The Lucky Titan

The 15 emotions that have sold everything on Earth and how to use them to build YOUR brand! With Brian Gregory

August 31, 2021 Josh Tapp
The Lucky Titan
The 15 emotions that have sold everything on Earth and how to use them to build YOUR brand! With Brian Gregory
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Brian Gregory is the Founder & CEO of ADMANITY® and creator of The ADMANITY® Protocol, the world's only emotional algorithm for small businesses, consultants and marketing agencies. The ADMANITY® Protocol can analyze any company / brand in 5 minutes online and then create agency-level advice on how that business should market and advertise emotionally to reach its core audience. The algorithm identifies the ideal tactics, strategies and ad formulas that can be used as well as a myriad of other marketing recommendations. It is a breakthrough for small businesses and media / advertising firms that need these strategies. He has been an entrepreneur for 40 years and spent 20 years in the publishing, advertising, and agency realm. I'm very passionate about emotional marketing, branding and the ad formulas that work in that arena. 

Josh: What is up everybody, Josh Tapp here again and welcome back to the lucky Titan, and today, we're here with Brian Gregory and this guy has brought such an awesome tool to the table in the ad space and I'm really excited to kind of dive into that tool and the reason I'm having Brian on here is because I feel like this is a tool that all of you have been asking for and looking for so his company is called ADMANITY and this guy is really built out a system that helps you figure out the best way to actually market your business and his kind of claim to fame is in five minutes are going to basically set you up for 20 years of marketing so Brian, excited to have you here, say what's up to everybody and let's hop in.

Brian: Hey, everybody, I'm excited to be here, Josh, great podcast and thank you for having me on today, let's, let's blow some minds.

Josh: Let's do it. So first off, I want to ask you, Brian, kind of your pivotal moment in your business, where you realize that running ads was going to be the number one most important thing in your life.

Brian: You know, I had a magazine and I was selling the ads and I was providing that media, I was one of the media guys and I noticed over time, 15 years that the same problems are popping up and all my clients were local businesses and you know, mom and pops and small business and they didn't they didn't have the education, the background, the psychology degree, to create these kinds of the ads that would work, in even in a local market, the ad has to be on point, because it's still a human beings seeing this product and I realized that I was just providing a means to fail because I was giving them an open book, you here, put your ad in there, let's see what happens, of course, that the ads were not up to part and that's what led me to say there's got to be a better way was somebody going to show these people something, even people that go to marketing schools don't get this information and so marketers and agencies are some of our clients even and as I said, There's got to be a better way and that's what sent me down the path to creating this algorithm that would analyze any brand in five minutes and give them all the answers so they could just get right to the fun part let's create a great ad and make money. Right, right, that's the best part. 

Josh: and that's the part that everybody gets hung up on right and we were talking about this before you know, in the pre interview, we're talking about how pretty much everybody, especially in our community, they focus so heavily on this machine, the back end and I do think that's what the Masters do. Right, is they they focus on the back end, but the front end, if you don't even have that moving or any sort of real traffic going through there, I mean, that's the lifeblood of your business and if you don't have that, what's the point in building out these super complex funnels that aren't going to yield anything when nobody goes through them so Brian, I want to ask you this, especially with our audience in mind, you know, these coaches, consultants, agency types, they're saying, how do I how do I use ads effectively without a breaking the bank, but be basically guaranteeing their success because we've all been sold all the different ads and everything right but But how, how would you recommend for them to, to close the deal with ads?

Brian: Well, as you mentioned, technology is affording us one avenue after another, right the textures changes every every five seconds, by the time we're done with this podcast, tech will have changed, right and so an agency people especially I can't even imagine the burden of trying to keep up with all this tech to properly advise your clients and then if you're doing it on your own, you don't even have an agency to help you oh, good luck, right and so tech is moving faster but what is interesting is that human emotionality hasn't changed in 1000s of years so here's this dinosaur sitting in the middle of this tech jungle, that literally will not change, it has not changed, it will be the same for your kids and their kids and their kids, if you master the human emotions that move product that move human beings to make sales and make purchases, then you've just mastered one of the biggest skills in marketing and it gets ignored because the tech is so alluring and it's so awesome, the Tech is awesome, it targets with unbelievable skill but now what do you say to them? You got the guy that you're in your sights is in your funnel? What do you say to this person that says to him, I can't live without this, I must have it now, well, there are certain combinations of human emotions that have been proven over time in ads in the market billion dollar examples of why it works over and over and over again, we show you those so that you can learn from the best advertisers in the history of Earth, they were produced by the best agencies on the planet Earth, there's no reason you shouldn't have those formulas and that's what we give you

Josh: love that and basically, those formulas are, I mean, it's not rocket science for a lot of people out there simple, tangible things that people can take and say, Okay, I want to use the words the colors that everything that that works, and I don't want to have to guess right because the guessing with ads is what keeps most people from doing Here's what I would say so I want to ask you this, Brian, because there's pretty much everybody listening to this sells a high ticket service and we look at a lot of ads and we say, okay, but are those actually going to generate me business right because we've kind of been sold to that the only way to sell high ticket products and services is through networking and calling on the phone and all sorts of things so how would you recommend using ads to sell high ticket services?

Brian: Here's the cool thing when you know when the name of the business is AdManity,  so it's advertising plus humanity, that's how we got the word people think it's just about ads and it's not everything you do in your company will benefit from the formulas we give you, you will be talking to people, you can use a formula for that conversation, you'll be using social media posts, there's a formula for those conversations as well, you'll be using email, you'll be using a funnel, you've got a website, you'll be on a webinar, you've got a podcast, you're writing a book, you've got a blog, all of these things will be improved by AdManity because we're just basically going to say, this is what humans like, start formulating your message to this formula and it's not what you think it is, people say I know my formula, you know, I just put a big dose of fear at the end of it right and, you know, there's fear is one of the archetypes of AdManity, we show you how to wield fear like a weapon, but it's not applicable in all situations, if that's all you do, it's like that old premise in law, they say if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail, well, we're going to give you 15 different hammers in AdManity 15 different emotions that sell product and how to combine them so this is like a masterclass that's given to you, based on the Masters that created the ads to begin with,

Josh: love that, that's so awesome so so when you're looking at, you know, somebody who is selling high ticket, what where would you recommend that they start, you know, obviously, your your service, and your tools and everything are going to really, honestly, I would just say get them there but let's talk through, you know, a hypothetical here of somebody who's a coach, where there's really a lot the competition's crazy in the coaching space, right so how do you help them differentiate and what would you recommend for them as far as their first steps to using ads?

Brian: Well, the good news, you're absolutely right, there's never been more people splashing in the water than right now. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for you, most of them are doing it incorrectly so let them splash, they're never going to be heard and their their brand is not going to probably succeed anywhere near some of the people who are selling the programs for it and interestingly, the, in whether you're selling a $10,000 course, or a $500, course, the triggers are very, very similar, they differ a little bit in a high end situation but really, you're selling people on an attraction archetype, I want change, I want transformation, I want to be bigger and better, I mean, better, better, stronger, faster, smarter, cooler, I want to I want you to change me for the better and most people who embark on that kind of a journey have not been successful doing it so as one strike against you, as they never been able to do this on their own and here you are saying I can do it for you so we show you is the attraction brand, for example, how to overcome that, and how to convince them that you are the person that can do it, you do it every day, they will be happy at the end of this and there are certain formulas that do that and you can't just brag about yourself that isn't it that never works facts are rational, rationality is the basis for all objection and to not make a decision, emotionality makes people buy like that and that's what you want and if nobody ever showed you the formulas, you wouldn't know high end course I don't care if it's $200,000, there's a formula that works great for that, there's actually, we're going to give you more than one we're going to give you 16 different formulas as part of the analysis so you're going to have a choice, this one works great on social this one works great on my emails, this one. Well, if I could do a video on this would be awesome so you'll see them unfold as you read them and understand them.

Josh: Yeah. Well, and and working with so many different types of businesses. in your industry. What what have you found, what platforms have you found to be the most important than any, any ad strategy or is there any?

Brian: Well, a lot of you know, interesting thing is we analyze the big brands of the past even before way before internet, I mean, some of the biggest brands in the world were built with, you know, direct mail pieces and magazine ads that you'd probably laugh at today but they were they became billion dollar brands without social media, without the internet without influencers right without a funnel, you know, they just understood humanity this is what people want, well, why don't we just give them that does not make more sense than trying to bamboozle them with all the tech, here's what humans like, give them that and that's one of the things I teach and and so you know that when you study these ads, you realize that the basics are primal and no matter how modern we get, and how sophisticated we get, you know, these things always work and humans aren't gonna change for you so you need to change for them you need to figure it out. And and so, you know, I don't know if that answers everything you wanted me to answer, but it it comes down to the dinosaur isn't stupid and the great masters of the past knew more about human emotionality than some of the people that are wizards have an innocent, I'm not saying they're not making money, I mean, you can win by buying enough Facebook as you buy $10,000 a day you can make some money, but most people don't have that luxury said better learn how to do it on 500 bucks or 100 bucks right.

Josh: Right. When and that does dovetail on to my next question, because the budget is one of the biggest deterrents for a lot of people in putting money into into ads as far as especially the solopreneur, coach type, they're very, and I know this because I've worked with so many of them. They're scared to spend the money so what do you recommend as far as strategies for people who are financially nervous about putting money into ads, where would you recommend they advertise because you're talking, you don't even have to use one of these paid platforms to make it work, what would you recommend?

Brian: Well, yeah, your own social media, which is free to use your own email list, if you have one is free to use, it was split test. So simple, we're gonna give you 16 different ways to do it, you'll look at them and say, well, I like two or three of these right off the bat, I know this is gonna make sense, split test a little, because it's never been cheaper to do that than on the on the web, I think you should split test, where it's inefficient, inexpensive to do so and then, you know, look at the results and don't spend money until you know, you've got at least a pretty darn good bet here, you know, try to make a buck and a half for every dollar just something right be a winner. and and ignore the fairy tales that you hear of the guy who spent $1,000 and he's a trillionaire today and but for 29 95, I can show you how to do it, right. You've heard there's a lot of people in the business now who have some good ideas, try to glean what you can off of those ideas but stick to the basics there's nothing new in humanity, humans haven't changed. We're all walking around human 1.0 2.0 hasn't appeared yet. I don't know what that person looks like but I know what to sell to 1.0 I know what that 1.0 likes and stick to the basics folks, it never fails. It really never fails. No matter what kind of media you like, you like Instagram great. You like print great, you like billboards, TV, radio, direct mail door hangers don't care doesn't matter AdManity suits them all, period. 

Josh: Awesome and I love that because it's really saying let's let's get to the what actually sells, which is the words and the message and what the emotion like you're saying that gets across to them because it's so interesting to watch that people will run ads on Facebook, and they realize, oh, there's those who aren't working for me so they think the best solution is to move to the next platform but the reality is that it doesn't matter what your message is, if it's not converting on one platform, it's not going to convert on another platform so it's cool to see that you've said hey, you know if a door hangers, we'll have the even added that in there because that's such a, an old style thing, right? I even remember for myself, starting a lawn mowing company and going and putting fliers in people's mailboxes, which I actually think is illegal but, you know, I was like 12. So

Brian: I won't tell you, people would come in my magazine, and they would leave, you know, just dissatisfied, because he ended in poll and they would take the same ad and go run it in the other guy's magazine, you know, they just believed that the ad couldn't be the problem and it always it's always the problem. Very rarely is the media so horrible that it can't get a result, right and that's their job, their job as media is to distribute your message it is not to create it for you, it is not to advise you on it. It's to get it out there all media, that's what they do they do that great. The burden of creating the ad is always on the buyer so you must create an ad that makes sense. And that's why we reduced this down to 15 emotions, I don't know if we said this before but there are 15 emotions that have sold every brand, every product, every service in the world, in the history of the planet and all ads will derive from these 15 emotions, what we do is we break those down, we show you which emotion you're most like, as a brand because there's a five minute test that you take online, it's very simple, true false anybody can take this test but in five minutes, boy, it gets right. It's like an X ray gets under the logo. It sees it shows you what's in the onion okay, peel back the layers. This is what sells You, this is what people will want about you, this is what they will not like, don't say this, right, and we tell you everything about the brand and people tell us that, you know, 90% of it, I would have never thought of this, this is not obvious, this is not telling you what you already know, this is a kind of new way to think about yourself, we tend to think of our brands as products, and this is my thing and this is my funnel and this is this is this is who I am. No, it isn't. This is what you sell, what people feel, is how you make millions, what's how you build a brand so I'm feeling not on product or features.

Josh: Love that. I absolutely love that because I know for us we've, we've recently even had to look at our own brand and say, what's the feeling that we bring across it, what, why are people actually wanting to come to us and and for us, it's become it's a legacy based thing. You know, people don't come to us to make their first $1,000 online, right, they're, they're coming to us, because they really want to give back they have that legacy based in mind and it's been interesting, because even just identifying that one emotion, you're talking about identifying all these different emotions that would bring people into your world, it's it's actually allowed us to restructure our marketing to make it a lot more successful because we know A who we're selling to and B, it provides such a clarity for the people who are coming to us because we can just use that word legacy over and over and over and over again and it's rings in our mind, because that's what they want. It's just it's cool and I can attest to what you're doing because of how much has worked for us so so Brian, you know, we are coming up in an interview here so I want to ask you, first off, where can people get access to that free test that you're talking about?

Brian: Well, the the test itself, there's two things, we have a free report that will give you okay, so if you go to, it's, all one word, just theluckytitan. If you go there, you'll see a free download that you can get this will open your mind to what AdManity is, and it will share with you our philosophies and why this works and why you're probably not using a lot of this stuff and you should be and look what happened to the people that did. And so we kind of just expose everything for you to make an honest decision, then you can go to and buy your own analysis and it's $397 not per month, not per day. That's it, it's 397 bucks, it's not going to break any brand and then it's priced that way. So that that's our altruism, by the way is to help the small business so it's not $3,000 it's $397 comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so you get to read everything and it's you know, there's over 150 pages of information that you're gonna get back all about you, it's the most interesting reading you'll ever do, with all the secrets and tips and tricks and and insider agency level advice that you will not get anywhere else for $397 so if you want to reach out to me, I'm on LinkedIn, Brian Gregory, AdManity please do especially you agency guys, happy to chat with you, we have a lot of agencies that use us to diagnose their clients so they get an instant, you know, blueprint on what to do with those people so yeah, we're here to help this has not been done before, there's no other company in the world that I know of doing this and the price may go up so I'm saying maybe you might buy now versus later s

Josh: So hopefully you're listening to this episode, real soon and not you know, five years from now, but go check this out because honestly, this this is what I would say is the fastest way to to build your own ads because the thing is when when I've even worked with multiple different agencies, I was a Facebook agency, a solo Freelancer back in the day, and it's a it's an ever changing game but B you have to pay 1000s of dollars a month in order to tap into A the strategy, but the creative and if you could just do it yourself, you might as well do it so Brian, I appreciate you coming on today so again, they can go to or if they want that report and then Brian, can I ask you one final question before we wrap this up? 

Brian: Yes. 

Josh: So if you could leave us with one final parting piece of guidance, what would that be?

Brian: One final piece of guidance. Oh, boy. The big question there. I would say you know, if I had to give a class in five minutes, and they were gonna yank me off the stage and say this is all you've got, what we're trying to do and what we're trying to show you how to do, most people sell their brand from their own side of the fence and they say this is what I am, this is all I'm This is why I'm so cool, I'm so awesome right and you are not taking that away but nobody cares. Nobody really He cares how awesome you are, they care how awesome you're going to make them, especially if you're a coach or an agency and that's really all they care about, and what are you gonna do for me and if you will analyze the brand, even if you don't get advanced, let's say you don't buy admanity, okay, here's one tip of advice. Sell people exactly what they want figure out that first that's the first question on your blank sheet of paper, what do these people want from me and write down every crazy lunatic wish that a genie could possibly grant that, you know, you may not be able to do all this, but that's what they want right, that's what they want. And then look at your list and say, okay, a couple of these I could actually do some of these, I may have to modify, but we got to get to what they want because as soon as I hand you anything close to what you really want as a human being, you're buying, because I've eliminated all of the obstructions and there's a million ways to do it and we've all seen the webinars and the instructionals but what we're trying to get to is, here's exactly what you want why aren't you whipping out your credit card right now, in fact, you should buy too, right because the barriers are gone, you can sell a red Ferrari to someone who can't afford one, if you get to them, you sell them what they want and it's not a car, by the way so that'd be my one piece of advice start thinking about your brand from the want of the customer instead of what you want to sell them and you'll be way better off.