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How To Become An Expert Podcast Guest With Trevor Oldham

January 05, 2021 Josh Tapp
The Lucky Titan
How To Become An Expert Podcast Guest With Trevor Oldham
The Lucky Titan
How To Become An Expert Podcast Guest With Trevor Oldham
Jan 05, 2021
Josh Tapp

Trevor Oldham is a 23-year-old entrepreneur who started Podcasting You, a six-figure podcast booking agency. Because of his success, Trevor was able to pay off his student loan debt of $91,795.10 in one year!

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Trevor Oldham is a 23-year-old entrepreneur who started Podcasting You, a six-figure podcast booking agency. Because of his success, Trevor was able to pay off his student loan debt of $91,795.10 in one year!

Josh: What is up everybody, Josh Tapp here again and welcome back to The Lucky Titan Podcast and today we are here with Trevor Oldham and I am really excited to be here withim him today because he’s the founder of podcasting you and if you’ve been listening to this podcast for any amount of time, you know that we are heavily invested in Podcasting helping others to really sell their podcast and monetize their podcast but the topic we’re going to be talking about today with Trevor and I is going to be focusing on how to be a great podcast guest which is something that we’ve never talk about on the show, so I think it will be really fun to delve into his velocities and his everything having work with companies like Jordan Harbinger and somebody’s at the top podcast and he definitely knows that he is talking about when it comes to really getting yourself making your self-appealing enough to be a guest on the show so Trevor, say what’s up to everybody and let’s hop in Man. (00:54)

Trevor: Thanks Josh, glad to be here 

Josh: yes, could be a lot of fun, so Trevor you know, we don’t heavily going to the back ground story and a lot of cases that I have to have you tell years a little bit because you are the first person who is younger than me that I ever interviewed and that’s pretty exciting for me because I’ve like of the young guy in our Market and sometimes it is hard to break out as the young guy because people consider you as not having experience so could you tell us a little bit about journey because you’re 23 years old, I don’t know if I mentioned that,  you’re 23 years old and you already produce multiple 6 figure income for yourself through business so give us a little bit of background about your self (1:32)

Trevor: sure so, I used to release a story, the story is about 5 years ago I was working a job, I was a senior high school and in that Job I was making 7$ and 3 cents an hour and I realize, 7$ and 3 cents an hour wasn’t going to cut off for rest of my life but at the same time I was a senior high school, how am I going to go out there and get a high paying job that was just not available so I just started went on google did some research and I ended up buying this book on Amazon and it really outlined the differences between the lower, middle and upper class and what are those differences was the upper class was gone off and started a business I said well I’ve bought on some cards, I’ve done door to door laminate selling lawn mowing anything like that grow up to make quick pot ‘coz I really go out there and start my own company being that young, I said wait a second there’s a people out there starting businesses and can make money on their own income ‘coz really is you know growing up going through high school, going to college and getting a good paying job, working a job for 40 years and that was sorted in and that book it is just open eyes and again I went back google starting to see what people are doing and I found this site Alibaba and aliexpress and for those who you are listening who might not know, it allows you to import product directly from China, for first venture I started, I’ve literally spend 80$ bought 50 phone cases sold them for about 10 bucks a piece on e-bay but quickly learn if you buy name brand products from china they might not be not good pretty much all of those send back but I do have to say they made great Christmas Gifts that year so that’s my first learning lesson but the products we’re super cheap on Alibaba and Aliexpress so being from the cape cod area in Massachusetts, I imported these bracelets and watches that we’re nautical theme built an Instagram brand and though them worked with a lot of Instagram influencers to send them off, I said hey I’ll send you free bracelet you take this bracelet promote of a photo of it  and I’ll sent it to you for free, work out good, work out it from my dorm room but I realize, I didn’t want to do it forever, it wasn’t you know, I wasn’t my passion but just still staring out the line just starting this different businesses kind of this point I was still fresh in college and I wonder  motivate people, starting a motivational brand called become a line and the company grew 600,000 followers in the first year we had a podcast that time, we had a vlog of course e book but I learn people love motivational content but when it comes to taking action in the purchasing, your course, your book you know, it kind of lies and people don’t do that and after about 2 years to going to my junior college I just felt burndown decided to take a step on side lines and just started freelancing what I had learn but it just podcast, editing blog, writing and podcast booking and I came across to this lady she’s a turnkey real estate investor bases in Los Angeles she put a job posting  up to 1 year book on podcast and say hey you know I booked some cool guest  on my own podcast back in the day such as Josh and I we talked about John Lee Dumas, I’d spoke with him, Mike Dillard, Ryan Stewman damn luck  I had that experience of booking these own guest on my show and figured how hard it can be to book on our show starting with her, it’s funny I still work with her today, 3 years later and work with her found out that it was pretty easy, it was you know for 5 minutes of my time, 10 minutes of my time I get her book on my podcast and make you know a quick 50 bucks, quick 100$ and it was a lot quicker than writing a 5 or 6 hour blog posting and getting paid with same amount and once held that value in it, I started looking for more people, started asking through referrals and just over time it’s  just growing to this company where once I graduated from college I was really able to run it full time and really being able to grow and no longer have to worry about not having these classes 

Josh: at the same experience, it’s the glorious moment of your life wow I like from 20 hours a week to my full week I can spend on this so love that, what a cool journey Man, it is exciting to see that you are able to grow it so well, I know you and I we’re talking about this beforehand but it’s kind of fun to see that a younger like us are talking kind of these old school tactics doing that manual outreaching things like that, that what is actually helping us to win because a lot of people our age like okay I’ve got to become Instagram influencer right, we worked with influencers who have a million followers at the same form you had it like could have even make sale, wow! I know people buy, well kind of depends what you are selling, you know so I love that really cool story Man, well let’s get in to the main potatoes of this interview then so what are the things I really like to know especially you are hands on like the title of the podcast and everything but what have you seen after working with somebody podcasters are kind of the key factors that help them become guest on show (6:05)

Trevor: I find one, is finding your story what are you going to talk about there’s a million source I know, that I just want over, there’s so many different topics that could talk about on podcast when it comes to employment, when it comes to building a social media,  what I realize that the best 3 topics that I can really talk about are podcast guesting and then also building an online business, I realize those 3 topics I will want to own in and say I want to be the go to guy when it comes to podcasting, when it comes to literally podcasting or building an online business and so it’s really holding on the next freaking out what you want to talk about but you don’t want to be the jack of all trades because when you go out and sending out these pitches to podcast host, you even say oh I can talk about these 10 to 20 subjects, they’re going to feel overwhelm but if you come to theme and say you know I’m expert in these two to three subjects it’s going to be life of a podcast a lost easier so I think really that first step is holding in, you’re going to talk about and then making sure when you are creating these pitches I am sure we can get into that as well and sort details of a do looks like  but you want to hold in to two to three topics you know, I am sure Josh, I send you my podcast which I get holding on two to three topics talk about and you know sort of want to make it short sweet for the podcast host. (7:16)

Josh: yeah and I love that can we delved a little bit into the story because this is one thing I know for us has made world of difference and especially being a host you know we get probably a hundred maybe a hundred fifty inquiries per month and most people who are inquiring are that I call podcast, I am like that cool me too why do you want to call, what do you have to offer in my audience so let’s talk a little bit about the story (7:43)

Trevor: so I think the one big story is whenever you are sending out podcast pitching creating it  align your story, you have to be grateful for the podcast host because they’re the one that’s doing out there, they’re preparing for the interview, they’re the ones who’s conducting the interview then they’re the one who’s gonna be editing the interview and sending it off to the team so those going to be the time and money involves in the podcast host by you having your interview with them, you’re not coming on the show just to benefit yourself, you wanna make sure you wanna benefit the host audience so first and for most, I am going out there and creating a pitch, I was the one listening to the host episode and make a reference of that right away and say hey I listen to this episode with so and so and I found this value and then again there you’re gonna be a good guest for the podcast and then from there I like to go and say I feel I can provide value to your audience by and maybe in this case I put by teaching them how they can use podcast guesting to grow their online business so then I state the specific value that I can provide and then I go to my experience in the next line of the pitch right where I can say my experience comes from running podcastingyou,  you know we’ve been in a podcasting space in 3 years , we worked with a lot of people like I booked on podcast such as Jordan Harbinger so I go into my experience and I always want to sort leave that peach on a high note and I always leave review for the podcast host ‘coz it’s always like the golden standard podcasting,  it doesn’t take more than 2 – 3 minutes to go to the iTunes to leave a 5 star review and nice little comments, screenshot it and added to your email and it’s just little things like that is what’s going to like stand out and then as you finish your email, you want to go in, want to include a relevant podcast interview that you’ve done and if you have any podcast and probably you’ll leave that out and you come back to it later but you just can included to talking points that you can additionally cover like for myself I know I say, I could like teach you how to pay student loans, which relevant topic for your show but the host everyone  touch on that I make sure that it’s noted just really creating that’s story within that pitch and in sort of two lines really say I feels though I provide value to your audience by doing and so and so and this is my experience and that should really tell a story I need to make this paragraphs you want to  have 2 to 3 paragraphs one pitch going to your value and your experience I really like to make them combined for  more than 2 – 3 lines of piece. (9:56)

Josh: love that I mean we’ve seen the same thing you know, I’m not gonna read it if somebody sends me 2 paragraph, okay, who are you? What is the simplest accomplishment you had, why are you reaching out to me right? And I love the imagine you know if the story, it’s all about saying like oh I have these crazy, like cancer survivor story and that’s obviously that’s what you are trying to do right as much as I care about those story I know being the host it’s like you’re selling me on you, not on your story though, your story is really saying, what’s my accomplishment, what can I provide to your audience that they haven’t yet seen and I though it’s like been another point that you’ve really well is there’s so many people just saying hey like I am a business consultant I mean hundreds of those and okay but give me something different and it was want to give you something different like you’ are right, like how to become and expert podcast guest, like what a cool title right because right well that is something that my audience is trying to do, we don’t have an episode on that yet let’s do it right (11:00)

Trevor: exactly and I see too many times over the last 3 years and even something in our company is guilty of it is working with a client  that they haven’t have an exceptional background and sending out a pitch  to a podcast host let say Jordan Harbinger it’s like hey you know my name is Trevor Oldham  I have a great  client  Jordan Harbinger has a top education podcast he’s interview you know wonderful people he like to be a guest on your podcast well that’s sounds great but what is that providing to the podcast host, what value are they getting out of it and I think that when you really own in the value you’re gonna be providing sure the story that’s going to make your pitch stand out a lot more than you just giving your accolades obviously you want to have some accolades if you’re gonna be on a podcast and you’re having an interview but that’s not all the end and that is something that a long time for myself in our company to learn is that even client is super polish and done a lot that’s not necessarily mean that podcast host wants to have them on (11:55) 

Josh: yea 100% that’s what’s funny too, I mean I know there’s a, I talking to a guy other day who also have a podcast and he’s actually turned down a lot of these A list people to come to our show because for his show I actually wanting those stories like kind of newer, like the big things that they’ve overcome,  I thought that was really, really unique so you know we’ve been talking about the story and how to approach people and I love that your, your approach is very simple for reaching out to somebody can go and copy I knew so one of things I wanna ask you is your specific company like how are you guys protecting your brand (12:36)

Trevor: well I guess, what do you mean by that? If I ask (12:41)

Josh: yea so I mean when there’s a lot of competition out there and you know there’s it’s pretty easy to get drag down, people like steal and copy and you know everybody but what do you guys found to kind of protect that brand for itself (12:52)

Trevor: oh I think one is making or allowing our to self to stand out and I can tell you I have 1podcaster and run this podcast he’s the only one I do working out for  helping him out for about 2 years now and it’s pretty good guy, he’s in real estate investor and so by helping him out  I mean, his podcast forms all good, pitches, coming from a competition, coming to him or coming to myself actually, they don’t know that it was me, helping him to edit his podcast and I also had this podcast booking company so I can really see how the competition is pitching their client and I actually send it to our team and say how we make ours better than what they are sending out that’s how you really sorting of just pitch over the time so I have the full confidence in ourselves that what we do for our client is going to allow us to stand out above the competition and I know it pays different ‘coz we have countless emails from host using these exact pitch, the exact script that I was told your audience and having host comeback to us and saying I love to have you on it’s been very personal, we typically don’t get this and that reframes to me that it’s going to allow us to stand out above the competition because it takes about 10 to 15 minutes per pitch that we send out as a team when you are sending a cookie cutter pitch yea you can probably send 30 pitch in a 30 minute period but you are taking that time, like kind to stand out and that’s why I believe it allows our company stand out and also we like to be very good to the host, we find the client had a great interview the podcast host I sent the thank you note to the podcast host also I have stock a thing of thank you note next to me and I’ll take that five minutes write them nice thank you note find their address and sending over to them and I think I know personal touch allows out company to stand out and then again for our clients to always make sure that there’s possible to come to work with us that they see us in the best way what I mean by that is when we take on a new client as an example we send them a knife set I buy this nice knife set and I’ll gift wrapped it, I’ll send it over to them the cost me as probably about I think a 100$ but to them it can mean the world of different of their investing this money to me and leave a nice little note that says thank you for choosing podcastingyou to cut the competition and I’ve got great feedback from our client so I think it is always trying to evolve and not just do it as quick as possible ‘coz I don’t think it’s going to work at the end of the day that is something again our company had to learn roght when I started in podcast space well I guess 5 years of my own podcast but really 3 years of booking people you know it’s a lot easier to get clients on myself book on podcast I could probably have about 75% conversion rate right now if we look really look at if we get 25% conversion rate on any pitches what we send out for client it’s going to be successful the game has become harder and we’ve had to evolve and I really think that just a feedback we are getting form podcast host allows us to re-affirm that what we are doing is working (15:37) 

Josh: yea 100% love that, I think there’s a lot of noise in the market with this stuff it’s because there’s some of this automation you know and we tried them in the past as well, so maybe now for booking per se but the big problem I see with that automation concept is that people are trying to automate the entire thing and in my opinion it’s kind of a cheap way going about it where if you will just invest in personalizing messaging even if you are doing it yourself somebody out personalizing that message it’s just make a work difference, you have way more response a better way quality people they’re going to scrape of the bottom of the barrel to try get clients (16:16) 

Trevor: exactly the last thing that you want to do is take is sending these podcast pitches out and you’re just trying to do, you’re all excited then I’ll send you start getting responses from host saying like no, why would I have you and just stop sending me email  ‘coz that happens to our company you know as we learning and growing and have sending this pitches over time you just don’t want that, that doesn’t make you feel good inside  when you get that email from a host that had just said stop sending me email, oh I am like oh this isn’t the best thing maybe should I quit or you know you just don’t want that to happen to you (16:47)

Josh: right 100% well, you know we’re coming up to the end to interview here so I want you to give us a little bit of insight on your company and how we can communicate with you guys as far as we’re looking to get that become a guest on the podcast (17:02)

Trevor: so our company, you know the that’s podcasting you and then what you can do is fill out an application that says some of your company information see there’s a apply button on the top menu and from there you’ll be taken to my calendar and you’ll basically schedule a call of myself and I call ask us some questions and make sure you have a podcast service make sure that you are fit, I just want to work with clients that are going to find value, I’ve never wanted just take some money and just to take it so always to make sure we’re fit but they can also check us out on Instagram that’s most active as a company that’s again @podcastingyou and then if they want to discover myself they check me out at Trevor Oldham on Instagram and then Trevor Oldham in LinkedIn as well (17:43)

Josh: awesome, I love that well go check that out so it’s we’ll also link all those in the description as well but Trevor before we sign off I want to ask you one final question which for you it’s going to bit a little different than a typical question we ask because I want you to leave one final parting piece of guidance with our audience about what would be the number one tip that you would say hey didn’t get anything outside of this interview what would be the one tip you want them to leave here with to become a great guest (18:15)

Trevor: I’d say probably number 1 tip is just being professional above that out and it comes to showing up , comes to showing up making sure you have the right equipment, you can go on Amazon or Best Buy, you can buy nice quality microphone for 50$ I have a light in front of me I bought on amazon for 27$ have this treasure that I keep next to me in interviews that I put on to make myself like professional and just you know showing, when you are showing up in this interviews you want to sound as best you can, you want to look the best you can because this podcast host are going to be spending time with you I am going to spend 30 minutes you know even in an hour, typically not as long Joe Rogan podcast but again you are going to be spending good amount time of them, you just want to show up, want to presentable, you want to have good quality mic, you want to have good quality lighting and it’s just going to make yourself be a lot better and allow you to show-up as quality podcast guest.