The Lucky Titan

How to grow a 6-Figure Business in 6 months, working 10 hours a week With Christine McAlister

March 10, 2021 Josh Tapp
The Lucky Titan
How to grow a 6-Figure Business in 6 months, working 10 hours a week With Christine McAlister
The Lucky Titan
How to grow a 6-Figure Business in 6 months, working 10 hours a week With Christine McAlister
Mar 10, 2021
Josh Tapp

Christine McAlister is a serial entrepreneur, business coach and author of the #1 bestseller The Income Replacement Formula. In 2015, Christine founded Life With Passion, a coaching and consulting business where she helps clients all over the world make 6 figures doing what they love in 10 hours a week, with only a laptop and an internet connection.

She leads a community of over 2,000 entrepreneurs online, and over 75% of her clients are able to quit and stay out of their 9-5s. Christine has been featured in Inc., Business Insider, Bustle, and The Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur On Fire.

Before founding Life With Passion, Christine ran an online marketing agency where she generated over a $1 million in international leads for her luxury brand clients. Christine, her husband, and their "rainbow babies" live with their 2 rescue dogs and Arabian horses in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Christine McAlister is a serial entrepreneur, business coach and author of the #1 bestseller The Income Replacement Formula. In 2015, Christine founded Life With Passion, a coaching and consulting business where she helps clients all over the world make 6 figures doing what they love in 10 hours a week, with only a laptop and an internet connection.

She leads a community of over 2,000 entrepreneurs online, and over 75% of her clients are able to quit and stay out of their 9-5s. Christine has been featured in Inc., Business Insider, Bustle, and The Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur On Fire.

Before founding Life With Passion, Christine ran an online marketing agency where she generated over a $1 million in international leads for her luxury brand clients. Christine, her husband, and their "rainbow babies" live with their 2 rescue dogs and Arabian horses in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Josh: What is up everybody, Josh Tapp here again and welcome back to The lucky Titan Podcast and today we're here with Christine McAlister, I am so excited to have her on here because funny story, I actually heard an interview of her on entrepreneurs on fire, which all of you know, it's one of my favorite podcasts I heard her interview and I was like, man, we've got to get her on here we just think so much alike pretty much I'm bringing you in here to validate my opinions I think that's kind of. 

Christine: and it's your podcast.

Josh: So yeah, it sucks for you guys. Right? Um, the funny part about it, though, is, is her entire business model everything that she does is really bent on helping people get to that six figure mark, right, getting out of a nine to five job build a six figure business which you're there's a lot of us out there, me and me included, right? Our goal is to help you start skyrocket past the seven-figure mark but hitting that first six figures is the hardest of everything that you do because it's all I mean, it all it's all on you and the risk is so high so having her on is going to be so fun. She is also the founder of life with passion, which is such an amazing company. So I hope that did you justice Christine so say what's up to everybody, and let's hop in.

Christine: Hi, thank you so much for having me, Josh. Thank you all for listening and being here. I am really excited.

Josh: It's it's going to be a blast. So as usual, let's hop in first with your frameworks that's really the only reason people come here right. They want to know what you're doing to be successful.

Christine: Yeah. Well, what am I very favorite ways to grow my audience and my client base and my income is through podcast guesting and I've developed a method called the powerhouse method I've been on well over 100 shows at this point and I've just gotten so much feedback on like, Oh, you do this in a way that no one else is doing it that while Yeah, for the past five and a half years, I've been coaching entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs out of their job I have also realized that this is something that more like impact driven entrepreneurs really need and it's become a specialty of mine and so I'm giving myself permission to focus and make a little bit of a pivot here.

Josh: See, and I love that and that is a lesson in and of itself and we were just talking about this before the interview, right, Christine and I have for us we had to make a big pivot, we went from a huge array of products down to three and it's pretty much just one broken up into different pieces, right so I love that you're making that pivot so let's talk a little bit about podcast guesting. You know, people who listen to these shows, I think they have like a fear of going on a show because they don't really know what they teach yet and let's kind of address that first, like, how do you help people in addressing the fear and actually getting on to the show?

Christine: Yeah. So simply, if you have something that you want people to pay you for, you need to be able to talk to one person about it for free, right. So while I know, I was super intimidated, I didn't go on my first podcast until someone invited me and I didn't have to pitch and I was like, that was so fun I'm totally gonna make this a strategy. Right. But I had had a pitch example sitting in my downloads folder for a year right so I think the thing that's so different about podcast guesting than any other medium or platform is that it really is literally a one to one conversation with somebody that you like, have good energy with, or good chemistry with and it's no different than having a zoom conversation with a friend in this day and age, right? Maybe used to have it happen over coffee or tea. Now it's like, well, let's have a zoom catch up right? And it is what do you want to talk about? What are you passionate about? Like those are your expert topics and it is an extremely leveraged strategy you're going where there's an existing audience, think about what people are doing what you're doing when you're listening to a podcast, right? You are like, in your car, you are looking to pass the time you are walking the dog, you're working out, you're doing chores and there is no other strategy, no other organic method that where people hang out with you for 20 or 30 minutes, right? They have to make a decision to stop scrolling on social in order to watch or read your thing, right? Not in this case they are with you they're committed, they already love the host like you're getting endorsed by the host in terms of the fear if you can remember that it is literally just a one on one conversation you don't have to have snappy sound bites at first, right? You don't have to have your message super nailed in fact, being interviewed is going to help you figure that out so like, I get If you are ready to sell something, you're ready to be a guest on podcast, all you're doing is having someone ask you the things that you love to talk about and getting to talk about that what could be better.

Josh: And I have to highlight something you said, because I'm what people think when they see people online, right? The us producers, isn't like, oh, but you're an extrovert. Just so people know, I'm a very introverted person, if we're in a group of people, I'm the guy like playing with the kids, right? Because I'm I don't, I don't care. Or I'll have a one on one conversation with somebody. Because when it gets in a group setting, I get anxiety hardcore for being in a group setting, like going to, I used to do this for years, I'd go to these physical events, right, with 1000s of people, I'm going to make some connections, I'm going to make sales, not one, I'd go in and I just put pansy out, I'm like hiding in the food court, right and the reality is that podcasting has been that way, too it does break you out of your shell a little bit but it's the best platform for an introvert because you and I can just have a conversation introverts are great at one to one conversation, because they care about the person they're talking to and hence why you're such a great guest. So I, I appreciate you bringing that up as well I just had to highlight that as well. So I'm getting on to the shows themselves that can be a challenge a lot of us are looking at it saying okay, but how do I? How do I have like a one liner? That's going to just get me in the door with everybody? What, what do you recommend to people as far as getting on to the show?  

Christine: So like, you've already identified a show that you want to get on

Josh: unless you want to cover identifying the show first? Because if that's part of your framework, I'm not gonna interrupt 

Christine: well, I think the easiest way is to crowdsource whatever audience you already have. What are you all listening to? Right? Like about insert your topic Like, let them tell you because you're probably not listening to the same shows as your future clients at this point right so yeah, I listened to a ton of entrepreneurs on fire before I had children when I had more time to listen to right and as my business grew, like, I listened to less podcasts is literally had less free time, right and it's my family group but I always knew that was a show that like, when I was getting started, I was here for it and Quality and all of this stuff, right? So it's a dream show for me and in fact, I'm going on, I've been invited back. So I'm appearing like, in a little over a month again. So I'm super excited and I love JLD as well.

Josh: That is so exciting. By the way, very few people get invited back. 

Christine: So it's because of thank you, thank you, and you know, and I really honestly, like I think it's just because of the way I've showed up as a human for him to your point of getting on the shows. It's like, um, I think you teach the exact same thing, you need to show up as a human first ways that this is different than getting traditional, traditional press right, you know, talking about online magazine, television, radio, most of the time, the podcast host, even if they have a team, it's small and they care deeply about what they're doing and their mission this is not something owned by a big corporation, right? It's like, how can you connect with them as a person, because you need to be the kind of person they want to hang out with for an hour and the day want to literally spend their money to promote, right? So when you go as a guest, which you know, this, if you're a host, you, you go on someone else's show as a guest, they're going to pay their editor or they're going to pay in their sweat equity to edit the show they're going to pay to create the assets to promote it, right they're paying to keep it up on the sites and all the places like this is a massive investment of their time, their energy and their money to have you on and I think most people do not approach it with the respect and the gratitude and the graciousness that that deserves, right. I mean, Josh, how hard Have you worked to build an audience of people who know like, and trust you on the show right. 

Josh: Yeah, one of the hardest things you'll ever do and it's the worst as a host to have somebody show up, and just be like, I'm just gonna pitch my product, right? They just sit back and talk about themselves the whole time and you're like, it's about it's about the audience it's about us working together so I love that.

Christine: Yeah and it's really about finding people that you're aligned with because you may know Josh, the current statistics on podcasts, I haven't looked them up. Do you know how many there are these days?

Josh: We just passed 1.4 million

Christine: podcasts in the world? 

Josh: podcast. Yes. Is that it's?

Christine: okay. It's insane. So like, you're never going to run out of podcasts to pitch right because it the number obviously continues to grow.

Josh: A year ago, it was only at 750,000. So we have doubled in a year. Yeah. 

Christine: Whoa

Josh: because people like me are like make a podcast!

Christine: Right? So the point is, it's, I mean, not that I'm in the dating market, but like, do you believe there are plenty of fish in the sea? Or are you like, Oh, I find one podcast, I must be on that one, right? Like, no, there are going to be so many so the important thing is that you find hosts that you connect with, that you want to hang out with, they're going to want to hang out with you and also their audience is going to be full of people like the host, which is going to be a lot more likely easier for you to monetize, by booking clients on the back end.

Josh: Yeah, and I love that because really, what it comes down to, you know, like we talked about is being a real human but there, if you come out of the scarcity mentality of like, Okay, well, I've got to nail this show if you want to nail a show, come in with a simple framework, and you'll nail it every, that's really all it is I'm going to teach one simple thing, tell stories about your life and you'll be surprised, like, every host, I won't say every host is great, but most hosts are very, very good at getting you to talk right? That's our job is to make you talk and get you excited to talk so I mean, even if you feel introvert or unable to do it that I mean, I think you're just nailing that so I don't need to bash that dead horse anymore. So I want to ask so how are you doing this outreach? And should you do it yourself?

Christine: Yep, I like to do it myself coz it's fun for me and being on the other side of it. I know how I feel when I get some kind of canned pitch and I'm like, archive. So

Josh: I like email about how cool they are. And like, I don't care.

Christine: Right? Exactly I'm finding commonalities I'm showing that I've done my research that I care that I'm going to show up and be like, wonderful guests, like before, during and after the interview and I think that comes across and of course, like, Do I have a template? Do I have a list of topics by now that I can look at their list and look at their about and pull from? Yes, it's not the same thing every time, or a different thing every time but it is it is customized right? It is customized just like I used to be a professor and I would tell my kids, my students, like when you're applying for jobs, you can't just upload the same resume to every job description, or it's going to come across that way right, you need to look in integrity. Truthfully, like you are the best possible fit for that job that you can be in that requires more work, but it also rises you to the top and it's the same thing here, you can send a super simple pitch Connect connecting as a human right, which is like, I think you and me, Josh, both like that's our values as business owners is just how can we help more people? How can we have more impact? It's really just these values applied to podcast guesting right? And then just understanding that, yeah, there are some strategic things that you can do to make that come across along the way.

Josh: Yeah, and I love that I think one of the, the best things I've ever seen being on the other side of this, right being the podcast host, people will send you a bio, right, and a bio is great but what I love is when they come to me saying, This is what I'd like to talk about, and here's why I'm qualified to teach it. That is changes everything for me, because instead of having that as the host, I have to come up with a topic every time but if they if they're like, Hey, I'm really good at teaching people how to get on podcasts, I'd love to talk about that with your audience because you know, XYZ, I've done all these amazing things within one paragraph and I will bring them on over somebody who sends me 18 paragraphs of where they were featured and all their cool stuff I'm I couldn't care less.

Christine: Because it's gonna make a good episode that you carry out right and your audience will do, I love that. Yeah.

Josh: And I know they've thought about it, right? I know, they're thinking about me and my audience that makes me way more prone to say go by their stuff, right? Instead of, Okay, I've got a dig it out of you and I'm not trying to be rude to this space at all but this happens a lot in the e commerce sector because they don't really understand what podcasts are for they come on, they just it's it's a branding activity and you almost have to like pull out of them thinking like, it's really hard to find like what they're interested in because they're too focused on the product, not on the people and not that that industry is bad but we've seen that happen over and over and over again, where I'm like, this is the worst interview ever. And like you said, I have to go through and do all of the editing, like our team does all the editing, but we have to pay for the editing we have to pay to have everything done and it's not going to get views, right. It's really frustrating and it's really uncomfortable as the podcast hosts to tell them afterwards like honestly, I don't know if I'm going to teach you that and there are times where we have done that. I'm sorry if you're mad, but I have to preserve my audience.

Christine: Your brand, right? I mean, yeah, you've worked hard and if you bring on people who are like, who don't engage, and who don't add value, then like people are gonna stop listening.

Josh: Yeah, I love that and I wanna highlight something you did too, because you, you're very good at showing how the brands align? Can you kind of talk about how you do that, as far as like helping your brand align with the podcasters? brand?

Christine: Oh, sure. So one of the things that I loved what that brand is selling or offering, because nobody does that, again, like everybody is coming on going, this make me and that is just not going to that's going to come across, right as opposed to, you know, if I can say, Oh, my gosh, we found this commonality and like our values, and you can do this in the pre chat, you can do this and you know, pre validate with your research. Here are some ways that we might be able to help each other rather than just like, how great Am I right? That is, everybody who's running a podcast probably has something that they're offering, or that they want to do for their business or their life out of it. So if you figure out what that is, hence, you just ask, then you're, you're creating a fan, you're creating a friend and you're what you're doing is you're making this interview, not transactional, where it's like, nice to meet you, Josh thanks again. Yeah, I'll share it when it comes out right. But you're creating relationships that can last years and they have for me, right? Well, before, like you said, Well, before I made six figures, well, before I wrote a book and podcasts, any of the things I was having, like seven figure entrepreneurs be like, here's access to me my free course, I just want you to come and hang out in my community. What, okay, right. When I go to their town, they like never leave their house, they're like, do you want to meet for coffee right? Because they recognize that, you know, I'm a person who shares their values wants to help. And that space, like, it can be lonely, right, if you're around a bunch of cutthroat people, or whatever, who are only in it for themselves so there's a huge opportunity, especially right now, when most of us are at home all the time, right? To make a friend anywhere in the world, but it's easy to nurture that relationship.

Josh: Yeah, and I love that. I know, for me, like the reason I podcast the reason I love it so much, obviously, it's a big driver for our business but I mean, the people that you meet, I think podcasters are the best people in the world they're so giving, and they want to help you and if you kind of understand that it's like 99% of podcasters it's about the audience there's that 1%, who is just annoying, and you'll find them very quickly, right? You'll know who they are. But most of them are great connections to have and they're highly connected people because in a podcast setting, right, I met a guy the other day, he interviews three people a day for his podcast, absolute insanity and I can't even fathom doing all that, right he doesn't do any editing, or like post prod or anything all he does is just post the episode but he took the that that model and he interviews three people a day. So he's interviewing like Grant Cardone, and big name people all the time and I I just asked him, like, how big is your network at this point? And he's like, my direct one to one network of people that I've interviewed is well over 3000 people. Is that insane? Like you imagine that like, wow, I have a core group of people. I've, I've individually talked to every single one of them. So anyways, that's my rant. Super, super important stuff, though. We could talk about podcasting all day. So I want to ask you this, Christine, you have a specific framework that you use, can you show us like the exact step by step process? So people because we've covered lots of pieces of it, but you say step one, do this, Step two, do this so that they can say, Okay, this is how I can get onto shows.

Christine: Yep. You need to identify what podcast to pitch that are aligned to your ideal clients right so this requires the work earlier of like, knowing your niche and having something to sell them that's implied, but I'm assuming everybody in this audience does right? And if you don't, then you know what to do so next is to create a list if you haven't yet tested a bunch, I recommend that you get on 10 Get yourself on 10 small shows. Okay. 10 small shows before you go for the big fish so that you don't die of anxiety, right like If you're comfortable, you know the flow, it is different to be a host than it is to be a guest right? So get your mind flipped on that then you want to create a basic pitch that, again is all about the host includes those expert topics, based on your research includes the commonalities with a host, based on your research, right? Tell them how you're gonna like, share it to tell them that you're going to share it with your network, again, make it all about them make it super easy for them to just hit reply and say, yes, right? Here's my booking link done, I don't need to, you know, vet you any further, although they can make it easy for them to do that if they want, right and I always find that that's easiest to do when you are pitching a specific show, rather than sitting down and coming up with a blank page maybe it will be about this right? No pitch a specific show. And then on when you get the Yes. On the interview before, during and after the interview really, I just want you to think about how to make the host your fan rather than how to get fans right, that will happen as a result of going in front of their audience if you do these other things, right but how to make the host your fan, because if they're your fan, the possibilities are endless JV partners, right? Asking you back, them endorsing you in the intro, the outro, how they promote it, all of the things so that one to one expert like connection, right. So be a standout guest before, during and after the interview and then really, in the interview, the framework for giving that top notch conversation is to make it two way make it two way, right? Instead of just answering questions and being like a bump on a log, make it two way, ask for feedback, right? and ask the host opinion and follow up by sharing the story, I like to make sure I leave a review on iTunes, because that's currency for podcast guests, or podcast hosts that we can't get any other way right and you know this if you're a host, it's just like flipping it what's important to you be that person, right? And then, and then I like to send a small gift, which Guess what? Nobody does that and it's very make very memorable and one of the top podcasts that the host met up with me for sushi when I went to his hometown and he said, Christine, I literally presented at I can't remember if it was pod fest or one of the top expose on how to be a good guest, because he's interviewed so many people and he's like, I just took screenshots of what you did and I put them on the, on the screen at this big conference. And I he didn't tell me at the time wasn't Tell me about like, months later, I was like, okay, because he had done hundreds of interviews at that point and he said, I could count on one hand the number of people who did what you did, right and none of it is hard right? And then repurpose those interviews right? They are credibility marker, you can share them once a quarter. Of course, you can create a ton of content from them. Write quotes behind the scenes, you know, reposting, like, make it easy for people maybe who even already follow you to warm up listening to that by listening to that podcast, and send more people to the host really like repeat the end.

Josh: Yeah, I love that. I love your very last step, especially because when I started in the podcast space, I finding the first few guests was difficult I'm like, Who do I actually want to come on my show and I interviewed a guy highly connected he was the one guy I'm like, I know I can bring this guy on because we've met amazing guy, way above me and financially and success in all areas so I'll bring him on and we had a few, you know, social media conversations before this point but after that one interview, he sent me 40 potential guests, and we interviewed every single one of them and these are people who are like 100, millionaires, billionaires, success, like highly successful people and I was like, Man, that was that was stellar you know, and I'm sure he does that for most people but like you said, if it's part of your system, it becomes this just amazing you become memorable, right to the to the host and they'll bring you back on like we were talking at the very beginning getting invited back to a podcast by JLD, there's only like 15 people who've done it right so you're and he's interviewed, what 2500 people at this point? So you're you stood out in a way that he's like, hey, come back on my show that's pretty amazing. So, I really appreciate you sharing that framework, though. Christine I think for our audience, they've probably been thinking, Okay, I think we've sufficiently sold them that they can get on to a show. So Oh, that's good. So because you have a whole deep dive into helping people actually do the specifics, because you really can't teach this whole thing in 20 to 30 minutes, right? So how can they get access to a deep dive with you to be able to actually go out and apply this in their business? 

Christine: Yeah, thank you. You can find me on your social media of choice, or at and please like reach out and connect I, I love to connect individually.

Josh: And make sure you take advantage of that. She's, she's really very accessible as a person, which is amazing but go and buy her courses work with her one on one, this is the kind of person that is going to take you from unknown to known very quickly and your brand so make sure you take advantage of that go get to know, Christine but I have one final question for you, Christine, before we sign off, because we have covered a lot of topics so what is the final thing that you would hope people would take away from this interview? If you could just leave one piece of advice? What would that be?

Christine: Go get yourself on some podcasts because your message matters, right? We're all in this to help people and change the world and this is such a powerful way to do it I think the hardest part of this or any thing that you're doing to build a business that you love, is letting it be easy so like ask yourself, how could this be fun? How could this be easy and then just go do it from that space.