talked about in the core marketing method and you trying to achieve originality you do that in 3 specific ways originality is really important and they’re all based in marketing they’re all about differentiation in the USP right but actually current marketing theory shows that differentiation is not as powerful we thought it was and there are awesome important things that I as at least as equally powerful one of them being  distinctiveness so whether you think of distinctiveness if you walking into the store and you see that shape of cold of bottle with a little curvy side and you instantly know that is a coke right so just distinctiveness is this thing shows your pre-conscious mind so even small business can achieve this in certain ways so these 3 things is basically we do in originality and what that does is it’s just means that customer thinks of you is somehow special and they don’t go and way you up against your competitor because they have and almost intuitive sense in your business, in your product  to meet their need and somehow better than anyone else can right so that’s originality comes do and then credibility which is  the other C, the other letter in this quadrant “C” is for credibility and the aim of this also have 3 steps, this is to overcome certain that every customer has again it starts out pre conscious thing which is our lacks department with resources right so we all have built in  a desire not to let money fall out in our pocket not only that we don’t anyone to not spend out financial resources but don’t even want to spend out time and attention and focus on mental calories so if you drive pass billboards in the highway all day chances ar you don’t even see most of them though into your visual cortex but your brain doesn’t even bother it to burn mental calorie on that thing it’s just let it was passed right, so what you need to do as a small businesswhen you understand originality you can use credibility triggers to make somebody say well actually this person makes me or this business rather make me feel more comfortableto be a little bit more relax with my resources so first of all that’s a lot of time and attention all at least give them to towards because they’re worth it , credible and then if I feel like I do have a need and I might need oh yea I’ll give them a hundred dollars because I think that transaction make sense and then finally you wanna do something called post rationalization which means when I buy from you, you want to give them every reason to believe that they had a great choice so instead of telling them the reason why it was great so that’s the credibility and originality stage all of the core marketing method two weeks of training Josh just basically had most of it, the idea is to build your business around this premise the final step will be execution and that’s where you go and do your pro-active stuff a collection of tactics make sense so might be Facebook Ads or google ads or might be you know getting new retail shop run or getting a new version of your app to develop something like that so your executions spin out is the last step and it is actually an infinite look because after you execute you go back to research and you say how is that fair doing well, you kind of do that like an after case analysis and say did that tactic make sense  or should we do it again so that’s the premise of the core marketing method , I’ve been speaking non-stop. 

Josh: fantastic, no complains here I’ve taken about pages of notes already so we are good here that’s why you are always on top of my head,  have already telling me involving you yet on the top, but you are okay there , so men that’s awesome , so I really love that it’s broken down into four quadrants that helpedme understand it a lot better right because you are doing the first half and the customer is doing the second half for you and so a question that came to mind is going through that, you talked about finding like the good bet tactics, how would you recommend that in a digital space right that most of people listen this or building a digital business so how would you recommend you know finding the right tactics because the in digitals space oh you do Facebook Ads, YouTube ads, whatever right, 5000 different tactics right now 

AJ: which tactics to take if the prey question and I’m gonna answer you two is the first one is a little bit cope out and that is whatever the research say’s is a good bet right because every business is slightly different I will say this though there are some rule of them to make sense, one of them is about marketing mix and this is a agile concept and it’s true even in small business and that is that if your budget allows it and this every reason to believe that you’ve got a good return from tactics it’s generally good practice to have a spread as many different channels as you can so there’s reasons for that but I will just put little caveat say this only make sense if you’re getting the attention of your customer so if you are selling a product and your ideal customer will never ever ever go Pinterest then let me tell you don’t bother spending money on Pinterest so that’s a fundamental right but I will say to digital some very good things about digital we get excellent analytics in digital which you can’t replicate in many other advertising or promotional channels so digital is really good for this I will say that like any other investment though I will encounter entrepreneur built up their own knowledge not to do the job themselves but  just to take kind of understand the concept so if you go to somebody to get Facebook ads done then you wanna understand basically how Facebook ads work and then the next thing to do it because in the a day 2 of learning you’re not getting become profusion on it but you understand the concept at least and then when you speak to somebody and you can at least talk language and the expert can go and push the Facebook Ads for you so the positive side of digital advertising is you get excellent metrics room in the core marketing method is basically makes the infinity kind of write number symbol start with research you hit originality then you try to achieve credibility and the marketing tactics and you execute it so you plan with originality in mind, you plan it with credibility in mind and the you go execute it so that’s a Facebook ads, you say alright,we got to be original you know add them some fashion we go achieve the credibility add in another couple ways and then we do spend 500$ doing that without Facebook ads guy who does that work for us but what I want form him is absolutely a forecast of what we think good will look like so what do we estimate from that research that might achieve for us have somesort in mind, even if it’s just a hot poppers or first, run the tactical test get back and give you  a feedback prepare with your  own notes  and as a little caveat  there’s an issue of ads frauds  these days so I would say the real thing you wanna look at is what translates to achieve the strategic objective are usually after sale so if you get, there are metrics that well useful than leading indicator don’t get too persuaded by things that might accidentally turn into vanity metrics right what you want is something achieve a business objective typically a sale so get that  guy who’s doing the Facebook ads for you give you a nice report so see what’s happening things like engagement is the leading indicator, Robi hits the road when the sales does or that does not made so I would say think of your digital tactics that way and there are enough number of digital tactics that you could choose form it and thereal answer is what is your business trying to do and choose your tactics according to your strategic imperative so you know the nice things is  I’m gonna speak a little naughty for one second Josh 

Josh: let’s go for it 

AJ: there generally been or last 5 to 10 years some competing schools about whether in Brand marketing this is you know big scale marketing when I say this to someone who’s team spend like 55million dollars last year on TV ads right so kinda use to big budget advertising as well the question is whether or not you want to go for the core they belong and the belong refers to brand exercise this is getting famous in market place , this is what everybody knows McDonald’s is level kind of top of top brand right this is the long – the short is activation this is I’m gonna course somebody to do  a particular behavior right now it’s a clicking here, it’s adding to our cart, it’s a walking into a store some sort of a response that’s a long and the short , the completion is always been where’s the right investment so in big companies CFO’s or Chief Financial Officer is really interested on what sales revenue happening today they’re not marketers by back ground so all they wanna do us make sure sale happens and it’s sounds really logical to so focus exclusively on sales activation that’s for sure because that makes it seems like it’s gonna be sale happening but all the best announces tells us that is actually you need both and there’s really good books if there’s anyone ones to get on LinkedIn, you wanna follow a few people, I recommend Liz Binet he’s a leading expert in this, he’s a genuine lead authority and the other guy would beMark Ritson, I mean the both of these guys over the years so if you get on my website– both of these guys are real experts and the amazing thing is I spoke to Liz and I said these sounds tripper Toyota and coke and apple what about for someone who run a start-up or they’re gonna  app or web base business or something and actually that’s analysis of point to the idea being true the difference is you don’t do brand building exactly the same way you just wanna be famous as a small brand in the mind set of your discreet  market population so instead of coke running to reach 4 billion people every year you wanna reach 300 people right so but a mantras is 300 you want to still achieve the fame and the core marketing method to be try to do that so the answer is digital marketing is a great thing and almost every single business should be doing it, it’s the truth, it’s cost effective, it’s very low barrier to entry, if you are not doing it you should be, I would encourage you to do things like delegate all these task as much as possible because it is not generally the work of the found to do a lot for themselve, they shouldn’t be experts for that you should also ordinate way possible so that you are not investing a lot of kinda sweat equity in this stuff so if you can add delegate or automated some fashion then you be doing a lot of marketing work with good point of resources, so that’s my view 

Josh: I love that, there so many variable in there, go back in repeat all of them but , they keep step in my head 

AJ: you know, you’re not the first person who say that a rebel too much, but that happens to be passion about this now 

Josh: it’s not rambling if you are providing real value, rambling is when you just talk about nothing, like okay, love tha , I really think people should be listening to this with the lands saying, okay how can I really apply these tactics, how can I find these tactics, I love acouple of pieces that you talked about you know make sure you actually understand the marketing method before you do it, I love that I appreciate that like crazy to people because  it’s I mean  if you somebody comes to you like hey I wanna renew to that for your business, I’m currently getting targeted all over the internet enough for you to that don’t know why we’re not even using it currently for themselves then it’s probably why I guess over and over and over again to do this YouTube ads—I know nothing about them so I am not going to go and invested it because I’m like I don’t know yet so we would go and research first by a course go through a simple program or take me 4 or 5 hours but then when I actually feel confident and invest in something like that because I know when they’re ripping me off or what is the actual rate should be and that’s the number 1 game of marketing I feel like 

AJ: Charley right and the other thing and tiny thing in you little scenario that’s a classic whether think about it first of all your research would have told you whether your audience carry that YouTube probably, YouTube is a brilliant search trend so YouTube might not make sense but by learning about, what we call the T Shaped expertise the idea is you have this nice Big if you can imagine the horizontal bar and the T is all the various area of areas of kind of 1 inch  knowledge that you have just enough right and then you choose way you go deep knowledge so you can’t be everything in the core marketing method  we talked about ‘coz I’m sort of13 years old still in the head Josh, have a model spiels around kinda like a space ship and the idea there is the vehicle is like a rocket it launches and goes to the 5 year travel to get this big activation in the end like moon or something and when I talked about is that you need to invest the right resources in the right ways and you as a business owner I got to be most of the way flight captain that means you are doing the stops needs to happen, making  product you are shipping it making sure the website function and you’re kind of running  a small team  whatever you are doing, flight captain work is different operation that’s sells product could be, less the clients today, and then a small part of your week also have to be mission controller this is where you’re  thinking about overall strategy  it’s where you are uploading a path thinking about where do you wanna go so when you are the mission controller it is totally appropriate to have that T shape expertise you need to know a little bit of everything, you need to know a little bit about YouTube, kinda at least speak the language just make sure that under the research of the core marketing method worked out your  ideal customer understands like YouTube, like I do but the benefit of knowing a little bit about that is you never quite know , if you’re gonna get synergy’s  and know about the tactics, so let’s say YouTube should make lot of sense for your business or client’s business or something and then Email does it as well or whatever particular email, maybe a newsletter or something if you know a little bit about both the YouTube expert you go to build the ads for you but you need to have that T shape expertise across the top I know not enough YouTube  not about email newsletters that actually they can de-complimenting like somehow linked them up like the way that’s logical I mean  for my customer and what it does is sort of enhance a multiple the effectiveness of your tactic that’s why T Shape knowledge is really good and then you choose 1 area way you wanna go deeper on this many founders or the start-up it’s actually product development because I offer another person that made I think they really love so they kind of wanna be – deep in the knowledge of that side I could not write a line of code to save my life, I’m never gonna be the product development guy or the other IT, even my T shape knowledge product development is scares but I’ doing my best to speak the language but the founder whoever is listening to this episode just should think of that way  if you are going to spend money or time or an idea on a tactic – absolutely, do the course ,read the book , get in to YouTube whatever you need, you know look at some forms  to build up really metro-knowledge and then speak to an expert and invest small amount of money, I usually recommend for execution we do something like tactical test if you totally agree to an area spend a little bit of money with the really clear small scale objective just to see howit works to  business that suits you to another person so yea 


Josh: I love that and I think, like you said kinds pulls the risk out of the Tactic I mean if there’s like if you are going to say what’s our small objective and I love you put it an objective to it  because most people, who  most of my self sometimes right well invest in some sort of marketing strategy and well I am just hoping that result will come of it – like tangible like hey if like I put it a dollar or 15 comes out – of course we’re gonna think of it right 


AJ: so what you are saying is, by far typical approach what I advise is to start with the 3 goals year with your strategic imperative so before you can choose any tactics understand what is your strategic imperative are right then once you have those , tactics are super important it is part of marketing by the way but the tactics is super important but you only choose tactics that delivers your strategic imperative it is not just about the savings money it’s about the fact that a small business or start up – copy everywhere and do everything at once prioritization does it is focuses instead of laser focusses on effort to areas where you can get maximum value and now deliver your strategic imperatives and if you stand back strategic imperative has been design well  and at the end of 12 months you’ll say crap we just delivered out important goals for the year we set the scale for year too, if you do that year after year for 5 years then typically you have and exit or you are in sort of amazing situation and your success story, it is actually quite simple when you reverse engineer it so always choose tactics  we love them as business people because that’s where sale typically happens and it’s kind of the way roughs like it feels the road but the choice of tactics randomly is actually what delivers the most business fails because it builds in some risk – so choose your tactics delivery 

Josh: go back to that line everybody, listen to that last 30 seconds – 15, 20, 30 times locks in your brain, just kidding, no I love the fact that you cover that as absolute goal, well so AJ, we’ve been covering some amazing topics on this the core marketing methodology as one thing every company should be leveraging so let us know, first of where we can connect with you? 

AJ: so if you wanna hear more in my crazy rambling you are welcome to go to my personal website which is so they you’ll not hear many ways to do business but you’ll sort hear of some my philosophy  I do believe I’m gonna say like trippy here, I do believe that business stands well can actually achieve really good things for other people in the world around you and in fact when I did some study, people who what I call I send them entrepreneurs which people who do really good business and good outcome for some other aside from themselves they actually over invest in the typical business success , they typically have more money, more growth something like that so I would just say look at my website you’ll see some interesting interviews I kind of delved in to behavior side and stuff of it there related business as well, that’s though you can also catch me on core marketing method that’s that’s where, my courses will live and you can participate in the other training if you want to and then I’m pretty active on social as well these days probably LinkedIn is where I’m most active, I think my Instagram is where my most followed I exist but in truth in LinkedIn is probably where you gonna find me chatting most days.

Josh: I will say most people follow me on places, I’m saying I’m sorry in my bread and butter, AJ, well before we sign off AJ I wanna ask you one final piece and advise from you so if you could give one final piece of guidance to our audience say this is the one thing I hope you take from this interview what would that be 

AJ: it will be just believe in yourself ‘coz all of the resources and assets that you deploy the  entrepreneur is the assets so you need to make sure you show up every day in your best form right most business owners don’t they turn off one day they feeling good but the other day they feeling crappy and it’s like spending 50 of your hundred dollars spending on tactics, so make sure that the entrepreneur as an asset invested in so that everyday you show up, you really show up hundred percent of your work or showing up in your business.