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Make A Quantum Shift In Your Leadership With Lisa Mitchell

October 07, 2021 Josh Tapp
The Lucky Titan
Make A Quantum Shift In Your Leadership With Lisa Mitchell
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Visionary Founders Podcast is for ambitious, purpose-driven entrepreneurs who know that they want to make a big difference in the world.

Building a unique business that makes an impact takes a shift in your way of being and leading. You need to consciously create your reality whilst learning to lead and nurture Co-visionaries within your organization and team.

You know you have it in you to be more than a profit-focused entrepreneur - you want to have a big impact, and change the world - you just need to know how to make those quantum shifts in your leading, thinking, and strategies.

You're excited and ready to learn what it takes to create your legacy right now. This is a new way of living and working that will create freedom, expansion, and abundance in all aspects of your life.

Hosted by Lisa Mitchell, THE coach for Visionary Founders and Entrepreneurs - helping them to activate their biggest visions, to create extraordinary lives and businesses, and to leave a powerful legacy in the world.

Josh: What is up everybody, Josh Tapp here again, and welcome back to the lucky Titan and today we're going to be talking about something really unique and before I enter my guests, I want to kind of walk you through why we're talking about this because a lot of us as entrepreneurs, especially in the tech space, we like to to put on our LinkedIn bio, 14 different titles, right, MBA, CPA, LPD, whatever you want to call it, right, all these different initials but the only one that really matters is the visionary, right, the chief visionary officer, this is kind of a new topic that has entered the market and become kind of the I would say, a big topic of conversation, because as an entrepreneur, when you only have a few people on your staff in a digital space, it's kind of weird to call yourself a CEO, right because there's not really an executive staff so I wanted to just kind of preface that today, as I intro, my guests here we have Lisa Mitchell and this lady is all about helping people become visionary entrepreneurs and if you haven't heard her podcast yet, please go check it out. It's visionary entrepreneurs, the visionary entrepreneur podcast, correct, Lisa, I didn't get that wrong. 

Lisa: Visionary founders.

Josh: Visionary founders. Yes, I just listened to this morning, and for some reason, forgot it but anyways, visionary founders podcast. It's a fantastic podcast and she's really helping get your mindsets and your actions in alignment with becoming a visionary founder so Lisa, I'm so excited to have you here today say what's up to everybody and we'll hop in. 

Lisa: Hey, nice to be here. 

Josh: So excited to have you here so you're coming at us from the UK. Right? So it's pretty, pretty late there, your recordings? 

Lisa: Yeah, just up to 5pm. So yeah. 

Josh: So it's time time for dinner so I'm keeping you from your dinner, we'll do our best to keep this brief but punchy so, Lisa, I want to kind of kick this off, because, you know, obviously we we preface that by saying let's talk about becoming a visionary founder, visionary entrepreneur and I'm gonna ask you the question that you kind of mentioned earlier, which is what, what was that pivotal point where you realized that a, you could be a visionary founder, but b you can help other visionary people, people become visionary founders?

Lisa: Yeah. It's a really good question and I think what was explained to you earlier was that, you know, I had a very traditional life up to my early 30s and a very traditional background, both my parents worked for the government in the UK, so I didn't know any entrepreneurs, it wasn't even in my mind ever to start a business and then I was sent on a leadership program, and I discovered this thing called coaching and I was lucky enough in my job I had, one of my jobs was to look after a contract with Jamie Oliver, famous chef, I think you guys have heard of introduced to his whole world and I sat in a lot of meetings with him and I saw how his mind worked and it was so intriguing to me, to see this visionary in action to see this creative, being in action, if you like and, and I just loved it and I've always had that energetic connection with founders and so I ended up leaving setting up my own business and I think, not consciously at the beginning, but because I've had that Jamie Oliver experience, I just have ended up working with a lot of founders and so I have this niche experience of seeing these people at firsthand, and also kind of claiming that for myself, you know, and I heard you talk about this on one of your other episodes, actually, about how do you play in that space as a visionary founder yourself, or whatever area you work in, so that you can be appear with these big guys, right and really operate at that level and that's been my journey for the last few years.

Josh: Well, and, and Lisa, walk me through that kind of emotional moment where you realized entrepreneurship, right, because, you know, we can explain it in this in 30 seconds but that jump and I've actually interviewed a few ladies recently, who had great careers who ended up deciding to start a business when it was never even in their DNA, for me, I'm a fifth generation entrepreneur just kind of ingrained in me, we weren't talked to about college, we were talking about who are you going to serve, how are you going to serve them through entrepreneurship? Right? Where for you is saying, Hey, I, I want to be, you know, you did the corporate path, you did it? Well, yeah but that pivot me, what was that emotional journey for you because that's a scary jump.

Lisa: It really it really is. Yeah, and I always say that all the best decisions I've made in my life have been totally illogical, tend to operate by gut feeling, I just have a feeling about something. And I tend to jump that's my, you know, people have asked me along the way, like, how did you prep for that jump out of corporate life? And I was like, Yeah, I really didn't I just kind of jobs. But I think I got to a point of thinking, Well, I was in my mind thinking, I know I don't want to stay here and do this forever, I trained as a coach that was coming out of my way out and then I was actually offered redundancy in my job, they were changing all the structures and I was literally about to resign and my boss said, Don't resign. Something comes in I was like, okay, so they basically got offered the opportunity to leave with some money behind me, and I kind of thought, you know what, this is the moment right? If I don't take it now, I may never leave so but I did a big leap, I left my job, I sold my my house in London, I moved to the coast, why I knew one person so I literally was just like living by the seaside in England going, kind of what's next. 

Josh: Now what? 

Lisa: Now what? Yeah and actually, interestingly, I then I realized, I've been living on adrenaline for a long time, I was the original kind of work hard play hard party girl, right? When I stopped that I actually became ill for about a year and I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and I lived on my adrenalin for so long, and been out of alignment with who I was for so long, that I actually ended up being diagnosed with chronic fatigue and I'm a big believer in alternative health and ways of, you know, I just saw as a healing journey really so I did heal through that took me, you know, probably about a year to get back onto full power but I had an incredible kind of natural path and helped me on that journey and I did a lot of inner work and that was really the foundation to set up a new career.

Josh: Wow, or cool journey, you know, and it's interesting to me to see in your journey that you removed a lot of the risk and that's what like, yeah, it was risky not to not to take away from your store with this but this, this is what I always push people to do, and they want to be an entrepreneur is that there's no risk to entrepreneurship, you just have to do it, right, like with you waiting, maybe a couple more months allows you to leave with enough cash to survive for a few months, yeah, we'll start a business, right or in today's world, you start a business online, make enough money so that you can buy yourself out of your job, in the part time, and there's so many ways to do it without sitting here, you're being concerned that you're never going to eat?

Lisa: Yeah, and I think, you know, particularly if you've got family, you know, I've got a daughter now and, you know, I've made various kind of pivots in my, in my, in my business, you know, even from that point, I've made some big jumps and different pivots along the way and I always say you have to make decisions from the profound or the practical so it comes from an inner urge, I think big decisions always come from in an urge because they never made sense, right? No, I know, you mentioned on another podcast that you were becoming a dad, right? and, you know, and you don't do that from a logical perspective and, but and you can also, like, get your brain to catch up practically, and make it kind of okay, so you can make the job but really, it's an urge, I think that makes us do these things.

Josh: Yeah, that drive I guess, to to create, and to be a better person become a better person, I love that and about your journey as well, I'm so so when it comes to to becoming a visionary founder, right, because you mentioned your story of overcoming the, the the mental mental health really, I guess, and physical health from from chronic fatigue, being able to take that help fix yourself, but also translate that over to business, right, there's, there's kind of this big gap, I feel like that people don't understand that most entrepreneurs actually struggle, struggle with these same things, right, I had never experienced depression ever in my life, I'm a pretty happy, hopeful kind of happy go lucky guy but when I first kind of got into my business, and I had that first month where I couldn't pay the bills, yeah, I experienced true depression for the first time, my life and I actually had to go get on a medication for it so that I could get over these issues, right see a counselor sell these things, which I never thought I would do but all of that has actually fed into my journey to becoming that visionary entrepreneur so walk us through kind of your, your system of becoming a visionary entrepreneur.

Lisa: Yeah, I think that's so important and I realized, you know, particularly in the last few years, I think that our personal journey is, is intertwined with our professional journey and I often say to my clients, you know, being an entrepreneur is the is the best personal development journey ever because you have to evolve as your business evolves, and whatever you however you are, and the kind of things you're facing will be magnified a mirror to you in your business, it's such a fascinating thing so I've gone into businesses where people are like, the money isn't flowing and then you discover the founder has an issue with money, I mean, it really is flow. I've seen it so many times and so I think it's sort of like part of our mission as entrepreneurs and coaches, we love to develop, right, we love to evolve so I think is part of like having the integrity to be on your own personal journey at the same time as building your business and I think you can do those things in tandem but I think you have to be really conscious as an entrepreneur, if you want to create change, if you want to build something new and different, and keep your system clean, if you like, then you have to, you have to be on that journey, you have to go through that. So, you know, I'm very open about the fact that I'm not, I'm not one of those coaches, like, Oh, look at me with my perfect life, you know, I'm never like, I'm evolving over time, you know, I'm very open about the fact that I've gone through a divorce in the last two, three years and check challenges of that and, and, but how also that's evolved me and develop me as a human being, having my daughter, again, biggest probably actually be big as of being an entrepreneur you'll ever go on and I love my daughter all the time, and she learns for me and interestingly, I never had the entrepreneurial model, I'm jealous of you that you grew up in that way but my daughter is like, has such an entrepreneurial mindset, you know, because she knows me and so she'll quite often say to me, oh, Mommy, I have no idea about your business and she's nine and I'm like, Oh, really, and I used to be like, hearing her, you know, oh, God told me that she told me, I mean, like, that's actually a good idea, I might be 

Josh: that’s really good from the mouth of babies. 

Lisa: They say, right. This is already mapped out she's gonna create, which is all that, you know, 

Josh: it’s amazing, 

Lisa: right and I'm very passionate about that. How do we instill this visionary entrepreneurial essence in the generations to come because they're the people that make the difference in the world? Right?

Josh: I 100% agree and I know we both are kind of on the same page with this, right? We think entrepreneurship is the the fix to every world problem, everything that every problem that exists, entrepreneurship can solve it, the government can't, there's other ways that that can happen. It's It's literally through being a creator, and being somebody who actively solves a problem and I want to highlight a portion of your story here, because like you said, you with, I can't remember how you worded it, but you basically were talking about when, with a client, you don't you don't try to hide the fact that you had a divorce, you don't try to pretty up your life, right, what people don't realize is that people will hire you as a coach, not just because of the results you've achieved, but they hire you because you're obsessed with the topic because they can't get obsessed about they don't have time or maybe they're not passionate about it, I mean, for me, right, I actually so have been doing my MBA in the evenings, something I wanted to do my whole life decided to finally take the leap, learn how to manage people, I am not very good at it, I think it's because I like being friends with my my team too much, sometimes even the crucial conversations can be difficult for me, right but I actually end up hiring a coach to help me with that, because I was struggling so hard with it but she is obsessed with it, right, yeah. And I can see that I even if you know she has amazing results but even if she had it, I would have hired her because I might. She knows what she's talking about.

Lisa: Yeah, absolutely and I think that's probably the biggest feedback that I get from people I coach is, I'm so passionate about them and my topic and I truly believe as we're saying that when you step into that visionary space, then you can change the world because the very essence of being a visionary is that you're bringing something new to the world, right and you know, it's a classic, you know, when I worked with Natalie Massenet, and I support  and when she first asked talking about I assume you know that organization, right? 

Josh: Yes, yeah. 

Lisa: Yeah. So, so, when I first started working with them, she told me that when she said she was going to sell luxury fashion online, everyone was like, we can't do that, nobody will buy luxury fashion online, you know, they want that experience of walking in the store and everybody you talk to, you know, will say, Oh, no, that's not possible, when you first come up with your idea, people will be like, No, you can't do that, you can't build a business just doing podcasting. I mean, how does that work? Right, right. So but that's the beauty of it. That's why excites me and I said to somebody recently, I think I'm more passionate about my business now 15 years in than I've ever been, because I've evolved me, and I'm working with these amazing individuals who literally want to change the world and I'm like, I'm all in those guys, that's awesome.

Josh: But I'm sure you get this same fuel I this is why I love podcasting and also working with podcasters is because they're so they're such visionaries, that it makes me elevate my status on my status, but my my vision, my elevate my vision and my purpose, and it gives me life, I get excited, right, it's hard not to have this contagious, happiness even being around people who are so excited about the future.

Lisa: And I think that's the new paradigm we're all kind of stepping into is this spirit of Co-creation, right? You know, I was talking to somebody earlier, and we were having a conversation, I was actually wanting to do something with them and to find some new coaches for my business and then, in the course of the conversation, we were like, hold on a minute, I'm doing this better. You're doing that better, maybe there's a bit where we come together, and we could actually like do a bigger collaboration in here and I was like, I love that because, to me, we're all on a bigger mission to elevate the planet, right and so take humanity to the next level so to me, the more we can be in this energy and be excited and spark ideas of each other, that's where magic happens to me and so I do have a bigger mission about bringing entrepreneurs together visionary entrepreneurs together because I love that I think if we could bring people together with their different pieces of the jigsaw, it might speed things up even more, you know, we might take things to the next level so that that's buzzing in my brain and then I read on how that happens.

Josh: I love it. Well, and I want to ask you this question, because this is a little bit of a I'm gonna play devil's advocate here and kind of see your, your thought process when it comes to becoming that visionary founder, because there's kind of this weird moment, but are this weird, like line between passion and career, and we see this a lot with entrepreneurs is that they'll start into a business, start seeing some success, hit a roadblock, and well, I'm just not passionate about it and so they quit or they're in something that maybe is kind of weird to be quote unquote, passionate about and so they realign themselves to to do something, and then they fail at it when it's their passion, right, it's like, I kind of want to know what your thought process is when it comes to making that big idea, but also making money and yeah, that makes sense.

Lisa: yeah, yeah, I think it's so important that you can activate the vision and I think actually, that's the difference between visionaries who are successful in the world, and people that sit around with an idea, you know, and I think we do need help to do that, we need those people around us, like you've got with your coach, you can go yeah, okay, here's the, here's the next piece, here's the next application for you, you know, so I say to my guys, you have to really connect to your vision at a big level and I think the biggest visions are those that that I'm passionate about, that I can get other people passionate about and make a difference in the world and really connecting in there gives people that energy and passion to keep going and also to be able to look at the roadblock so is the roadblock is that is the block because you're not passionate about it or I think more often it's a fear, oh, my God, what if I do it and it really takes off? And what do I do or what if I go after my passion and it doesn't work out, then I've lost everything, right? That's the kind of stories we build up in our minds as entrepreneurs. Neither of those are true the reality is that you have to try and fail and try and fail and launch stuff and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't but you've got to be on that journey of continual involvement and if you can embrace that, rather than it's an all or nothing, I succeed or fail I live or die, is tend to where we go to and where the ego goes to, to try and protect us but I think that passion is where the juices, it's definitely worth exploring and often where we stop ourselves is because we're either frightened of too much success, or we find that it's going to fail and we'll be like with

Josh: that fear of failure. Obviously, it holds everybody back but I think what it comes down to and I love that you touched on this is that it really has to do with with your approach, right, how are you coming at it because the reason I wanted to play devil's advocate with this is I watch there's there's kind of two schools of people that you have the you have the like nonprofit people, right, I really have a passion around solving this problem and then you have the for profit people who are they're a little maybe more money driven, right and we'll pretend we're not for days but I mean, scoreboard, right, that's what money is, is a scoreboard but there's kind of this weird, I guess, problem where people like start a nonprofit or have something they're so passionate about but then there's these people who are for profit, who are like, scared to admit that making money is their passion, right, I don't know, that's just kind of the dichotomy I run into a lot with with entrepreneurs.

Lisa: Yeah. And I think why why can't we do something we're passionate about that means loads of money and it's also good for the planet, I don't think we've cut it again, I'm so interested in these, like, beliefs and it's kind of like a collective consciousness thing of like, well, you can be good and do a not for profit, or you can be, you know, this person making money, well, you know, we need money to create change on the planet, you know, that that's how we do other stuff, I know lots of people who make a lot of money and also give back a lot of money, or start off stop charities or start other things that they're passionate about and I don't think there has to be a difference so for me, making money is a good thing, I love luxury, I love money, I'm pleased my business is making money and I believe it makes a difference in the world and so I think I think we bring that paradigm together if you see what I mean and create something new moving forward, which is money and joy and passion and make a difference on the planet all combined and then

Josh: I love that because that that I mean, I should have just ended the podcast right there. Great way to end there is a place where it all meets right, there's a great place where everything, everything fits together so for those of you listening to this show, you've been listening to this and saying, well, Lisa knows all about being a visionary founder, I mean, she's really hit on some really amazing points when it comes to being visionary and hope you're asking yourself at this point, am I a visionary founder, am I being visionary enough? Is my idea big enough? I would just give you all a reference for a book, if you don't think it is it's the magic of thinking big, right? has a great, great concept around this becoming visionary but on top of that, go check out Lisa's podcast, the visionary founder podcast, it's a fantastic show, I just listened to an episode of it loved it so make sure you go check that out and leave her a review so Lisa, just to wrap this up with one beautiful bow, can you give us one final parting piece of guidance?

Lisa: My parting is the guidance is that I believe really strongly, and I have lots of evidence to back this up that we all have this visionary essence in us, we're just not necessarily taught to nurture that and grow that and live from that as children but I honestly believe if you see children playing, you see the following their passions and the more was that do that the more the world changes.

Josh: Yes, I love that handed off head off that next generation that legacy is everything so everybody, thank you so much for listening to the show today and thank you, Lisa, for coming on, I just want to give a quick shout out for all those of you listening to this to make sure that if you like this episode, go and like and subscribe to it, share it on social media, if you do that. I will personally leave you a review as well, I always do this for everybody who does it because he leaves us review because I know that it's it's truly the way that we keep the legacy going right. We keep that momentum and also go leave Lisa show at the visionary founder podcast a review as well give it a subscribe and dive into her content so thanks again for coming on the show. Lisa,

Lisa: thank you so much. I love this conversation.