The Lucky Titan

How To Speak and Sell To WIN At Life! With Jay Jay

February 22, 2021 Josh Tapp
The Lucky Titan
How To Speak and Sell To WIN At Life! With Jay Jay
The Lucky Titan
How To Speak and Sell To WIN At Life! With Jay Jay
Feb 22, 2021
Josh Tapp


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Josh: What is up everybody, Josh Tapp here again and welcome back to the lucky Titan podcast. And today we're here with Jay Jay, which if you haven't heard of his videos, or seen his videos on YouTube, I'd be really surprised. This guy has 50 million views on his YouTube videos. So, he knows what he's doing when it comes to getting attracting attention and really turning those that attention into sales, which, in my opinion, is the more valuable skill because most people are like, I want to get a million followers and Jay Jay is all about saying, Let's get attention. Let's turn it into money so Jay Jay, what's up to everybody that will hop in man. 

Jay Jay: what's up, Josh? What's up everybody, we're gonna let's bring some Australian energy to the podcast right here live in Manhattan in the sky here in Cape Town here in LA. And like today, just really excited because normally, I want to give your, your guests some enthusiasm, some energy, some excitement, but I want to leave them like with tangible stuff I was saying to you before we started that whole seminar, high you know, you go to this three day seminar, Fridays, or some Saturdays, pumping Sundays, Oh, my gosh, Tuesday, you're like, I'm back to normal. I'm back to square one, right?

Josh: I've ever taken a step yet.

JayJay: I get it and I really want to make sure that we can actually give you something like something that I'm using day in and day out that's tried and tested that I've got results, and I've got my clients results in like, and you know, it's not going to take you six months to implement, or $6 million to start. So it's like, what can I give your people today that they can actually get wins, I call them wins from today.

Josh: See, and that's what we are all about here on the show, Jayjay So I'm excited to delve into that and the very first question I have for you, because I would like to get into kind of the tactical stuff as well but my big first question is how do you go from being an influencer to an actual entrepreneur or business owner?

Jay Jay: Listen, I think the first thing is you got to commit. Let's go back to square one, I just decided that I have to win at life. And I have to be able to leverage, you know, this, this, this attention to my brand and I was a magician, right? That story was, you know, 16 years ago, I'm 32. Now 16 years ago, I wanted to tell the world who I was what I do, and I wanted to travel around the world and do it. You know, and, and so far, I've been to 32 countries, I've spoken on the biggest stages in the world and that's not to toot my own horn. It's just that the life I wanted to live, right. And I built a $50 million YouTube channel got a lot of attention but for a long time I was broke, you know, that just broke financially, just mentally, you know, what's not working? I've got all these eyeballs and like, why do I still constantly have to think about whether I can afford a coffee today? Or can I go to that dinner tonight and you know, it was really doing it by myself for so long until I you know, got someone like and got advice from people like, you know, these kind of podcasts and have a coach in my corner, that I really could understand how to leverage the, their attention, and use that to generate revenue and money, you know,

Josh: yeah, and I love that. Because the real problem that we've seen, you know, we've been in the marketing space for think, five years now, I can't quite remember around five years. And a lot of people come to us and they've got a following of people, and they've never once tried to sell them anything and it's a really difficult thing to take people from where you've been giving them free sky forever. so sudden saying, Hey, now pay me for this. And unfortunately, in today's world, people are just trying to do that through kind of the non-sneaky ways where they're like, Oh, I'm gonna do a Patreon, or I'll do a here's my swag or what have you but there's higher forms of monetizing. I think that's one thing that we're going to be delving into in this interview. So for you, for somebody who's been an influencer, they've already kind of got that traction, let's just say that maybe 10,000 to 200,000 people following them? What are their next steps to monetizing their business?

Jay Jay: Yeah, we'll start telling people what you do and how you can help them. That's the first step. You know what I mean? Josh, can you nail on the head? You know, probably, I think people have to allow themselves to let go and get out of that I don't want to sell anybody. But let's let me flip it. Right. And I want to be honest with everybody today, like I'm gonna come across come across strong, right? Because sometimes we need a bit of a wake up, Hey, wake up, get out of that, that those are those limiting belief, there's a block that you're telling yourself that no one wants to buy from the unknown I don't want to sell Why Why not? Why wouldn't you just like, you should be proud of who you are. You should be proud of what you have to people. If you're passionate about what you do, you should be telling the world. So the way to do that, you know, when you've got these people is you can do it in an authentic way that's what's great about doing stories on Instagram that's what's great about creating content. You know, Hey, guys, this is what I do. This is what I've got going on. If there's anyone's interested, shoot me a quick dm, and let's have a conversation like that's not harsh that's not like sneaky, that's not like, you know, that salesy kind of vibe. It's just you're putting it out there. And I think so many people Josh just want to have the perfect way of asking for the sale where you haven't even done it. Like maybe just ask someone how I do this. Does anyone need help? Let me know. How easy is that?

Josh: Yeah, and I love that that methodology because I think that's the people overthink it, right? I mean, when we first started for the first audience, it was like, Hey, you know what we're starting this, this group come join the group. And we ended up having 20,000 people move over the course of six months and it was like, all I had to do was ask, you know, and there wasn't even a paid thing. But then we took that and said, Hey, this is what we do. And we set it tight group is what we sell and they started buying from us and I think you kind of have to condition people to realize, like, Hey, I'm here to sell to you but you're not going to come across from day one saying, you know, that's the only thing I do you say, I'll provide you real value but in exchange, I do ask for some money on the back end.

Jay Jay: Yeah. And it's like, old, that old school thing of like, when you're younger, like don't talk to strangers thing. Like, why isn't everyone no one to talk to anyone anymore? Because we get told from a young age, don't talk to anyone. My dad was like, You better go and talk to that person. You know, it's like, spit, I talk a lot about speaking like, if you can speak, you can effectively communicate, you can sell if you can learn how to persuade people in a cool way, a collective way, a confident way. You know, you, you can you can, you can give them something, and they can feel great about it, and they will give you money in return It's just I think sometimes Josh we haven't been, we're not skilled up, you know, you talk we talk about your tumor cells before this thing I think people just need to be skilled up It's another skill, like riding a bike is a skill, like learning click funnels is a skill, right? Doing Instagram content is a skill. Learning how to speak and speak and sell is a skill so. 

Josh: yeah, I completely agree and the funny thing, I think a lot of people just assume that getting followers is going to equate money and I think that kind of comes from the early days of YouTube when they used to pay you for views, right? That's how they built their platform was to do that, right? Were you even around during that time?

Jay Jay: those two that Oh, gee, I was testing nine. You know, back in the day, it was like me, that was it wasn't just me, but it was like me, it's like a bunch of people, but everyone had their own industry. Like I was the magic guy. So I was teaching Randy dress online, you know, and it's YouTube channels, still there. 500 videos, seen and 190 170 countries with 50 million views, right? So back in the day was like, you get used to get paid per view. Right? So if you were doing like a long, long tail content, dude, you're buying houses, you know, you weren't you weren't. You weren't buying gold? Watch it. You buy houses, you know.

Josh: And I think that's the people just kind of assume that still how it works. Oh, yeah, people view your video that was just that was their monster. That was our strategy of getting eyeballs. So they could sell ads, right? And nowadays, I mean, you are barely paid anything, even for sponsorships so I do want to ask you this. Like for somebody who is already, you know, they already have a following on one platform or another, you know, we kind of talked about the big five with LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, those ones, right? what, what do you feel like is the fastest monetization strategy for a lot of these people?

Jay Jay: I don't think they should be looking at it like that. I don't like

Josh: good answer.

Jay Jay: I don't I don't you know, we do we deal with this all the time. Yeah, we got clients that come to us and want them want us to blow up their brand and part of their strategy is, we had a client yesterday that then wants to start his own, like, children's TV show, like first kids. He's like, great, tell me my number one thing he goes, I want to know how much money I'm going to make monetization. I said, we're looking at this the wrong way. You know, like, you should be thinking about how can I get eyeballs and leverage that to a brand, or a product? Or, or creating some kind of piece of content online? You know, that's paid for? So? Yeah, you know, it's just challenging. Now, Josh, you know, the way they're constantly changing things to make brands more happier, because brands also got brands and companies are paying the bills. So brands used to be per watch, per view. And it used to be per hour, like minutes spent, than it used to be, how much engagement time than it used to be how much engagement time and activity that you're watching for then was engagement activity, how long they wanted you to use for how long are they watching your competitors videos for, like, for creators, it was very challenging because they were constantly creating things and then every single day Nope, was stripping 30% away, and they don't have any more. So to go back to your question, I think the better way to look at it is what platform can you maximize to get the most attention from and because we're talking with entrepreneurs and coaches and agency owners, a lot of you guys listening, in my opinion, right? And I'm biased because I work on Instagram every day. It's what I make, how I make my living. I think Instagram is a really good platform just because you've got that kind of like I just think there's a lot of great things with Instagram, some great features some great then and it's not as messy as LinkedIn and it's got that personal brand touch as well, because entrepreneurs, it's, it's a personal brand a little bit, you know, and even if you do have a company, we have a lot of companies get big on Instagram. So I think Instagram is the word where you get to play it.

Josh: Yeah, I love that. I mean, I really think what it comes down to and I love that you dispute the answer that way because or the question that way, it's, it's really interesting, because so many people are looking at it like, okay, I've just got to get followers, I've just got to get people paying me, but what you're talking about is saying, hey, leverage these things to just keep the eyeballs of the people who already are following you? Or should already be following you? Is that correct? 

Jay Jay: Well, if you know, do the people like let's let's let's question other people already have the numbers watching them? Like how do you extract money from your list? Well, how do you extract money from the platform?

Josh: Right, and I think it would be from your,

Jay Jay: from your list. Okay, well, then, then that's probably a different way I would, I would definitely find out, I definitely want to do some kind of questionnaire, well, you know, who's like, a lot of people have these big lists, but they don't know, who's who's involved, you know, and insights can only give you a certain amount, like, I'd start by asking questions, I start by finding out, Hey, is this of interest from people like putting that message out there? You know, assuming that you guys are known for something, you're an expert in something or that you people come to you for that for the for that, you know, problem, you know, to be solved, right? Yeah, I think I would I think I would go ask, ask the question, like, find out what, who's on your list? What do they want? Right? And how can you create things for them? or stop putting stuff out that you like, as well? Does that? Does that answer the question? 

Josh: Yeah, yeah, definitely. Well, and so I want to ask you this, because, you know, like, we talked about giving action steps for people. So, you know, with the context, we talked about this before the interview, but I mean, a lot of the people listening to this show have just kind of gotten stuck and they're deciding, hey, I need to scale this business. How do I scale it? So I want to ask you this? How would you scale a business using Instagram?

Jay Jay: Okay, so what I would do is I would definitely the biggest thing that we find working with six figure earner, seven figures, sometimes eight figures as well, is the contents great, they're great, the product is great, but no one can hear of them, no one sees them enough, we need to blow you up even more. So getting more followers, getting higher engagement, right? Getting Instagram verification, getting you in the press, sort of PR and promoting you up, so that you can, you can really like get into front of get into more get more eyeballs to you, and then decide maybe that, you know, if you want to scale to sell, that they're going to see that and that's going to give you more cash flow, right. But it also like, blow your brain up. If you're, if your brain is great, you should blow it up. Right? You should get more people to notice you. So I think if you're if you're in that position of like whether you how do you scale for Instagram use get bigger, get bigger online. So when people come to see it online on Instagram, they go Oh, wow. Like, wow, you know, and we know this firsthand, right? If you go to someone's Instagram page, and they got 5000 followers, right, unless it's a pizza shop, like this is a perfect example. When I came to Minneapolis when it came to American long time ago, when I first came here, I was in Minneapolis, Minnesota, right? And I wanted a slice of pizza, I was down the foot walking down the road, left hand side of the pizza shop, five people inside. Across the road, there was 150 people inside. Which one did I choose? 150? Was the pizza better? No. Was the service better? No. Was the was the, the interior better? No, it just there were more people. Right? So I really chose that, again, my business, I get my attention, I get my eyeballs to them. That's the same thing with your brain. So now hopefully, the pizza was hopefully while the pizza was good. But that works with your brain. So people come to your page and your content and your value is great. Right? And you the numbers are big, it's really going to help you, you know, leverage your branding business to however you want to do that, you know, but if, if the numbers are small, if the engagement is small, people go oh, maybe they're not as big as I thought.

Josh: Right and and I would completely agree with that. I mean, it's it's really interesting, because we've kind of evolved in the world, we don't even really care, the quality of the product. We just know that if a lot of people are buying it or they are advocating for it, it's worth the time. We've seen that shift, especially in the digital course space, right? If you don't have enough testimonials, if you don't have pages of testimonials, people aren't gonna buy it. Because they're like, well, let's just make sure it actually works First, maybe I'll come back to you later, but they're going to go with a competitor with a-mile-long page of testimonials. So for you guys, you know, you have an agency that does this for people that builds the Instagram, their business through Instagram. So for you guys, what has been, I guess kind of your core strategy or your methodology for helping people to grow that because I see a lot of people try to do it themselves. As the entrepreneur, especially as coaches, they come in like, Okay, well, I'm just going to hop on Instagram five times a day and be doing posts or what have you but I'm just kind of curious, because I know for myself, I don't really want to do that, in my own business, right is to be on there five times a day. So what's kind of your methodology on that? 

Jay Jay: So first thing we have to do everybody's allow yourself to understand organic isn't the greatest waiting. It's pay to play, right? Facebook, Instagram, they want you to pay because they want to get your post to more people, the organic route of uploading content every day, doing 16, live streams, hashtags, responding back to comments, like, yes, that is powerful. Do not get me wrong. But you do need to, like put some money behind getting that attention quicker than influence cocaine, you know, we help them get instant influence. So, I always tell clients, when it comes to work with a lot of people, you know, a lot of coaches, a lot of a lot of people that are not first-time coaches, but you know, they're either transitioning or they're starting fresh using Instagram three pieces of content a week is plenty, right? Two to three and to give people tangible stuff here too and once again, because you're you're trying to be the expert, right? One thing, first, the first step, you want to put up a photo of you and some kind of like story about your life, something you've learned your life that's called your personal brand It doesn't need to be some skeletons from your closet, like doesn't have to be a dark time you can if you want, but just talk about short people, you're a real person. Second thing you want to post up, right is you want to post up testimonials, clients, results. Hey, you know, it can be a screenshot, oh my gosh, you know, Josh, the best podcast ever, you know, I've been on 70 other podcasts. But this is so much fun. That is gold, right? A video testimonial. You know, a, depending on your industry, how you play it, like maybe the invoice of how much you made last year, you know, whatever you're not gonna last, like maybe you didn't last a marketing. And the third one is an expert opinion, or an expert value tip, because you're supposed to be the expert. You know, so if you're a coach, if you're a business coach, let's just say just a general business coach, you could put up one thing you've learned about business as a personal photo could just be you in at the beach, but you have a nice piece of caption, right, nice caption, next one you can have is a result from one of your clients and then when can have is a tip that you've learned about being a business coach that when you know something that you don't like what you see, and this is what you feel, right. So I tell people start off with that, start with that little bit of content, right and then the next thing I would do would be focused on let's build your numbers, right, you need to grow your numbers. Now, there are a couple ways to do that. One, you can do hashtags, you can do organic posting, and uploading at certain times, it's just going to be a slow, slow way. You know, what's the big story guards had mentioned going to a to Disneyland, right? You got the general admission, and the VIP Fastlane. You know, the general admission is cheaper, it's going to take you longer, but you'll get there. Or hey, pay, you go straight to the front of the line, straight front of the queue, get some some little goodie bag. That's the same thing with Instagram. So like what we do is like, hey, you're doing all this work. Let's build get your numbers up. Because numbers means you must be someone important. Right? as stupid as that sounds, everybody listening? I know, like I'm writing right now, like a lot of it but it's the truth. You want to build up your engagement. So you want to have on all your piece of content. Right? All those real comments from real likes, usually, the way would you would do it is you go to someone else's page, you comment on their stuff, and they hopefully comment on your stuff right? Josh had that kind of time. I don't have that kind of time. Because right now business like we should be scaling, we should be, you know, building is working on the sales like you know, doing the things that the more important that those sales things are important. So I have these engagement groups that I put these peoples of content in, and then you automatically get real engagement and then the third thing you want to do is I always tell you, what we do is put people in the press, because when you're in the press, it literally gives you that leading authority of like, wow, they are who they say they are and while people know they can buy press, still a lot of people don't know that. You know? So that's the three strategies I do I get people's follows up, get them engagement on their content, and then put them in the press to give them the first hit of this is who I am this is how we can help people and this is you know why you should do business with us.

Josh: Right, yeah, see, that's, that's awesome hope everybody sat and took notes on that section because that's, I love the methodology on it. The reality is that the organic methods do take a very long time and we've even seen this as it's really not that expensive to just pay somebody to do it for you. It saves you so much time. 

Jay Jay: And the one thing and one thing, Josh, what I like about, you know, the industry that I'm in now is that I know exactly how it feels like. And the thing is, like, I'm not like as much as I use the word influencer, because it makes sense. Like, I don't really see myself as an influence. Like I see myself as a businessman, an entrepreneur, like I understand how you feel and know what it feels like to be doing the content every day, doing the hashtags, trying to do the business, in the business out of the business. Like it's frustrating, right? You put up a piece of content you surprised about you wake up in the morning, you get two likes, and two comments, and you know what's going on, then you try all the other strategies through. Now, I can go to a coach, I can go to someone like you, Josh and say, Hey, listen, man, listen, anything you post online, now, you're good. You don't have to worry about what time you have to worry about hashtags. You don't have to worry about like, the color scheme, the aesthetically look pleasing. All those things you still want to pass, get rid of it. Work with me in a team, and you focus on what you do best, which is your message, which is telling people Hey, this is what I do. This is why we're better than everybody else.

Josh: Yeah, and I love that because, I mean, we've even seen that a lot this year, as a lot of the even just a 2020 it's changed so much because like you said, a lot of the organic strategies used to work really well. And that was really all they reward you for but now they're, they're rewarding you to just spend money on their platform. 

Jay Jay: I used to like not even you know, Gary Vee would be big on this. So you know, do interviews with other people, you know, and then you would get Dallas, right? And look, that does work a little bit but also because there's so many people doing podcasts, right? There's so many people like trying to do that strategy, even in the in the online creation influencer world. Now people go, Oh, I don't know, if I want to do a cross revelation with that, with that go that guy, or, you know what, like, there's so many options. Now. You know, the buffet of choice is incredibly used to be like, you know, Thai, Chinese, Mexican American. Now you've got like, every country in the world, that's the same point of like, what's online? Now attention is the new currency. So like, the organic strategy to get attention now. It's tedious. It's It's long, it's constantly changing. It's frustrating, you know, and it can bother you and then then people just have to give up on that, you know, what, don't for me, I, you know, this Instagram thing isn't, you know, I didn't need to do this, you know?

Josh: Yeah. And I feel like a lot of people give up too soon because of that, because there are people like the Gary Vaynerchuk, right, where you go, you go look at his stuff. And as a new person, a new entrepreneurial like that, so much content, and he's putting out so much content. And he has, like, I can remember, like the 180 method, I think, something like that, where it's like 180 pieces of content a month or something and I mean, something obscene where you're like, that would be all I would do all day, especially as a new entrepreneur or kind of budding entrepreneur in the digital space. So I want to ask you this, though, Jay Jay. So when it comes to the actual, like, growing of your following, who do you go to to actually get that done? And how do you get it done? I mean, are they? Are they going and spending ads, like money on ads to boost your content? Or how does that how's it work? 

Jay Jay: So first thing you need to do is go What's up? Jay Jay, let's speak on the guy. So I would, @JayJaylive, @jayjayLive you'll be able to see the good stuff there. But there are two ways to do this one you want to do it in the way we do it is we work with influencers around the world, in specific industries and what happens is, you know, we can get you anywhere between 10 to 100,000 followers, they're all real people, they're not bots, and we put your name, they do a competition and say, Hey, if you want to win this go follow this person's account right? So is it super targeted? No, but it gets your vanity numbers up, which are important, right? So then you get your numbers up that's the first strategy, then what we do is we do a targeted folders underneath that. So we get you like we take you from a I always says we take you from like the old part of LA put you right in Beverly Hills, right? Like right scene in front of everybody. Now, we want to make you look good, right? So now we've targeted followers. So we can go to specific industries, specific people and reach out to them and then that starts to build, like real organic growth from your, you know, client, client Avatar and customer database.

Josh: See, and that's, that's really awesome. Because I really feel like especially with these, these platforms, like Instagram there, you're not even going to be able to use half of the features as a business unless you're past 10,000 or 100,000 followers, right. And so I mean, that's, that's the big hurdle for most people saying, oh, once I get past that point, so when you're doing these campaigns to get the more targeted followers, and how are you doing that? Is it strictly content based or is it you know, ad basis? 

Jay Jay: you know, we have these launched we visit this few different strategies. One of the strategies We've created specific groups on Facebook, on WhatsApp and telegram of like just industry related content like specific content pods. So we'll put like, you know, it's like value during pods. So there's one on leadership and entrepreneurship in business and fitness, and people constantly talking in there as well. So what we'll do is we'll drop like a little ad in there. So like, Hey, you know, if you guys love, you know, if you guys want to be inspired by one of the best podcasts out for entrepreneurship, go check out this guy and we'll put that post of you Josh, on the on the group and people go, I like this guy. So in a way to advertisement, you know, it's all advertisers promotion. So we do it, that strategy, we also go and follow other people that you might be in the same industry with. So for example, we might go for all of Grant Cardone’s followers, and, you know, go out and we call it not scraping, but we go out and look at like, we just sort of qualified who the people that are really good, okay, this is a coach, or this is a person that you know, use coaching services, then we send them a DM, you know, and we've got a team that does all this for our clients as well, you know

Josh: yeah, because I hope everybody listening to this, you're not a single one of you will go and try to do this by yourself. That kind of method, I mean, that's gonna take you all day, that's something you can outsource for $3 an hour, right. So make sure you're not you're not just taking this and saying, Oh, I'm going to go do it myself. But I would highly recommend everybody go check that out. So they can also check you out at 

Jay Jay: That's my speaker site, you know, because I'm speaking is still my first love, you know, like inspiring people and talking to them about how to hate how do we get you to the next level? You know, and and, you know, that's where we're, you know, that's what we're doing today. Josh, how do we get your business? How do we get you to the next level? So you can, you know, do whatever you want to do? You know?

Josh: Yeah, 100% Yeah. And so for you, you know, JayJay, I mean, we've covered a lot of different topics here. But if you're one of our listeners, and you were hoping for one rock solid takeaway from this interview, what do you think that would be?

Jay Jay: I would say, you need to start telling people online, how you can help them, you need to start putting more content out, you need to start putting more messages out, you don't have to overly do it too much but too many people want to sit in the work, that's not important and they should be spending time on things that aren't reported and that's, I always tell conversations, you know, telling people who you are, what you do, putting out messages like promoting who you are, and then selling. You know,

Josh: I love that. So make sure that you're, you're throwing the hooks out there, right. I mean, that's kind of you're talking about chumba water, like fit, throw a bunch of hooks out there so people can see what you are, who you are, what you do who you are, and leverage that attention. So, Jay Jay, I really appreciate you coming on today, man.

Jay Jay: Yeah, no, thanks, guys. Thanks. And once again, everybody, like, you know, you're not here. You're not here to do it all yourself in life. That's probably the biggest mistake I made for my whole one of my one of my big like, No, no, it's just like trying to take on all the weight on my shoulders, if I can do it myself. Like, allow people like get on these podcasts with Josh, like, they allow other people to help you. Like, grow. Right? And that takes money that takes time. And that takes your ego out of it as well. You have to go I don't know at all. Like, you know what, let me some get someone else to do it. So if there's anything I can do for anybody out there, you know, @jayjaylive on Instagram, you see my work, you see my clients, you'll see how we do it, you know, don't be afraid to just go Hey, Jay. That's cool. Let's have a chat. Let's Let's speak.