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Why GIVERS Earn 3x more than Takers With EA Csolkovits

August 16, 2021 Josh Tapp
The Lucky Titan
Why GIVERS Earn 3x more than Takers With EA Csolkovits
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E. A. Csolkovits was born in 1956 in Chicago, Illinois. 

His humble beginnings were that of the son of a milkman. 

At age 16, he started his business career at a commission sales job selling janitorial services to business owners. 

At the age of 19, E. A. Csolkovits met Sam Robbins, a millionaire business man from Detroit, Michigan. Sam took E. A. Csolkovits under his wing and began to mentor him.

E. A. Csolkovits began working for Sam at the House of Holland Jewelers in the diamond business. 

In 1980, Sam established a private grant meant to be a part of his legacy due to his lifelong fight with diabetes. 

Due to this grant in 1980, Sam and E. A. Csolkovits began to formulate heart healthy and Wellness nutritional foods and drinks. Over the next 45+ years, 

E. A. Csolkovits was blessed with the following business and personal achievements.

Professional Achievements:
• Chairman of House of Holland Jewelers at 21 years old.

• Started and operated Columbia Nutrition System, consisting of an international workforce organization of over 10,000 managers and professionals.

• Started and operated Delta International, which included building an international workforce organization of over 33,000, producing multimillions of dollars in volume.

• Hosted a business radio talk show (E. A. Csolkovits Live) which was heard across the U.S.A. and Canada, interviewed 3 different company presidents for 5 nightly shows each week.

• High-end, Results-oriented business consultant who received as much as $1,500 per hour for his business advice.

Other Business Interests Include:

• Conducted advanced training exclusively for presidents and CEOs (a maximum of 50 per seminar) where executives paid $5,000 each to attend and learn 400 different ways to build and grow their companies.

• National Training Company—listed in “Who’s Who” in public speaking.

• Mortgage business- originated, processed, and packaged large, multi-million-dollar packages.

• Authored weekly newsletters which were distributed in 20 countries.

• Created, designed, invented, reformulated, and/or formulated over 75 products in the health and Wellness industry.

• Distributed products in 20 countries worldwide.

• Extensive manufacturing expertise.

• Established and developed worldwide distribution and sales systems in 20 countries. 

Personal Achievements:

• Millionaire at age 23.

• 1st year of personal income exceeding $1 million in 1 year in 1989 at 33 years old.

• Owner of a 1,000-acre wildlife sanctuary.

• Commercial pilot with multi-engine complex and instrument ratings.

• 2nd degree black belt in martial arts.

• Advanced PADI certified scuba diver.

• Authored and completed the updated versions of the courses and books he titled The GIVERS Mindset™, The GIVERS Lifestyle™ and The GIVERS Lifelong Learning™ for the GIVE To Be Great™ series while serving at Morgantown, West Virginia (See Appendix).

• Founder and Patriarch of the GIVERS University to teach others worldwide about GIVERS and Takers.

• Invented the world’s first and only nutritional and healthy foods and drinks formulations using a special Fibonacci sequence code combined with the Divine numerical code which exists in all of nature while serving at Morgantown, West Virginia. (See Appendix.)

• Encoded the world’s first and only Wellness foods and drinks containing the secret Nutrient Dense Foods® Code which blends both the Fibonacci Code with the Divine Code which exists in all of nature.

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Josh: What is up everybody, Josh Tapp here again and welcome back to the lucky Titan and today, we are here with EA Csolkovits, which trust me, that was a hard name for me to get but apparently I got it right the first time when I said it to EA. So that was important for me but EA, he is the founder of Givers University and this guy in our pre conversation, I got some really good nuggets out of him, I'm hoping to be able to share with all of you because he's had such a great history, he interviewed over 1000 millionaires in under two years on his radio show back in 1991 and from that has just standard, amazing business helping entrepreneurs to really give true value to people and be a giver and in return, all these people are becoming much, much more successful presidents of their companies, so EA, excited to have you here, can you say what's up to everybody, and we’ll hop in. 

EA: What's up, and Thank you, Josh, for I have to say you nailed the last name, in fact, you said it so perfectly, if I forget how to say it, I may call you because you were like Robin Hood, you know, splitting the arrow with the arrows, you nailed it. 

Josh: I try my best, there's a speech on LinkedIn that people can use now or they can say their name and that's been helping me a lot because some people, especially the names from India, those ones get me I have such a hard time with those ones but 

EA: I may have to do that with my own name, I'll check it out. 

Josh: I would recommend it, it makes it easy for people and my have a very boring name, it's pretty easy, I mean, if you got it wrong, I'd be surprised but I am excited to have you here, EA, really to talk about giving and I'm going to preface this for our audience for those who are listening to this because really where EA thrives is in helping you take where you're at become a true value giver of true value Bringer and turn you into a very successful entrepreneur through that and so most of you here listening to this, a lot of you are are introverted type people who are saying I don't know, how, when or what to give to people in order to really provide value to the world so can we talk a little bit about that EA to kind of kick this off, you know? 

EA: Absolutely. 

Josh: Why and How? 

EA: Absolutely and and, and, and a part of that, that I want to be able to share with your listeners, what we teach, because it's germane to the question you just asked, I would ask your listeners to think the following, think about the fires that you stomp out every day, think about the times during the day, when your stress levels spikes, just go straight to the roof, think about the times during the day, when you have a conversation with someone and you barely remember we just talked about but you do know that you have no more energy left, they just drained it from you all three of those things just have one thing in common, there's a name attached to them so what we teach is something that's very, very important with people and their road to success and increasing their, their income and their productivity, first of all, I want to mention digressing for a half a moment, we want to mentioned emphatically we love everybody, we love everybody but what we teach is something that's not being taught anywhere else and I do 123 podcast interviews a day and I can tell you, no one has said they've heard this before we teach people how to separate the person who they love from their deeds, which they may not love and from that day, they begin to discern, should I bring this person in closer into my life because when I do, my productivity will go up, my stress level goes down and they I will actually get energy from having them in my life or because I'm watching these deeds, should I begin to respectfully distance myself from them that rude or nasty or insensitive respectfully distance myself from them, because when I bring them in my life, they're going to be bringing with and making me collateral damage and I'll be stopping out all of these fires so we teach people something that's not being taught businesses are opening closing faster than ever before, products are being antiquated, literally overnight, and replaced by other products, and what do we have left relationships and no one's teaching us how to discern Who should we have in our life and who should be we respectfully distance them ourselves from and how do we figure that out, gentleman the other day was mentioned to me. He said, You know, I read a book, he says that's really right and he said, I read a book just the other day said, we have five good people around me, I said, You're right, you should question for you, which five and all of a sudden, he was staring back at me this blank Look at his face and I said you see my point no one's teaching how do you determine which five and so what happens is that we get caught up and we become collateral damage by having the wrong people in our life because no one's taught us how to discern so what we have done Josh is we've sifted and sifted and sifted and sifted it down to where you can no longer say the How to and we buy that identified actual deeds, the actual things to look for so when we say giver, we're not labeling a person, we're labeling the deeds of a person, we say taker, we're not labeling the D, the person, we're labeling the deeds of a person and so we've determined and been able to literally put together even courses and checklists, and how to discern in advance, who should you bring in closer to building your own giver community, because givers bring with them wisdom, wealth and wellness, we call that the three W's and respectfully distance yourself and the takers who will bring with the three DS, which are defeatism disruption, and destruction and my business mentor taught me and I recommend for your listeners have a mentor, if you're stuck on income and you're stuck in growth, then you need to plug into someone else who can take help you get to the next level, it's just that simple all right and and I've met I've mentors over my lifetime that have really helped me over and over and over again and I can share with you one of the things my primary mentor that I met at an early age shared with me was the following, when teaching me about givers, and fencers and takers, he said, when you're a giver, people will take advantage of you expected, but you are never diminished, when they do, he said everyone that no one gets that second part, he said, everyone's always afraid, I don't want to know if I should give, I don't know, they're gonna take advantage of me, they're gonna abuse me, you know, that kind of thing and he said, when you're a giver expected, he said, don't be surprised when they do it, he said, But here's the point, you're never diminished, because they did take advantage of you, they are diminished, not you, they lose the relationship and here's the other thing as he taught me on something that's called the law of compensation, he said, The law of compensation strives to be in balance so when someone else when you give and they take, and they take and they take, you will get that back from someone else, from another event from another business from another joint venture from someone else in your life so he said, always be a giver and that's the mode you want to be in and that one of the things that will help you be in that mode is to always be responsive, and not reactionary, the example I can give you would be as follows, if right now you were getting a medical treatment, one of your listeners are getting medical treatment and the doctor said they're reacting, well, we know that's not good, right they're having a reaction to whatever the procedure is and if they say they're responding, you know that they're doing good, right, they're improving so my business mentor shared with me, always make sure that your intellect is controlling your emotion, when your intellect is controlling your emotions, you are in responsive mode, you are responding, when your emotions are controlling your intellect. You are in reaction mode, and you don't want to be there, it's a no win situation. So he taught me over the years his business mentor mine, I met him when I was 19 and he became the father I never had even though I had a father and I became the son he had even though you know he had a son and we were just simply that close and he taught me and taught me and taught me and rewired these burnt out wires in my mind, if you will, and helped me get to the next level and have some great blessings in my life at very early ages as a direct result of not me, I was the son of a milkman, it was because of what he taught me and I implemented those things so with your listeners, you know, for those that have their own businesses, or they have their own gig and they have maybe a couple of assistants one or two people that they work closely with, remember, giving is one of the best things you can do and don't be afraid to give because if you understand upfront, they're going to take advantage of you but you are diminished because of it then we don't have that fear anymore, that controls us that I'm going to give because they're gonna take advantage because I promise you it will come back and it always does not sometimes 100% of the time 

Josh: wow and Wow sSo delay your intellect control your emotion or let your intellect hurt show your emotion not your emotion control your intellect and then another thing you said that I can't remember you call the roll of it, but it was a basically if you give it'll come back to you, it's not the law of reciprocity, what did you call? 

EA: Law of compensation. 

Josh: law of compensation, love, love that. I'm going to quote you twice and use that.

EA: Most people most people don't make money and they don't make a lot of money or they get stuck because they forget about there's a difference between compensation and money. See, there's a difference between earning money and collecting money, there's a big difference one of the things we teach at Givers University is to a giver is a person who will delay gratification to increase the returns, that was there, they understand the difference that I can make an investment in something over and over and over again, and keep striving for my goals and what I want and over time, those things must come back because this law of compensation, it's like a scale Josh, and on one side, it's got services and on the other side of the scales, rewards, it's also commonly referred to as services and reward scale, we call it the law of compensation and one of the things we want to do in our life is fill up the side of the scale with the services part that we give, and work as hard as we can to put that scale out of balance so that the services side we have delivered is so heavy and so full, that when that scale forces itself, and it does to get in balance, the rewards part is automatically more as a direct result of what we've contributed and so we've determined statistically, by the way, that about 20% of the population are givers, you put these people in any situation, doesn't matter what it is home, family, business, social life, doesn't matter what it is and they will, in a short period of time, Josh, begin contributing, they will be give, they'll give to it, they'll share with it, they'll invest in it, they'll build in it, they'll help it, they're just wired that way by contrast, the other Grand Canyon side are the takers, which incidentally also has 20%, these are the people that within a short period of time, you put them in any situation, and they will begin to craft a way to take from it. They'll take from it spiritually, mentally, morally, emotionally, financially, the list goes on, they're wired that way and we got 20% on one side givers 20% takers, at least 60%. Those are what we call fencers because they sit on the fence they act like givers when they're with givers they act like takers when there were takers, they can be great relationships, Josh, but we need to manage them, we need to keep an eye on them because they jumped back and forth across the fence so how do we discern, how do we discern, who are those givers that we want to have in our life because when I don't have to stamp out a fire because of this relationship, my productivity is automatically going to go up because I'm not burning my clock stop and out fires and I'll guarantee you if you have listeners that are stuck, I'll guarantee you they're stopping out fires and when if they start looking at, they'll say, Man, I got home brewing a lot of clock time stamping out fires, or I've surrounded myself with energy drainers and I and I want to hit people that build my energy, and I'm building their energy or I have people that are constantly stressing me out all day so no one's it, we want to teach people we want to give your listeners some checklists, they can follow usable, tangible free tools that they can we want them to download it so that they can look at it and say, wow, this is something that's really going to help me discern who I should have in my life and who I should not, I was blessed to become a commercial pilot in years past to fly my own planes and one of the first things that my instructor taught me when I was becoming a student pilot is he said, Look out the front window of the plane and he said, when you see a plane in the window that looks this big and really quick, the plane gets this big, start being concerned because it's coming at you, and it's coming at you fast, it might be a 600 mile an hour closure, he said so be careful, he said what you want to do is you want to see a plane that's this big and as you look at it, it goes like this, that's what you want to see in the window and what we teach people, Josh is to look at the plane, discern and advance and look for these specific deeds, in other words, with our first course, which is the givers mindset course, we've identified 25 actual deeds, these are things you watch people do and from watching these deeds, you can begin to discern, ah, should I bring them in closer because of what I'm seeing here or should I be respectfully distancing, because if I bring them closer, I'm going to become an unwilling participant in the collateral damage they bring with them and I want my productivity to go up, not go down, I want to unlock my income if I'm stuck and I need to do that by having the right people around me, not the wrong people. So example if right now, Josh, if you had itchy eyes and a runny nose, I think Josh probably has a cold right, I'm not able to see the cold but I know the cold is the cause but I can observe the symptoms and the symptoms, teach me what you got, you may have a goal same is true. We teach people discern these symptoms or In this instance, look for these deeds, that out of the 25 dues, if you see them doing like 13 of them on one side, you may think, okay, they're being a little takerish, maybe I should think about respectfully distancing myself, because I'm going to be stopping out fires and my stress level is going to go up, and my productivity is going to go down because I pulled them in close so we teach people to discern the relationships and because of that, we have a saying that goes, givers earn three times more, because givers discern three times more.

Josh: Love that I should have just ended the interview right there, your mic dropping left and right, I don't even know, this is unbelievable. So I'm gonna go back and re listen to this episode first off, because I'm trying not to jot down notes this whole time but I want to ask you this, EA when it comes to finding you and finding where people can get I mean, you're kind of teased that, hey, we have a place to go download this, please tell us where that is. I'm gonna go get there right after this. 

EA: Okay, great. Well, first, I can go right to the website, which is and they'll see on each page, a place where they can put in their first name and email, that's all we want to end and then they can subscribe to our E newsletter and what will happen is within literally a few minutes, they're going to get a free download, we want him to print it off, we want him to carry on and it's the name of the download is six arrows that takers shoot at givers and when people look at this, they go, yeah, it's sort of like the example I could use is, when you're getting ready to buy a green car, all of a sudden, you see all the green cars on the street, you know, I mean, then, and because now your awareness is there, the green cars were always there, now our awareness is looking at Green cars, because we're getting ready to buy one and it's the same thing, people look at these arrows, and they could Whoa, this is good stuff because now they they're seeing the green cars, they're saying, These are arrows that take or shoot at givers that cause givers pain and cause them to bleed, they don't realize that these arrows are being shot at them and then within a couple days later, we're going to send them the 25 dues I reference, it's a two page checklist, we want to give it to them free we're we're Givers University, so we want to give it to them, you know where that's we're walking our talk and they we want them to print it off, put it off and carry it with because it has the actual deeds that people do that we should be looking at and discerning, are these the right people and then and watch how and the amazing transformation I've seen over and over again, Josh is all of a sudden, their happiness quotient goes up because they're not dealing with these things that are aggravating all the time, their income goes up because their productivity goes up, because they're not wasting time and I literally wasting time and non-productive events that are not even of their own making, it's because of the people they have around them so I'm a self-improvement guy, I know you are Josh, I know your listeners are I'm sure they are and that's great, we need to be on self-improvement but no one else other than givers University is teaching us, how about the other guy? What if he's not doing it right, what should I do about that and so we get to that point specifically and I say it's a it's so exciting to be able to just share this with people and watch their lives transformed and to give that to them and one of the things we like to say in givers University is as follows, your talk talks and your walk talks, but your walk talks louder than your talk talks. 

Josh: Say that 10 times faster.

EA: crackers in with crackers and peanut butter in your mouth.

Josh: I love that though, what everybody makes you go check out and then he also has a quiz for you at, go take the quiz. If you're at all curious about where you're at on this spectrum, right? I think most of our listeners here you love the personality type tests, this is really going to help you identify are you a giver or your taker and then they're going to help you remedy it so make sure you go check that out and then EA can give us one final parting piece of guidance to wrap this up.

EA: Absolutely and it's the three phrases that my business mentor shared with me and he said say this to yourself over and over again each day, it'll help you be unstuck, it'll help you go up to the next level when you want to get to the next level in your life and so I'll share it with your listeners what he taught me to say that I say every I say over and over again to myself throughout the entire day every day and it is as follows I will never give up, I will keep rising up and I will always overcome.