The Lucky Titan

The 4 must-have leverage points every business can't do without to hit 7-figures with Danny Stanszus

July 21, 2021 Josh Tapp
The Lucky Titan
The 4 must-have leverage points every business can't do without to hit 7-figures with Danny Stanszus
The Lucky Titan
The 4 must-have leverage points every business can't do without to hit 7-figures with Danny Stanszus
Jul 21, 2021
Josh Tapp

Danny Stanszus is the leader of the #WorldChangerPreneur Movement, enabling businesses to grow the smart way and use their overflowing resources to make a lasting impact.

As a sales and later marketing manager Danny was able to help grow a software company to a multi-million dollar industry leader in their niche and had the opportunity to work with multi billion dollar companies like Mercedes, Volkswagen, and many more.

With the gained knowledge and experience Danny decided to serve businesses that have a passion for their great product or service but are still struggling to find the success and attention they deserve.

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Danny Stanszus is the leader of the #WorldChangerPreneur Movement, enabling businesses to grow the smart way and use their overflowing resources to make a lasting impact.

As a sales and later marketing manager Danny was able to help grow a software company to a multi-million dollar industry leader in their niche and had the opportunity to work with multi billion dollar companies like Mercedes, Volkswagen, and many more.

With the gained knowledge and experience Danny decided to serve businesses that have a passion for their great product or service but are still struggling to find the success and attention they deserve.

Josh: What is up everybody, Josh Tapp here again and welcome back to the lucky Titan and today we're here with Danny Stanszus and this guy is the founder of and this guy has really been doing some amazing things really in the offer creation space, and in helping service providers and tech companies to really kind of get their messages and their offers on point so I'm excited to have Danny here so Danny you say what's up to everybody that will hop in?

Danny: What's up? What's up? Thank you so much for having me on, it's a pleasure.

Josh: Yes, we're gonna love it. So you literally just gave Dean Graziosi his intro right there. What's up? What's up? 

Danny: that is something he always says I'm conscious, yes. 

Josh: just bought them twice and it's yours, I was laughing about that because you're the first person ever done that on our show and I do it all the time on accident, cuz I listened to so much of Dean stuff. 

Danny: Yes, I love him. He's awesome. He's so good. 

Josh: Well, so Danny, to hop into this today, really just diving into your origin story as far as offers and how you got into offers, because I have to preface this by saying you know, we've we've worked with so many different entrepreneurs interviewed tons of different entrepreneurs. But really, there's really kind of these core three things that everybody has to have in order to have a winning business and that's, you got to know your customer, you got to know your mission, your values, and you've got to have a great offer if you don't have a great offer, and nothing else matters and so I want to see kind of your story behind how you guys got to that and then your exact strategy so take it away, man.

Danny: Totally. Yeah, I'd love to. So how I kind of stumbled across even wanting to focus on the offer area was back in my corporate job, we were about 95 employees, I was the marketing manager and we were having a hard quarter doing high ticket software sales and consulting back then and back then I was learning a lot of new strategies like the whole digital marketing game and learning a lot from the oh geez, like Jay Abraham, and Russell Brunson all these great guys and I wanted to start just to apply more and more of these things, and was waiting for the right moment and we had this bad quarter and I went to the CEO’s and said, Hey, guys, um, listen, I have an idea, is it okay? If it just try this out and it was a frustrating time back then and they were like, just do whatever. Go? Do if it works perfect. If it doesn't, it can't get much worse than it is right now so that was interesting situation to do this so what happened was that, as I said, we were in high ticket sales and if you're ever been in a high ticket sales, those processes just take a lot longer, like b2b high ticket is not like, you get a lead and you get a sale the next day, it goes over weeks, and sometimes even months and we just had, as I said, a few weeks or even months where it just was low, we were not getting any closes, we have leads, but they were just not saying yes yet and so I got together my team and I like hey, we're going to do something new, we've never done this before and we worked on creating an irresistible offer something we have never done before something that was scalable, that was high value, that was merely just like an online product to our customer base and also our leads that solved, yeah, a big problem and we put together the offer, we use all the hacks and strategies of announcing it teasing it and launching it at a date and having a closed date and doing all the different things and we had bets going on in our company they were hearing about what we were planning on doing and I had one of my colleagues, he was betting with me we actually had a bet and we were like we're never going to have more than 100 people take this offer, I was like dude we're on so we had this bag going and we launched it and also something new we had by the way because high ticket sales is not something you usually what you have like six figures or seven yeah, usually around six figures or high five figure ticket stuff. You just don't do like an order page online is you have contracts and signatures and stuff so it was one of our first offers where we had a typical like online, online order point page you just ordered there and got an invoice so a lot of new stuff going on but we did it and it just went crazy and after two or three days we passed 100 sales and it was a high ticket low ticket everyone to see It was around two or 3k products so that was like my first experience, getting into trying out a different structure of offer was the first time I saw the power of creating offer, positioning it the right way and having a like, also like a launch strategy around the offer where you have a launch day, a closed day, urgency scarcity, where you have different value elements in there, all these different things that you should have in a very good offer as like, wow, this works like this is awesome and we did it again a few months later with a different offer, but the same, like hacks and strategies and that was one of the main things were like, okay, I love this. This is awesome and so many businesses are not doing it, doing it correctly so that's kind of what got me started, is having this amazing experience back in my corporate job and that's kind of what got me rolling in that in that area, yeah.

Josh: See, and that's such a fun story because I mean, we all see these offers, and we tried to launch offer after offer after offer but you mentioned a couple things, you just kind of mentioned it, but it was about how you promoted the offer, right, You teased it and you promoted like crazy, those are the sort of things that we don't feel like are the easy parts but in reality, as you've seen, that's kind of that's kind of what makes an offer so successful is is that, that hype so yeah, when it comes to, you know, that sort of offer, I just want to ask you kind of specifics about that deal, I know, obviously, it was a company you worked for but with that with that deal, was it a SAAS company, or was it some sort of service that they were offering for that two to 3000?

Danny: Yep. So we were a SaaS company or software company, but the offer we were creating was actually not a software solutions that it was kind of something that we put on top of that, where it was a solution, more like a training solution was more educational solution templates to, to implement different stuff so it was not like the typical software product, we were like a core product, it was actually something else, we kind of put on top that was very scalable but it was just a great solution for our audience so yeah, it was more like training template, more like that area.

Josh: Interesting. So I want people who are listening to this who are saying, Okay, I'm in a SaaS company, or maybe you're not even in a services business in general but how could you add something like we just talked about onto your company, so that you've got, you know, another offer that could really be very high yield, and something that you can sell in the way that Danny just just mentioned, 

Danny: so 100%, and that is so important, what you just said is that even if your core product is not maybe as scalable, like a service, always think of ways to add another offer that of course, makes sense and I'm gonna wait for that audience but something that is scalable, that is so so important, right?

Josh: Love that,  Well, and let me ask you this, Danny, because you know, you came from, from the corporate world, and in 15 months, you've already built a super successful company and you've done that, really, by translating those skills and I found that with a lot of the people that I've talked to a lot of them come from a marketing background, it's awesome, because you get to play with somebody else's budget, when you're, you're running a company, right and then when you actually figure it out, you can step out and you can crush it because you know exactly what works so so walk us through a little bit of like, kind of your, your deepest, darkest moment, the past 15 months, you're not stuck, and how you were able to overcome that here and in this new company.

Danny: Yeah. So, um, the first actual, I'll give you two so the first darkest moment was, I knew all the strategies and what to do but I really struggled acting on it, because I was not there yet, knowing exactly how I wanted to serve my clients, because there were I had so many ideas, and I think a lot of people can relate, you have so many opportunities, ideas and possibilities and yeah, things to need to choose from, and I just was not 1% yet what I wanted to focus on. They don't want only want to do like coaching should also do fulfillment and services or both and so I was dabbling around a lot for a few months doing a lot of different things just because I was not 100% focused on exactly how I wanted to serve it, serve my client and after I had that figured out, that's when I was able to really nail that down, focus on that and scale that and so that was the first like, yeah, first weeks or even months of uncertainty, not knowing exactly how to serve and what to focus on, yeah, and then scale on but that was something I expected was totally okay so it wasn't like a surprise to me so it was I knew that that was going to happen so it wasn't that dark moment, now, the actual dark moment if you want was, we talked before already and so so you know this so I did a summit this year and it was an amazing summit alot of fun, I had everything the idea everything was ready, I knew exactly what was gonna happen, I knew the numbers how everything was supposed to happen but a lot of surprises and a lot of learnings I had there so when you have a summit, you of course you have your speakers and I had amazing speakers and amazing people on and this is not an you'd like to to at all to to blame anybody anything I just I learned a lot and it's always an all out right so but we had different like things agreed on and different things I thought would go and that was going to happen that because of course I had the speakers like go through like the the promotion we're going to be doing and the templates are going to be getting and everything so this is promotion week so one week before launch and I have my trackers installed and seeing how the traffic is going to come in and which speaker is going to be sending more traffic and I log in in the morning and zero like Okay, okay, maybe they just maybe a few hours late, I'll just wait a bit like I log back in in the afternoon, I refresh is still zero, I like okay, maybe maybe a screwed up the tracking What's going on, like, I don't get it. And I'm not, I'm on a lot of these people's email lists so I should be getting their emails and I should seeing the social media posts and everything, anyways, so long story short, ah, hardly anybody promoted as expected although it was kind of an agreement where they were like, checking, yes, that's something I'm going to do and to be fair and honest, two or three speakers said in advance that they were not able to promote in that way so it was all clear, I knew that we're gonna, they were gonna promote in a different way or small way so that was okay all the others did not, like, give any feedback on that at all so it's like, okay, we're cool. That's what they're gonna do, I sent that the templates and sent them the reminders and everything, but nothing happened and now speaking to more and more people that have more summits on the back and are in the game a bit longer than me in that field, I learned that there has to be a good reason for them to promote, okay, so that was one of my big learnings where I realized, okay, an agreement, not always an agreement, because back in my corporate job, I said, working with high high high ticket clients, like we even wrote emails back and forth with six figure deals and stuff and there was like, no way that yeah, it never dawned on me that that, yeah, I couldn't rely on those different things but hey, that's things I learned and working two months, building all that pressure, building all that anticipation for the summit and then seeing that it did not turn out the way I thought that was pretty disappointing, to be honest. But I learned so much out of it and I'm still able to use the con in great ways so it's all going to turn out good but that was one of the dark moments, realizing that all that work is not going to turn out the way I had intended in the original way but I'll make it work in a different way so that was an interesting education launch I had there.

Josh: I think everybody who runs a summit has to do that at least once because we've run multiple of them and the first one was that same way we had we had 30 guests and for promoted and they basically like post on social media and I was like what, how would you like not pro at this, but then a couple of things, I love that, I want to ask you this question too but one of the lessons we learned from that was you have to treat them like they're two years old, and explaining how to promote, you give it to them, or in some cases, you do it for them, like you log into their Facebook and you do the post action

Danny: I've done that right. 

Josh: Yeah. Or they give you the email so you go in and promote it. There's there's a lot that goes into the promotion. So I want to ask you this, though, because you mentioned you have to give them a reason to promote what is the reason what do you what do you think was the big learning lesson takeaway from this 

Danny: so I thought I had a reason to be honest, because this summit was a free summit, but inside we had a really cool offer. So I'll just did put in amazing like value on the interviews and also gave amazing like added on materials of trainings or different stuff that we had an offer that could be purchased but all that would support an amazing organization called Operation Underground Railroad, which helps children that have been sex trafficked, and then they help them. So it's an amazing organization and that's why I also got amazing speakers because they're like, oh, cool, cause we'll do that and we're, I'm on board and so I thought, they're also going to promote it but in the end, of course, promoting it, and having more people join the summit and add to that great cause is not really benefiting them directly so what do I mean? Well, in the end, they want a split of the share so they want, if I have revenue, they want to split up that they want 40% 50% 60% of that. So my learning is, and everybody out there doing this, maybe in the future, I would not do, even though I'd love to, but I would not do a 100% revenue to the organization because if you go if you if you run the numbers, and I only do like a 10% revenue to the organization, but, but the speakers get a split or the revenue, I'm going to have more traffic, much more traffic coming into the summit, that's gonna end up being more revenue for the organization, even though it's only 10%, than then getting 100% out of nothing more or less, if you know what I mean so I'm meaning they need to get something out of it, they want to have either leads or the list or they want of course, a split on the revenue, or that's another like something I learned, you find B C level influencers, that, like the idea of promoting the summit, because their value, their status increases, okay so that's also very key, knowing how your summit is actually increasing the status of the speakers and if it is not, you have to give them a reason to promote, which I just talked about but if you go to sea level influencers, they will want to promote because their status increases and there's different ways how to connect those two, etc. but that's something I learned out of running the summit so yeah,

Josh: I love that. Well, it's kind of funny that you mentioned that because we've we've worked with a few nonprofits recently, and they run into that problem a lot, you know, is is how do you get people to promote you, when it's just, you know, nobody gets any money out of the deal, because they always want to help but you've got to keep their emotion level their emotion high for for your nonprofit to the entire process, otherwise, they don't actually promote it so it's really, really intriguing that you bring that up and I love that it's a great lesson learned. I hope everybody listens to that and says, Okay, if you're running a summit or any sort of offer, what is the percentage that you're giving, I know you Danny, you were way more than willing to even give them the speaker's most of the profits, if not all the profits, because you weren't trying to make money off of that. 

Danny: Not at all. 

Josh: And you just want to make sure that it was providing revenue for this company but I think it's so odd to see that, you could just make that one little tweak and how much more money would come in?

Danny: Oh, yeah. major, major tweak, or major difference than it would have been in the traffic and and, yeah, just the amount of attendees totally.

Josh: Yeah. Love that. Well, let me ask you this. You know, we're coming up on an interview here, Danny, but I want to ask you a little bit about what you're doing over there, and how you guys have been been helping people with their offers?

Danny: Yeah, of course, I'd love to. So as you mentioned, the main thing we focus on is the offers. So I know there's a lot of different things you can focus on helping businesses as with, of course, traffic and launches and different things but one of the main things I love focusing on is helping businesses with their offer, because usually you can increase revenue without increasing costs at all. So that's the main thing that we focus on. So of course, we also look on how to launch and market the offer but the first step is always to look at the offers, how its package, how it’s positioned, is it high value, low risk, all these different things that that we work on inside of our framework that we created so that's the main thing that we that we help with is the side of optimizing and launching the business offer and of course, there's a lot of businesses that have several offers like a value ladder or whatever you want to call it but of course, we always start with a call offer the the main one, and then we kind of work on the others, if needed, but yeah, so that's the main thing we do and yeah, it's been fun, it's been a great time helping businesses with that so that's, that's our our main business model.

Josh: Yeah. Love that. That is brilliant. Well, Danny, I really appreciate you coming on today and sharing everything, honestly, you've shared some amazing stories for stuff about offer creation, but also some really good tidbits, I hope people will take those little nuggets and apply them directly into their offer strategy and into their launch strategy so Danny, just to kind of wrap this up for us, could you give us one final parting piece of guidance for an entrepreneur?

Danny: Yes, I'd love to so even though the offer has to be great, the main piece that has to be on point is the entrepreneur themselves because people invest in other people or buy from other people so no matter how good your offer is, or your graphics is, you as an entrepreneur, just need to be able to show up as an a winner and invest in yourself and become the best version of yourself so that's, that's something I can always can't stress enough.