The Lucky Titan

Gratitude and New Directions

November 25, 2021 Josh Tapp

Josh: What's up, everybody Josh Tapp here again and guys, this is first time in a very long time that you're just getting me, so a lot of you have probably been seeing this, but we haven't posted content for the past couple of weeks and there's actually a very special reason for that we, my wife, and I actually just had our first little baby boy was such an awesome experience and I was, I really wanted to take just a few weeks to get to know him and kind of make sure my wife was support and everything because she had to have an emergency C section and it was kind of a crazy experience overall and I remember sitting in the hospital after all of it was done, hold on my little boy for the first time and we didn't have a name for him yet and we were sitting here trying to figure out what what's the name that we want to want to give this little boy and I remember for two weeks, just the last two weeks, just I've been very retrospective on what do I actually want to do with this show, what's, what's the legacy of this show, because as many of you know, you know, we started a company called podcast multipliers about, I want to say about a year and a half ago and when we started this company, it was because our podcast had hit top 25 on iTunes for marketing and I appreciate all of you guys for listening to this because this honestly, like, we wouldn't be able to do that, obviously, without any of you. So we really appreciate you guys listening to this being so loyal, giving us such great feedback, leaving us reviews, which we love, and we appreciate but more than anything, it's just this podcast has really given me so many amazing things. Actually, I created a whole episode around this around the values for around building a podcast and where all the value comes from from building a show but when I was sitting there, kind of thinking back on what we've done at this point, you know, we're almost to 250 episodes on this show and many of you know, we've actually recorded almost 1000 episodes over the past five years for many different podcasts and summits and different things. So I've gotten a lot of time to meet to network and to, to get to know some of the best people in the industry and many of you along the way but I was sitting there holding my son in the hospital and going back to this I remember sitting here going, I need to I need to be focused a little bit more on legacy, you know, and all of you know, that is one of my core tenants with our company with this podcast is what's, what's that legacy you're going to leave you know, the word “Titan” in general for me is it's really just another word for legacy and and I remember saying, you know, how can I make this podcast, be something that Griffin my little son, that's what we ended up naming him, what, how can I make this something that Griffin can look, look to and listen and be like, Wow, this was my dad's life and and many of you know, I'm actually a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and most people call us Mormons. But we constantly are told, I can honestly tell you probably at least once a month, I hear somebody, one of our church leaders say, you need to journal your life, you need to have a diary or whatever you want to call it and you need to be just keeping your thoughts there and leaving a record for the next generation and I've never really been good at that, I even served a mission for my church and for two years I wrote, wrote a journal and it was kind of pathetic, I literally just wrote one sentence every single day so I never missed but I had all this time and I never actually wrote down in the journal but what I've realized is, as you guys know, I love the audio side, I can just open up a zoom here or open up my phone and record directly into my phone, whatever my thoughts are that day, and a lot of times, it comes out being better than what I would have written so it was such a, an epiphany moment for me there, holding Griffin and just realizing what if I just started journaling along the way with The Lucky Titan, you know, and as many of you know, if you've been listening since day one, that was ultimately the goal of the show and I just got so excited about having guests on, which you know, obviously, we're not going to get away from that, but I kind of forgot to give you guys, a cast episodes and so they're going to be a few changes to the show here, number one is that we are obviously going to you're gonna be hearing a lot more of me, I'm going to be sharing my journey, I'm going to be sharing what we've been learning but then number two, this also comes directly from trying to figure out what my son's name was so we both McKinsey and I have very large families and so, you know, we were some of the last people to have kids and both of our families and so we've got lots of nieces and nephews, we've got a lot of cousins and aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters and everybody around us and we just could not decide what to name our son, we had two names and specific that we really liked but we're like either one works he looks like both and so we we did, we used a marketing principle that we're going to be using for the podcast, which is we sourced it, we said, okay, we're gonna take a poll, and we had everybody who came in and held him at the hospital, which was a ridiculous amount of people but we had, you know, 30 40 50 people coming through the door that I sent it off to my family across the states and said, does he look like a Benson or does he look like a Griffin and the overwhelming odd were Griffin and it was really funny because when we when we did that it actually kind of solidified for us in our own minds like, yeah, he's, he's Griffin, that's his name and I remember being like, it was a spell as epiphany moments, I would call them re epiphany stories is that I realized I need to be doing that with the show more at the beginning, I did that so often with all of you and so many of you have probably been seeing the polls and seeing the questions and in the past couple days, as I've been, I've been actually asking all of you what, what would you like to hear, you know, this is a marketing podcast, we're here to help you grow a podcast to grow a following. We're here to help you grow and monetize your own show so so what do you need to know about that and, and this is something that I hope all of you will, will take into consideration with your own business, because this is the fastest way to grow and to scale a company, let alone let alone a show so even for us, right, so I mentioned podcast multipliers, you know, about a year and a half ago, you all know, we've been doing masterminds for years but I actually pulled our mastermind. I think at the time, we had about 65 70 members at that point and I said, you know, what, what do you guys need, you know, it was all about building podcasts and monetizing them and I had about 14 15 people came out of the woodwork and they're like, Josh, I just love to just outsource this to you and your team be willing to do it, you know, like, obviously, you know, you're training us on how to do all these things but could you just do it for us and I was like, honestly, let me look at it, quick site, I stepped back looked at our team and realized, wow, we could we could easily do this and, and this is a very feasible price point for these people so I just pitched it to four or five people of those 15 and every single one of them bought, I remember just being floored going, wow, this is why you need to source it, you've got to ask your your audience what they want because for us, you know, that was an extra, I can't remember like $150,000 a month or something crazy, or excuse me 150,000 a year in sales just from from doing that and that was a lot allowed us to kind of do the beta and really figure out how to do what we do, to where now we're, we're pushing up to pass $100,000 a month and that's, that's been one of those big goals for me in our company, we've never actually breached the $100,000 month, we've gotten up to you know, 65 70 before, but we've never been able to breach that $100,000 mark, it's that ever elusive $100,000 month but what's been so intriguing to me is that as I've done this and sourced it, everything started falling into place, we started to see our company grow, we started to see ourselves grow, and our team, we've been building such an amazing group of people here in the office that it's I mean, it just gives me life to come into work so I just wanted to share that with all of you just kind of as a, this is the new direction, right, we're going to be number one, you're going to be hearing a lot more of me, I'm going to be sharing my journey, I want you guys to know who I am and not just, Hey, these are the guests Josh brings on but when we source something and you guys say, Hey, Josh, I want you to show me how to run ads for my podcast or for my business, I am not the number one person to teach you that, so what I will be doing is I'll be bringing on the best in the industry to come and teach you that specific thing and if you guys want to have specific questions at answered, you can DM me you can if you have my email, just shoot me an email, I will happily answer any of your questions on the show to the best of my ability, now obviously we try to keep those within the marketing realm but I will do my best to bring in some of the best business leaders humanly possible to answer those questions for you so I know you're getting the number one best answer to your questions. So guys, I just wanted to say I am so grateful to be here as well, I'm so grateful that you guys are allowing me to to serve you and to to give you this marketing wisdom that I've learned over the years and along with that just being able to connect with the amazing people you've allowed me to connect with by being a supporter of the show so I appreciate all of you and I will catch you on the next episode!