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How To Build Authority Through Publishing With Mario Fachini

September 09, 2021 Josh Tapp
The Lucky Titan
How To Build Authority Through Publishing With Mario Fachini
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About Mario:

Hi I'm Mario Fachini, as a high school educated, college drop out, never having a "real" job, I spent years as a dead-broke consultant wasting too much time chasing down (the wrong) clients, believing in my heart that the sky's the limit, but waking up everyday feeling like because of my background, for me, the limits the sky.

Until I refined & enhanced the publishing & promotion process of my 1st book to attract prospects to me, with little effort using the tools & knowledge that I already had in my business at my everyday disposal!

Now, I'm one of the most in-demand business book marketing-centric publishers in the country, having author clients now APPLY for my training & services, thank me for the opportunity, and sharing in the joy of creating the transformation in their business (which we do in 55 days or less ) that I've had the blessing of experiencing in mine, having helped my clients in total generate over $1 million in new sales.

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Josh: What is up everybody, Josh Tapp here again from the lucky Titan and I'm super excited today to have Mario Fachini here with us today, this guy is such an awesome influencer, I would say in the book in the writing space and marketing your book. He's honestly one of the most in demand business book marketing centric publishers. So I'm really excited to bring him in here today, because a lot of you have been asking us about when do we write a book when we put a book into our marketing strategy and use it to attract more of our ideal clients to us, and Mario is the guy to talk about this so Mario, say what's up to everybody, we'll hop in,

Mario: Josh, it's such a great day to be alive, I can't wait to share with your audience.

Josh: It's going to be a blast. I am excited because we had a really good pre interview conversation, I had a bunch of questions I wanted to ask you, but I'm like we got to get on, we got to get on record here before we start doing this so Mark, I do want to ask you, you have had a long marketing journey, you understand marketing, understand how that works. What was that pivotal moment and take us there to when you realize that writing a book was going to be key in your marketing strategy.

Mario: So my backgrounds in video production and marketing, and I've always loved helping companies and to be honest with you, I was scared out of my freaking mind for the book part of it, I failed English seven times so never in a million years Did I wake up going, Oh, I want to write a book, let alone be an international best-selling author, and all these different things but I was around some people who were doing it and I saw the benefits of it and all that fear all that giant mountain, I mean, I seriously like had anxiety, when I was doing my first book, I went to publish it that night and I ended up writing 30 some more pages over five hours and I started crying and it just started coming out of me and it was like, I knew the people I would be impacting if I just got past myself and my entire existence came up to that point and was just like, okay, you have to get past it and when I did it, you know, people joke with me, even recently, they're like, you know, write better books, someone, someone called me out of the blue, just to leave a voicemail that said, lose weight, dress better and write better books as to how I can help them because my voicemail says, How can I help you? And I thought about that and it was like, yeah, pretty nice. 

Josh: horrible, I'm like, I'm not gonna interrupt your flow but Holy cow, those are the good ones. 

Mario: I literally have the recording and I'm saving it because I did it purposely and I put it out there and did a live stream because I don't want anyone to ever be defined by any one thing but I literally failed English seven times, I've never really thought about doing this but I started thinking about the 1000s and 10s of 1000s and millions of people that I can make a difference in their life and also use my story to say, you didn't have to go through a,b,c,d,e,f,g all these issues, and I can virtually guarantee you, you're a better writer than me, you didn't have the head trash going on but the fact that I did, it gave me the courage to do five, five more, for more, including my new one, the expert authority fuck publishing method and I'm excited for that because I'm publishing a book on book publishing, I've been saying when I was launching it, so it was a lot of fun but the reality is, I truly believe every business needs a book, it's the one of the best things you can do in it really is the simplest, because once the book is done, there's no more videos to shoot, there's no more episodes to do, you hit print, and pay for it and you can do 10,000 100,000 copies for the next 10 20 30 years and people can get that benefit, In real life, you know, even if the power's out, it doesn't matter and it's the number one positioning tool, you know, the root word of author is authority so when I thought about all the benefits, I go, okay, you can suck this up for the next 24 or 48 hours, you can cry all next week, but just get it done and push the button, that's what I tell all my author clients push the button if there's any resistance, because that's really all it is.

Josh: Right? Well and I want to ask you this, Mario, because first of all, thank you for that story. I appreciate that, I think a lot of people will relate with that where you know, you were talking about where you got even when you're writing the book and feeling emotional over writing the book because you know who it's going to impact and I think any of us as we produce content, and we really like we've put our heart and soul into it, you know, wow, somebody is going to listen to this and it's going to change their life, it is an emotional experience and it's it's a responsibility that a lot of us don't take lightly so I want to ask you this Mario when, why First off, and I'm going to play devil's advocate here, why would our, our audience right a lot of them are entrepreneurs, they've hit seven figures, they're kind of stuck at this point, why would they even want to do a book when it's going to take them months and months and months, if not years to write the book.

Mario: Number one legacy, I've helped people that you know, whether you're at six figures, seven, eight, whatever the case may be, who's going to advocate for you after you're gone, what are you leaving behind, now you might be the smartest person on earth and it's all we could be sitting down, I'll be taking notes, you know, we're grabbing dinner, steak preferably and I'm learning and it's a great mastermind, you could but the second it's out of your head, only those around you that take the notes get the benefit, unless you do a podcast unless you do a video, unless you publish a book, as far as the months, it's why I, once I did mine, I realized what it took and I go, I can do it faster, I've always loved systematizing stuff, and transforming things and just improving efficiency, it's why I developed my software to build WordPress websites in under five minutes automatically, I just look at processes and the patterns, and I go, I can make it better so I designed my program to be eight weeks, because I also cater to entrepreneurs and no one wants to take a year or two or three to go through the whole cycle, what we're doing right now is one of the things kind of what we do is just you ask questions and get that all I need is your expertise, my team and I can take care of the rest but why would you do it? Well, who do you want to help after you're gone?

Josh: One so again, playing devil's advocate for those who say, okay, you know, I do care about legacy, but I can get to it eventually, how is it how's it gonna help them immediately, like, what's what's kind of the immediate benefit of bringing a book to your what I would say kind of your marketing stack.

Mario: Whether you want it long term or short term, you still get all the benefits of the publishing so if the goal is legacy, cool, you can, you know, it's you, you're still alive after you're not but immediately you're going to have that authority positioning, you're going to be able to duplicate yourself can and clone yourself, again, we take your expertise, print 10,000 100,000 copies and now those are lead magnets and if I were to give you one of my hardcover books with case rep versus a business card, one of them you're gonna keep for two days, and one of them you're gonna keep for at least two years, statistically, and pass it along to your friends.

Josh: And so let me ask you this, because they're obviously I mean, there's 1000s of books launched every single day, your entire book is written around. This is why I ask you this, in particular, is how are you structuring a winning strategy when launching a book because there are so many other books launching at any given time and you don't want to be the person to launch in the same day as like Russell Brunson, or Michelle Obama or somebody who is going to beat you out, In the beginning so, so walk us through that?

Mario: That's a great question and I'm glad you asked that because that is, I remember one time we were publishing two or three books in a row, and everyone wanted the same dates, because it was just like holiday here, this is going on here and it just seemed like everything was bad but the reality is, it's not, you know, and I would never say you want to compete with you're only competing with yourself, you wouldn't you don't want to be like, well, I don't want to do it the same day as her or him or whatever the case is because Let me ask you, Josh, do you have the same audiences those two? 

Josh: don't I have my own audience. 

Mario: So would it matter what day it is? 

Josh: That's Yeah, good point, good point. 

Mario: But here's what I will say, I personally believe in taking off nights and weekends being present with your family and friends so I have never launched a book on a Sunday, I would not really recommend it for the weekend, unless it was Geez, December 31 and your book was for New Year's, but even then I'm thinking of a client 6 7 8 9 years ago, he was doing a weight loss. He had a weight loss business and it was a fitness and it was really good book but we were targeting New Year's because Jim, we launched it December 28, I still was like, we're not launching this New Year's Eve, I mean, nobody will be read really so Tuesday and Wednesday, middle of the week, you Tuesday's really when everything drops, Wednesday and Thursday are good days to Monday and Friday, there's again really no wrong day but you have to think about your audience personally, if we're targeting successful entrepreneurs like ourselves, I'm not doing a whole lot Monday and Friday, I may buy it but I'm not sitting in front of the computer, promoting it doing a bunch of other stuff, you know what I mean, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, those are more business days where you can target people in the group, I've seen people launch on Sunday and Monday and I'm like, depending who it is, I might click to buy it to support it but I'm not stopping what I'm doing especially with friends and family so you have to just think about who your audiences but if there's a big event coming up again, oh, we're having our annual gala on Friday, well, cool, launch it on a Thursday, maybe the gal is on Saturday, cool, launch it on a Friday better yet, maybe a launch at the event have hardcover copies ready and then you tell everyone in the audience, Hey, get the digital version while they're there, I mean, if you have a captive audience, that's one of the best ways to do it.

Josh: Right, Love that. Well, and for a lot of people who write books, and I know this from experience, a lot of people in our audience, will, they'll start writing a book, okay, I'm just gonna put it on Amazon and just pray that it pray that it works so what's the promotional strategy for actually making this succeed and then, before you answer that question, what would you consider to be the metric of success when launching a book?

Mario: Wow, two great questions, love it so Amazon is the world's largest bookstore, and you should be on there and I've met people who go, Well, I'm an author. I've written a book and I'm like, Oh, I didn't see it on Amazon, or is it on Amazon or just whatever and they're like, No, well, you should be, that's like going to a car race, but you don't have a car, it's kind of missing the entire boat but I don't want to downplay it too much because seriously, the writing and content phase takes a lot at least, this is my perspective on it because the marketing is so effortless and easy and effortless for me and my team, that to say, someone who didn't put it on Amazon, that's an infinitely easier fix, than writing a well-structured book that actually is going to do something for you so as much as I joke about not being on the outlets, that's, that's like a half day fix, worst case scenario, if you forget your passwords. However, there are so many people that why don't want Amazon to take their cut of the Commission, it's like, who cares, it's like 30 cents, or three bucks or 30 bucks, it doesn't even matter, you're getting in front of this audience, you're able to play in their playground, it's like Disney going, Hey, here's the golden keys to the kingdom and you know, if your target audiences, families, you know, have fun, well, they're charging me 20%, I don't care if they're charging you 80%, you don't need to spend 10 15 years building up the audience so that's one of the benefits and also there's other places Amazon's really just the beginning so I would tell everyone to be on there but it's not the end all be all and just by being on there, it's not really going to do everything, especially if you have a bad cover that isn't attention, getting the title is trash, and the book is poorly written, you have to add value, it's a great question because it's loaded and I could do a whole half day training and I have on why you should but the reality is marketing is serving people, if you're not serving them or adding value, none of it's really going to matter whether it's a book, podcast, video, whatever the case so at the core of all of this, we make sure who's your avatar, who is who's the message, are we actually adding value to them, and work back from there, now, of course, you need an attention grabbing cover and all the other pieces, you need to make it work but if every single one breaks down, it doesn't matter what you're doing, there's ways you can promote it only on Amazon, you can't do anywhere else which are, which is great, paid promotion, highly recommend it and the other thing is, you asked something really good, what was the second part but

Josh: what's, what's the metric, what's kind of the key metrics?

Mario: What's the metric of success? That's right so I would say is your audience getting value out of it, I mean, you could have 100 million copies sold, but you bought them all right, if no one actually picks up your book gets interested in reads it doesn't want to buy it or they're begrudgingly bought it but don't read it, it's like having a podcast no one listens to it's like you might love it but congrats to you for doing the work, you know, same thing with a video if it's not adding value, and we know there's plenty of those out there you could say always saw the numbers for YouTube for Instagram for any of this podcasts just so you know if anyone really doesn't know this, there's people who just buy followers and buy stuff so my metric for success is adding value to the people I'm talking to now and presenting on stage reading the book, whatever it is, it's always about I'm very client centric in want to add value to the audience.

Josh: Love that. Absolutely love that and and when it comes to to actually getting the promotion out there with I think how to phrase this question because I know a lot of people are running into this where they put it out there and then they just kind of sit and they like okay, maybe Amazon will take me there you mentioned kind of incorporating the paid like you said paid advertising for your book, what, what do you recommend for those people who are introverts and they're scared to go on podcasts and promote their book or they're scared to get on video, How should they be? How should they be approaching writing a book and promoting it?

Mario: As a great question, and you said the key word in there the introverts, well, I was going to say you should get someone who can help you promote it but the reality is, you should. However, there's no magic crystal ball, I've also heard a lot of people who, oh, I've tried this, I've tried this, I've tried this, I've tried that, because they never look enough in themselves as much as it wasn't enjoyable to break through my own head trash, the biggest benefit I got was going, Hey, if I can do that, what can't I do because there's many times it's like, I don't know, if I want to promote it by go, it's not about me, it's about you. It's about your audience. It's about the people I can help in lives, I can change with that so when you can get yourself to a point where you go, I want to be of service, now this might only be a few weeks, it that you don't have to be on 24/7, but you get the solid gold in there and make little snippets of videos you make little, you know, what's that, what's your book about? Oh, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. You know, take take me through chapter one did that I have all kinds of assets from years ago, and currently and in the future, you know what I mean it's like, there's one thing I love about the podcast, you can take snippets of the episode and as long as the contents good, see, we're going back to that content and actually adding value, we can't be crap but when it's actually good, you can take all of those and have an arsenal of things you can just put out constantly, you don't so you're essentially making an evergreen without you having to be evergreen so part of my process with the expert authority publishing method is getting all those content while you're in the zone of all of this stuff, because it might only be eight weeks this year, it might only be eight weeks this decade, I remember when I launched my first book, and it's been paying me royalties for nearly a decade at this point at the time of the recording and you could be listening to this and it could be after the fact so I like making little self-contained masterpieces, like with every episode of my show, every chapter of my book, the assets in the videos I do I realize what it really is. It's not a video, anyone can do a video, I create masterpiece assets that pay evergreen

Josh: love the one and Mario you know, we have talked a lot about the promotion and different topics along that book I want to ask you where can people get your book, because that's obviously going to deep dive into all of this. Where should they be going to get access to your book? 


Josh: Okay, everybody sets Did I get that right, Mario? 

Mario: Yes. 

Josh: Okay, as long as I got it, right, that's the important part. I don't want to send people the wrong way. So make sure you go check out that link everybody, because that's where you'll be able to get access to his book and more of these methods. When it comes down to it, you know, we do limit these interviews to 20 minutes, and I want to make sure that we get the most value out of it so Mario, I want to ask you one final question. If you could give us one final parting piece of guidance, what would that be?

Mario: Don't get in your own way, we all have baggage, we all have background, we all have things that we think about constantly but think about the people you can help not just today or this week or month or a year, but think about five years, 10 years 20 and it may have been five years 10 or 20 since someone said what do you want to do with your future, you know, we get asked all the time in grade school, middle school, high school, college, but after that, when's the last time you planned out the next decade of your life, think about the people there and the ripple effect and the legacy you will be leaving.