The Lucky Titan

Build a brand that resonates With M. Curtis McCoy

December 22, 2020 Josh Tapp
The Lucky Titan
Build a brand that resonates With M. Curtis McCoy
The Lucky Titan
Build a brand that resonates With M. Curtis McCoy
Dec 22, 2020
Josh Tapp

Podcast Host & Author of "How To Be Successful: Think Like A Leader", "Developing Success, Motivation & Inspiration", "Learn to Send the Right Message: Using Nonverbal Communication" & "Become An Excellent Conversationalist".

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Podcast Host & Author of "How To Be Successful: Think Like A Leader", "Developing Success, Motivation & Inspiration", "Learn to Send the Right Message: Using Nonverbal Communication" & "Become An Excellent Conversationalist".

Josh: Alright, what is up everybody, Josh Tapp here again and welcome back to the Lucky Titan Podcast and today we are here with M Curtis Mccoy, Curtis have been my friend for Curtis what over a year now? So we’ve quite a few interactions with each other and I’ve really excited to work with him because Curtis is really who do you explain it, just like the extraordinary when it comes to project, this guy built multi-million dollar companies he’s a very highly published author has a Facebook Community what almost 300,000 people at this point? 

Curtis: just like 309 right now on that 

Josh: yea 10000 people, I mean that’s crazy how have been everybody hit that point so he’s got some amazing secrets and frameworks and tips to help us to really learn how to scale our business so Curtis say what’s up to everybody and we’ll hop in. 

Curtis: hey thank you much I appreciate you guys and if you want check out this successfully inspirational group I am excited to be on your show today Josh. 

Josh: yea. I appreciate it absolutely check out that group. That’s the group with 300,000 people on Facebook it’s a great group to go get your day with daily motivation but honestly more recently it’s more become really great place to meet other successful entrepreneurs honestly on which you see a lot of people coming out that group so Curtis I want you to give us a little bit of background on you and how you got in to business because I mean you have a really intriguing story 

Curtis: so I’ve got a well, unique story I had built a, I built a number of different companies I think my first business I started at 13 years old, like a typical kiddo pushing like a lawn mowing back at a bicycle right and left down the street, figure out the first feel the right to do, didn’t make a lot of money, hard time on it so that  maybe much of paint or something and create a small flyers you know professional flyers and downloaded a you know an image for it, business cards stuff and started handing out flyers and figured out from that young age, it was an retirement community so I just this really fancy places that you know get that my price was before I started then I’ll say I work all day if you want and you just pay me at the end of the day what you think it worth and in that market bunch retired seniors that they didn’t have young kids around that was an absolute killer profit center because I got work couple of hours get tip of hundred bucks so I realize there’s always a get older here then that was probably best business I ever had, I don’t think I made lost hundred dollars in hour you know summer is st 13 year old kid , so I continue building business ended up launching a cosmetic medical laser franchise and a pharmaceutical company as well as nutritional supplement company in Denver and went pretty well financially and I started to have 7 to 10 seizures a week  and pretty soon that’s where  I get lost being able to speak lost after on my body so I was kind of like a fellow a TIA stroke , making more money  in a week than most of my friend making a day I mean in a year and then went from that to losing a billion to top live alone you know sleeping on the parents floor 35 miles from the nearest stop light – due to complete change of life style they are going to making money to be in absolutely financially does too and so then starting to build back, launch on the best seller you know telecom company have now publish 4 book recover from brain cancer I think it’s good again so kinda unique story there 

Josh: yea I would say very few people can really belt back that way we’ve seen one of the coaches that we were soliciting it is actually funny because he told he’s like actually coach you yet and I was like why he said you haven’t cycled yet, what is that even mean right, if you are not familiar with that term  it’s like meeting like hey you haven’t built up a company that was worth millions of dollars and lost it all it’s like you are drinking your own Coolie and tell that happens so, I’m praying that never happens to us but I am not even naïve to think that it’s in not a possibility so I guess it’s really cool to do that bounce back and why telecommunication why did you get into then in the first place 

Curtis: so I was running a couple of cell phone store, imagine cellphone store in Denver and we had an owner that the guy own whole bunch of different businesses, I met him 1 time worked there for few weeks ended up moving into management and no guidance you know, I have to figure out on the cellphone business, run a retail stores before I knew anything about running retail businesses or you know iPhone repairs and stuff like that so I was getting a way through into that industry and then when I was diagnose with brain cancer I had been you know I really enjoy the telecom industry but I also running a medical franchise and other businesses and then trying to move out everything in bankruptcy and have to live with my parents you know sleep on the floor there and the doctors are actually 60- 90 days live I’ll step at swish Medical in Denver and so you know it’s all going on and then I told my mom make me comfortable, made a trip to Disneyland or something and trying to make memories before I passed and you know it was all going on my mom is saying hey don’t we you know yea you love a million drive and have to live alone why don’t we look and start another business in a hot kiss you are trying to do another medical franchise, you do weight lost clinic, you wanna do you know what do you want to do and I am thinking I’ve got  60-90 days to live why don’t we just you know let me die here but my mom was kind of , kind of reminded me that the doctor’s don’t guarantee that you’re gonna die and all, they don’t know when day you’re gonna leave, I mean what they’re  gonna be done and so, we started a little cellphone repair business you know I was doing that on a kitchen table and folks is out there just marketing getting in the internet and trying to promote that turn into opening a retail store and then putting a nationwide telecommunication business it not that it’s my passion that was just a another great back in the door and start my next company 

Josh: right and I think you know when I enter your live journey right from that I’ve been seeing is that it seems like your passion realize with helping other people and the  way it should sector  all of your books are about that and I think you are one of the few people who can uniquely teach that because a lot of people teaching leadership they never actually done they have been in a leadership role and yours is a really unique role because you’ve done both with your company, with your employees but you’ve also done with where people actually following you and I will consider you a true influencer because your actually moving market instead of you know posting selfie on Instagram is you are cute right 

Cutis: yea you won’t see me in a bikini picture probably then

Josh: oh men that’s good, I really think that one of the main reasons why I think you are succeeding in such a high level because you have been able to take your experience from those different areas and you know your stories is an inspiration so I wanna ask you this because you just wrote your most recent book “how to be successful: think like a leader” I mean what’s kind of the premise of the book and how can that apply to our entrepreneurial audience here 

Curtis: So actually that’s the 4th book that I published but it’s the 1st I actually wrote though so I spent about 3 years writing you know interviewing everyone from the  MP3 player to you know the number 1 Navy Seals team snipper in the history seal team 5, seal team 7 on operational work and worst discovery channel, interview Eric Payne in murders and acquisitions specialist so it was kind of high local guys who’s just have done an incredible thing with their life and next that in is stories of you know true story oh (ah) you know homeless guy, first one is homeless guy that I met when I was trying to just want to say ended up trying to bring him some snacks, handful of cash and so the next stories is a contrast with a guy that I met,  when I was driving a turbo Ferrari custom 30 grand in engine work and when I started to talk this guy he also been homeless years ago but went from homeless to driving a Ferrari and the other guy is still homeless and casting out people on the  side of the road so a lot of stuff like that in a book just stories of how to actually becomes successful to no matter what where you are right now so I wrote that first book I made, over the years and published 3 additional self-published book  beforehand they make sure that I knew how to get, to reach best seller status before actually publish a 4th book so just kind need, just trying to help inspire other and share you know how super successful leaders what is there you know, what’s their definition of success and how they live their life differently and the rest of us do. 

Josh: yea and I want to highlight something there because you almost said it, it’s passing I think it is one of the biggest marketing lesson was you know instead of just trying launch your best  book right – hey let me just, launch some great content tested out figure how to become a best seller and really launch you know the book you really want to sell, that’s a testament to true marketing in my opinion 

Curtis: and that’s definitely not the easy way to go but you know the guys buy the top of best seller list I would do that if I could you know, if I can afford it, I would absolutely drop a couple of million dollars to make the book a best seller because that’s I mean it’s worth it you know may not be ethical but it’s  that’s make a lot of money of them, buying the bests seller list, I did not at that time but the end of my of my 4th – 3rd book I think I’ll have a 150,000 follower total and so I still keep on growing a  personal brand I did that for months after the 3rd book even to make sure to have a couple of hundred thousand active loyal followers and then when how to be successful: think like a leader publish again that is self-publish on that paying a portion kind of publisher, you know publishing house, yea but just trying to make sure that I knew that I was just wasting that 3 years of writing and starting a research and you know going on a meetings with successful guys you know I can get a second chance to make that a best seller 

Josh: yea and I feel like that the kind of the you know the story yours is really trying to figure out you know what the market want but also you know like you are saying just being I feel like market conscience just use the word that’s comes to mind I mean there’s a lot of people out there who are focusing too heavily on making a great product and some of the best books never sell a copy and some of the best courses never sell a copy, so many services don’t get offer to the world because they don’t take that time to get to know their market so I wanna ask you this on the same thing, you’ve grown a follower 300000 people in facebook 

Curtis: it’s one of the group yea 

Josh: right and total what’s kind of your total reach at this point 

Curtis: close to 700,000 active followers now but it is growing pretty well now that I’m on amazon fire TV and some other the media creation channels that’s a double as well what are the things we talk before the show getting to build enough for an audience to be featured on the google channel massive I mean just a massive free benefit by building that following so that’s one of the things that I was on a , I was in a group discussion the other day and a guy out of  England and asked he have never heard of me before or my books so I mention something about guest on my podcast and he said alright have your people talk to my people you know we can figure out you know figure out what is the worth or whatever so he’s trying to pay him to be you know just kind of – and so he ask his audience said hey is there anybody heard of M Curtis Mccoy this guy does anyone know or whatever and so one of the guy google, one of the guest on his podcast google me I guess it’s not podcast it’s like a live event so back in forth I was trying to be as his guest and then he had no clue who I was until I say how do I know you are real so I responded google me and so I had no clue the power that held especially in other countries people who are guest so everybody is googling he paused the live feed there and there’s probably 25 people that started commenting the books that I published, the place I always spoke in different things just made me sound like a super hero and I just meant, I just thinking okay google me is easiest way to find out you know how to find put if I was legit or not so another guy  right after the episode contact me and want to make Shirts he has screen printing business and he’s gonna make t-shirt say google me signed by M Curtis Mccoy so that was kind of the thing yea if you can get just good if you get featured in google that is a massive thing just generate traffic without – without any input on your side 

Josh: yea love that, that cool I mean it is basically allowing the internet to raise your hand quote saying this guy is worth listening to and that’s where I think people don’t understand that engagement I don’t feel like really proves that I think it has to do with when you have to defend your honor and other people start to do it for you that’s I think you really kind of proven it you know I think that’s when people get ornament’s on your ads right and there people followers defending your ads you know you really made it 

Curtis: that’s a good point you mean there one of the reason that I don’t ever you know discredit or delete negative comments so if I ever on a sponsored post and someone says – this guy is con artist these guys you know scam or whatever – yea whatever, ridiculous negative comments are I leave those on , because if you got one guy that you know there’s a million ads on the internet you see ads all day long on Facebook and everyone is trying to sell or promote something you see got the trolls to get in there make those comments and a lot people delete the negative comments to keep their feed clean only map because pretty soon if you got you know one we have recently over a 150 people responded to a negative comment this made on one of my books when you need one guy negative comment 150 responses this book is this is this- this is great you know it was a best seller in this category that’s like a somebody defends your honor is a lot easier than to do it yourself

Josh: like a whim if you are trying to so it for yourself that’s what I feel like you are mean to me like you are flaming me I think it is so funny because there’s in the digital space there’s so much movement, there’s so much noise going on and you don’t need to try to contribute to the noise what you need to do is to stand out right so the way you stand out is by let roll out your shoulder you know one of my favorite lines is it’s pit balls in a battle ship wreck 

Curtis: that’s awesome 

Josh: not gonna do match again to battleship right 

Curtis: but now also if you‘ve got a there’s something I realize like trying to gain my first thousand followers on the M Curtis Mccoy page and you know work in my guts out got a hundred followers or something made a negative comment you wanna get rid of that if it’s not true you know if it’s not something that you want the world to see because when you got hurt hundred followers if a hundred you know or not dedicated super loyal followers that one negative comment like can drag on you 

Josh: because you really need to build a loyal what I would calls really following you are in the vanity metric at that point you have a hundred people who decided I just go like your page because it looks pathetic 

M Cutis: or because your neighbor or your grandma or 

Josh: it’s you mom with 5 Facebook profiles trying to support your business right that’s awesome. Well Curtis I mean I think you really cover a lot of really good points but how can people actually get your book and what’s the best place to get 

Curtis: so that I mean if you just google how to be successful that’s show up if you can connect with me on Facebook it’s on Amazon one of the major flat form so all major book distributors you can go to is the site that I used I got you know media appearances all the books all the stuff in there so 

Josh: so make sure you go check all that everybody and also the link is so that’s for M Curtis Mccoy . team if you don’t get that make sure that you go check out his stuff and buy his book it’s going to be a great read for you helping you move forward with your business and with your lives so Curtis before we sign off can you give us one final parting piece of guidance if you could say there’s one thing you would hope people would take away in this interview what would that be 

Curtis: so I’ll spoke two things if you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur you know trying to figure how to start your own business whatever but you know for a fact that you’re not kind of person self-motivated you really do good boss micromanaging in everything you do I would say don’t take that step becoming an entrepreneur unless you are willing to step out and you know sleep in the backyard retail stores and do the live terrible life and take the next few years to achieve success but on the other side if you are if you got a gold you know you wanna pursue and you are getting some negative feedback from you know husband wife boyfriend girlfriend or whatever, friends you are hanging out in a bar on a Friday night looking who you are running with you self and make sure you are taking an advise just from focus you would change your trade position with. 

Josh: love that