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Master Selling yourself With Sydney Lich

March 05, 2021
The Lucky Titan
Master Selling yourself With Sydney Lich
The Lucky Titan
Master Selling yourself With Sydney Lich
Mar 05, 2021

Sydney Lich is a six-figure earner in network marketing in the health and wellness space. She is also launching several business in the next coming months (depending on when this episode releases I’ll give more detail) she’s is a speaker a leadership developer and loves to impact people’s lives for the better. She lives in Colorado

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Sydney Lich is a six-figure earner in network marketing in the health and wellness space. She is also launching several business in the next coming months (depending on when this episode releases I’ll give more detail) she’s is a speaker a leadership developer and loves to impact people’s lives for the better. She lives in Colorado

Ig: @sydneylich

Josh: What is up everybody, Josh Tapp here again and welcome back to The Lucky Titan podcast and today we're here with Sydney Lich, like fish I love how she said that it actually helps lock that into my brain excited to have her here today because Sydney is all about social selling and this lady's created multiple six figure businesses, through building social, social followings paid social followings, and many of you who are really following our stuff, you know that building a personal brand, that really sells and solves a real need for your customers has to be paid. You know, these free communities, things like this; we people get that infobesity that they're drowning in information and Sydney and I were joking about this before the interview. I mean, it's so easy to just get sucked into the 45 different methods that people have. It's just focusing on any one of them that will work. So Sydney, I hope that was a good enough intro to make you just excited to be here. If you want to brag about yourself at all, go for it. But say what's up to everybody? we'll hop in 

Sydney: Yes. Oh my gosh, I feel like I should carry Josh around in my pocket and have him introduce me in rooms. So amazing. No, I'm so excited to be here I'm very honored to be here. And, and really just excited to provide as much value as I can for everybody that's listening.

Josh: And I know they're going to appreciate that. So, so Sidney let's, let's start first into what is social selling? I mean, some people may not even understand truly what that means.

Sydney: Yeah, I mean, social selling to me, there's there's so many different things just like you said that you can do and I think social selling it. At the end of the day, it comes down to how are you showing up online and, and how are you showing up in the world, because I really like to use my in person connections, my in person relationships, to transition onto social media and use my social media as like a business card and so how I look at social media as like, the all-encompassing business card of what you're all about what you stand for your values and and what you're selling and it should be so straightforward and to the point that people come to your page and a caveman could be like, yep, okay, I know exactly what Sydney does. It's simple. It's straightforward. And and I either want to buy it or not right now.

Josh: See, and I love that because and I have to preface this one of the reasons I brought you on was because I am pretty anti-social media following man I have social media followers, right but it's so difficult to monetize that it's so difficult to make money off of it. We've literally worked with people who have a million people following them across their platforms, and they can't make a sale and so that's why we've done is so unique, because you've built multiple, six figure businesses that have you built them around a following that you've monetized. So I'd really love to hear kind of your framework around helping, helping people to monetize that.

Sydney: Yeah, well, and and that's something I hear all the time, I asked for, you know, requests of what people would like to see more of, and more often than not, it's like, how do I grow my social media following? And like, that's not the question you need to be asking yourself, the question you need to be asking yourself is, how can I monetize and build credibility in the network that I already have because guess what, I've worked with so many people in the network marketing space, who have 1000 followers on social media, and they have so much influence with those 1000 people and the people in their life. It doesn't matter what their following is there's people on social media, making millions of dollars with a couple 1000 followers and again, like you said, there's people who can't sell two t shirts that have 17 million followers and so it has nothing to do with the amount of followers and everything to do with your credibility, and the trust that you've built within those followers and so when I started to, quote unquote, build my social media, which mine is very small relative to a lot of people out there and, and I know that, but I have a cult following because I've interacted I've responded to every single message every single dm as many comments as I can and what I did with that was I found 1,2,3 vehicles that I really was passionate about and excited about, then I could then mark it on a daily basis, build a relationship with these people and sell them a product over time but I always say like, you have to build your love line, then you build your pipeline, then you build your downline. So it all starts with this love line of like a huge community of people that you're just loving on you're building trust within and eventually those become prospects. You build the relationships with those people, you ask them to take a look at the product you're selling, and it takes actively going out and talking to those people and then they become you know, they become a sell. They become the person that's buying your product. They become a part of your community. They become a part of your downline if you're in network marketing, and so it's really that process and that funnel, but it all starts with building trust and you cannot monetize anything until you have trust.

Josh: See it I love that I wrote that framework down Just so you know I love that from the love line to the pipe line to the downline and I mean, just to delve into that a little bit I know the number one problem that people usually have with building a community is they don't want to take the one on one time and my personal experience with this is I built so I had like 25,000 followers on my social media and I was like, yeah, this is fantastic, wasn't making any money off of it. We built a private community that they had to actually register for and be a part of, and it solved the real need for people by matching that podcasters with podcast hosts, or podcasters, or guests, excuse me and what we found was, we had 500 people in the group initially, but I knew every single one of their names, I had talked with almost every single one of them, and it took me like 15 minutes a day and it wasn't anything super difficult but from that community, we have made 10s of 1000s of dollars from that one little community. So how, how would you recommend for people to actually gain that trust in the online sphere?

Sydney: You know, that's such a good question and, and I'm really passionate about having people buy in, right, like, if they're going to like, join a free Facebook group, I don't think it should be free, I think if you're providing a ton of value, they need to be bought in because there's a million free Facebook groups, there's a million free text groups like charge for those services, not for you. But for them to have incentive to plug in and to be accountable. But you know, as far as connecting with people on social media and building the trust, it really is as simple as reaching out to every single person that follows you and I know all of us can have time to do this, because it doesn't take that much time. Send, Hey, thank you so much for supporting, I really appreciate it, what would you love to see more of, and if you just shoot that individual message to each person as they're following you? You know, we just recently launched a podcast and every single person that's followed us in the last week, like 250 people, not that many, every single person, I've reached out a message and just been like, Hey, thank you so much for following and supporting, I really appreciate it. Anytime you have a request, just shoot it over to me, and I'll make sure to get back to you. But at the end of the day, if you're not investing that short bit of time, every 10, 15 minutes, right to get to know the people in your community, then you won't be able to serve the people you already have in the community and you're always going to just be out searching for these people that you don't have focus on the people you do have, and just, just talk to them, connect with them and be genuinely curious, be interested versus interesting. If you're willing to be interested in people's lives, and instead of an interesting person that you think everyone should bow down to, then you're going to really start to build trust and real leadership skills within your community.

Josh: See, I love that because that's the love line, like you're talking about I mean, you're saying, hey, like, what's the content you want to see first? And this is what's hilarious, right? Most people will come to us and say, How do you know like, what content is going to hit? How do I go viral right? And, and I mean, you can you can ask any person who's successful on social media, there's no viral hacking. It's just it's not possible. Sometimes some random stupid piece of content you weren't even wanting to put out, just because becomes an

Sydney: overnight success takes six to 10 years.

Josh: Yeah, exactly. And, and what I love about that, though, is if you really want content that will hit every time, and maybe it won't go viral, but it will go viral with your people. Ask them, what type of content do you have? It's not that hard, there are literal and I really don't condone automations but if you are that lazy, one automated message to your entire community and ask them, what content would you like to see? And you're going to get 15 to 30 content ideas, right there and that takes care of like your entire year of weeks worth of content, right?

Sydney: It's so true, and people just aren't willing to ask, you have to ask for what you want. And, and that's something I just, I just value and I used to not so if you don't, and you're not in this space yet, where you really value relationships, you get to get to a place where you value relationships, because at the end of the day, we've all know this, but your, your network is your net worth and if you don't start to build these relationships with the people who are already following you, you're never going to gain more followers because you're not appreciating what you already have.

Josh: Yeah, and I love that because you know, what you're talking about is really just loving people and nurturing them instead of how do you nurture your product? How do you make a better logo? How do you do all this stuff that is just completely and totally pointless? I, I love the fact that the way you're selling and I really think this comes from network marketing, having a network marketing background as well. The number one lesson I learned there was if you'll love people, results will happen and if you care more about them than getting the next sponsor or your next whatever they call it, your affiliate commission right, the next commission off of it, you'll start to see that people will buy from you just because they like you 

Sydney: literally

Josh: and a second piece I want to highlight this because I think it transitions into kind of a pipeline downline selling type, type model for you is when what you were talking about is you should pay you should have, you should charge for a community and I want to kind of preface this because we have a lot of free communities we personally do and that's, that's how we grow our companies as well, you kind of have to do that for the love line reasons, right? But what we have found is literally even just adding a $5 a month charge onto something, people will show up, and they will participate. When it's free, they're going to forget about you, because there are millions of groups out there that they could join that do the exact same thing you do, though, for you, how have you found that you can take them from the love line to the pipeline, and then end up charging them?

Sydney: Yeah, it all really does come down to that one on one relationship and this is something I learned in network marketing, that it It took me a lot of I worked really, I've worked really hard, I've worked really, really hard and when I got started, I didn't have influence I was 22 years old, I didn't have any influence and so I had to really work to connect with people and, and learn a skill, right connection is a skill, enrollment is a skill and so from, you know, moving people from them, following me on Instagram, to providing enough value for them to actually want to invest into anything from $8 a month up to $700, for their first buy into a network marketing company it's all about value, it's all about listening to what they actually need, and then just figuring out what's gonna work for them I mean, at the end of the day, that's really what it takes, like, reach out to 10, 15 people who are on your prospect list and check in with them and just be like, Hey, I know we've connected before but you know, I think you'd really, really love what I have going on, I'd love to share more about it with you, are you open to a conversation and more often than not, if you've nurtured a relationship, or if they've been watching you a while. They're like, Oh, my gosh, thank you so much for thinking of me, right, they're going to feel honored, because they're following you, they think you're too busy to get back to messages and when you reach out to someone like that in that genuine way, and you have some basis off of it, they're much more likely to just get on the phone, and then you listen to them when I get on the phone call with people you got to get on the phone. If you're in sales, you have to learn how to get on the phone and I know it's scare sometimes if you're you know, even if you're if you've been doing this a while it can be intimidating to get on a phone call with a heavy hitter. But get on the phone and just listen, if you can just listen to people, let them express their pain points. They're going to talk themselves into the sale, they're going to talk themselves into whatever you have and then you just get to be the savior that comes down and say, Hey, I have something that can help that problem and and at the end of the day, it has so much less to do with what you're doing and how much you know, you know what you have going here and what you have going there and it has nearly everything to do with who you're being and how you how you treat people in that process and if you're willing just to treat people with genuine kindness and love, and that's just my Midwest background people will receive it.

Josh: Yeah, I completely agree. Midwest, where are you from in the Midwest?

Sydney: I'm from Montana.

Josh: I'm from Idaho. We're in Idaho right now.

Sydney: Stop, what? I live in Denver now. But yeah, I'm from Montana, right. neighboring states.

Josh: Good to know. It's funny. I mean, very few people realize that this is actually one of the biggest entrepreneurial hubs is the Idaho Montana area, there are so many successful entrepreneurs. 

Sydney: It's crazy, but it's just we hustle.

Josh: Yep. And we know, we know, hard work. So that's funny. I didn't know that about you Good to know. Um, random side note, right. I digress. 

Sydney: I love it. 

Josh: With, um, with your mom, this is what I love about it. And I want to say it says your model and I also want to say like, for those of you who maybe you're like averse to network marketing, I wouldn't even say go join a network marketing company, but go to their events, and pay attention I mean, they have the best events because people like worship the people on stage, it is absolutely insane because they're like everything about you I want to become and that's the number one reason why those companies scale quickly is because it's all about the community and those people genuinely care about the people they're speaking to, and at least in the companies I was a part of and I know for a fact that if you would go to those, you'd see that community aspects that Sydney's talking about here. So highly recommend that and obviously right now, kind of pointless, because you can't go to events while this is launching. But yeah, I would I would recommend to people,

Sydney: it's so true and to touch on that the reason I fell in love with network marketing was because two weeks in, I went to an event I was told by the people who enrolled me that like you have to come we're helping you get there financially because we know you're absolutely broke and I went to that event and I sat there and I was like I'm gonna be a millionaire on stage I'm gonna be on stage next year and I was on stage the next year earning awards and and it is true like people are like that Kim Kardashian. It's like this whole, you know, famous world within a network marketing company but there's such a platform there if you're wanting to get into public speaking if you're wanting to expand your reach and expand your network, drastically go find a network marketing company become very successful very quickly. You'll learn so much there's very little to lose and the community aspect, you're at least going to meet some really awesome people.

Josh: Yeah, and I know, I know, for me some of the best lessons I took from working in there was really how to do the affiliate side of sales as well I mean, we grew a company by down sell or the downline, right, we focus heavily on just getting new people in, but it kept disappearing on Earth but then I realized, if I would just focus on getting three or four people to sell online and sell the product, we were bringing a ton of money, just, just selling the product and I recommend for anybody, if you're wanting to get into business at all, whether it's a network marketing company, or you an affiliate for a company, it allows you to, you're getting rid of all of the logistical items, you don't have to care about the packaging of the product, right? You're the only thing you do is sell the product if you sell it, you'll make the money and you keep a good put you keep a good amount of the profits with some of those. So love that. So Sydney, you know, we're already well, we're quite a ways into the interview already. So I have to kind of start asking a couple more pointed questions with this, because I love the framework love line pipeline, downline, I hope people will think about that with their community and so for you, and I'm going to address this more towards like an agency model or a coaching model, how would you recommend that they start to monetize their community.

Sydney: So if you're already in the space, where you're providing value, you have a you know, a good a good following online, or even not a good feeling just really good relationships, you know it. For me, the thing I'm finding, I'm young, I'm 25. But the thing I'm finding as I'm as I'm getting older, and getting more experienced in entrepreneurship is, find the thing, that's your zone of genius, like find the thing if that's podcasting for you, and you want to learn how to pop, you know, monetize your podcast, like, go all in on that and if that brings you joy, and you're great at it, you're going to be able to create income so much easier if it's, you know, for me, I love training, I love coming on and training mass amounts of people. For me, I love having a Facebook group that people come in, set up a landing page, $39 a month, if you pay it awesome. If not, no worries, you're gonna join eventually. That's just my belief, right. And so I'm not, I'm not amazing at, you know, building out landing pages and, and necessarily like marketing and stuff, but I'm really great at training and so I do the things that I'm really great at, and I can make money at it, because there's so much money to be made, and outsource the rest. So if you're getting started, you're like, I don't know how to monetize, find a partner, partner up with someone who's who does like doing that stuff and maybe even you know, hire hire Josh, right? Like hire someone to literally like hire someone to teach you how to do those things and a certain arena, find the person that you want the result in their life of and go follow everything that they tell you to do. And so again, if that's, I think right now, text communities are huge text communities are like your loyal following. And if you can have 1000 raving fans in one arena, think about that, that's, you know, six figures a year, if you're just charging $8.83 a month that's a, that's six figures a year just in text community 4000 raving fans, and so really just look at like, what's, what's the zone of genius that I can go into? What do I really love doing that I'm not going to get tired of doing once I hit that million dollar mark. And I'm going to want to do this for the long haul, not just you know, for a quick buck, and just go find someone to teach you how to do it go Google, like the information’s there I'll just tell you that the information’s there. It's whether you're hungry, and you're passionate about the area that you're wanting to monetize. But that's something I do love about network marketing, is I get to take every dollar that I make in network marketing, and go pour it into anything, so that I had the upfront capital to go diversify my income and so if that's for me, right now, it's jumping into a podcast and learning how to monetize that and I know you even said, like, ads are like the lowest form of monetization and podcasts. So again, find someone who knows what they're talking about and go follow their guidance. For me, I love the text community, I love our $39 a month Facebook community where we get to provide value. So you can do it in very simple ways and then as you're looking to scale, that's where I think you get to bring in mentorship and that's something I'm, I'm doing in the next probably six to 12 months is bringing someone in that can then say, okay, we're driving this even further. How are we growing this even more? How can we scale? How can we onboard? How can we outsource and really looking for those, those other you know, just those other simple things that are passive because we also want to find things that are that are more passive so that you're not a slave to your, your business. You want to have freedom when you're in business.

Josh: Yeah, and I love that, especially the way that you've been structuring your company that way, I think that, and I don't even think this is the one thing that I preach to people over and over and over again is, the fastest way to learn something is not to buy 10 or 15 books on it, it's to pay a coach a filthy amount of money to teach you exactly how to do it because when you pay them a lot of money, you're going to do every word that comes out of their mouth, and it has to hurt I've done this multiple times in my company, we do it like every three months, I'll go hire a new one and I go out and hire new one because every time I'm like, Hey, this is the next activity that we need to learn how to do. They're the best person who can teach me how to do this, let's go nail it together, right? And they'll custom tailor it to you, right? Even if it's group coaching, if that's all you can afford, right now go to a group coaching thing. Anyway, so I love that you, you brought that up and again, network marketing lessons, we've got the beat from the same heart, right? It's a, it's a great, it's a great way to learn how to do business. So you know, we've covered quite a few things in this Sydney. And I want to ask you one final question, because we have covered a lot of topics. So I want you to say what is the one final thing that you would hope people would would take from this interview that they could go and apply in their own business.

Sydney: I think the number one thing for this community specifically because I know it's high achievers, and, and people who are really doing something, I think it's like, go go find a circle, that scares the shit out of you right now. Because it can focus on this. Okay? Go Go find a circle of people that makes you so freaked out by what they're doing in the world; because you guys are all doing your you know what to do. If you're on this podcast, you, you know what to do. Like you're you've learned the skills, you you're you can take it to the next level but the way that you take it to the next level is by getting into a new circle of those five people that are literally doing such big things that you wake up and you're like, I have to keep up, I don't have another option and if you immerse yourself in something like that, it might not seem right away, like it's gonna pay you out but your income over time will grow to the average of those five people and so really take an assessment and say, during COVID have I gotten lazy with my networking? have I gotten lazy in the groups of people that I am, you know, physically around, around online, like go join a mastermind, go join a coaching program, go find a coach that like is really going to push you that pisses you off like someone that triggers you go find those people in your life, because when I put myself around those people, I grow even if again, it's not right away financially, you're going to find a way to move yourself up in the bracket and to motivate you where you're finding that fire again to get out of bed and your vision is so strong that it's just pulling you so not necessarily something super tangible but also go out there and find some people that scare the shit out of you and put yourself around them every day.

Josh: I absolutely love that piece of guidance I we had an interview probably a year ago with Steve Sims I don't know if you're familiar with him or not. But his, his entire platform is he takes people out doesn't mastermind and that makes them do things that make them extremely uncomfortable.

Sydney: I love that so good. 

Josh: When he told me about I was like, that scares the living daylights out of me. Let's do it. You invited me to come on to one of their events and then the Coronavirus happened. So they can't do it right now. But, but some of what I thought was so intriguing about that is he's like get around people get uncomfortable and you will shine. If you're I mean, our entire model of our company is built around that. Yeah, reach out to billionaires, they will respond to you if you do it. Right.

Sydney: Really and and that's something you know, if you guys want a great book, The third door by Alex Banayan was a great read as far as like, get yourself in the door with high level people but you know, something I'll share with you guys like I've had a mentor and I haven't had to pay a cent for it because it's through network marketing and I'm so grateful for that. But he pisses me off every single day here irritates me every single day, love him to death. But like, no matter what, I get on the phone with him, and I'm just I'm pissed. But I do anything he tells me to do. I trust him so much. He has the results in his life that I want in every area. And so I do anything and everything he tells me to do. First year of my business, I wasn't dating, I had a curfew like it was very strict because I had huge goals but find someone who cares about you enough to call you on your shit really go out and find someone who cares about you enough that's actually going to push you because as high achievers, it's hard to find people that care about you enough to push you to the next level instead of just kind of like keep you where you're at like oh no, man, it's fine. You're making a million dollars. It's cool. Just you know, stay there. Find someone who raises your bar and be the person for other people that raise their bars don't play small for people and at the end of the day, it's all it's all about the people

Josh: completely We agree. Well, and you know, we've covered tons this interview. So I want to just give people one final call to action for you. You know, really social selling is one of those things that you really can't learn it without experiencing it so I would highly recommend all of you go and buy Sidney's programs. I mean, go sign up for her little programs, because they're First off, that's 88 a month, just go do that and then copy everything she does. Just copy it.

Sydney: Yeah, take it.

Josh: Go use it. It will work if it's working for her to work for you. So Sydney, where can they get access to your programs and you in general?

Sydney: Yes. So they can listen to my podcast, selling social on all platforms. They can follow me @sydneylich my first and last name, lich not Lish and then is my website. And if you do find me through this podcast, reach out to me, I respond to every message I get. And it is me and I would I would love to connect and know that you found me through here. And I'd love to connect with you and Josh, you're incredible I'm so grateful that we connected. You're so awesome and I can totally tell that we're cut from the network marketing cloth and the Midwest.

Josh: Yeah, the Midwest cloth. Right. Well, Sydney, thank you so much. So I do want to ask you the very final question with this. What, what would be like a quote that has just motivated your life that you feel like would, would be something that you hope everybody in the in the audience would know.

Sydney: Chop wood carry water and what that means, essentially, there's a book on it, Joshua Medcalf but essentially, work hard. Keep your eye on the prize, stop looking left and right and never read your own press clippings positive or negative, because people are always going to say certain things about you and if you let that deter you, if it let if you let it slow you down and you stop chopping wood and carrying water day in, day out, day in, day out, you stop doing the things necessary to move you forward you might be able to coast for a little bit but eventually you're going to taper off you're going to lose your edge you're going to lose your momentum and so I just recommend every single person on here chop wood and carry water day in and day out and having that mantra for myself has allowed me not to look at the recognition not to look at the haters and continue to just stay in my lane.